Ancient Cavern


The Ancient Cavern is located beneath the whirlpool in the lake above Baxtorian Falls. To be able to enter you are required to have completed the Firemaking task within the barbarian training mini-quest. To enter the caverns simply jump into the whirpool from the docks on the northern shore. If you have completed Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen quest than you can enter via the fairy ring code B J Q, but first to be able to use the fairy ring, you must fix it using 5 Bittercap mushrooms and a spade on the fairy ring. To be able to leave, you can either teleport out, or use the Escape logs on the ground floor. Please note, that if you try to enter with a summoning familiar it will not allow you to do so. However once inside you're permitted to summon your familiar.

Map Of Area


Residents of the Ancient Cavern:

Kuradal's Dungeon


Kuradal's Dungeon is a dungeon entirely devoted to the skill Slayer. Kuradal's Dungeon can be entered by heading south west once inside the Ancient Cavern, as shown on the map above. Kuradal stands just outside the entrance of the the dungeon. Players are only allowed to enter the dungeon if Kuradal has assigned you that particular task.

Within the dungeon, you may only attack the monster that you have been assigned to kill. For example if you have been assigned a Blue dragons task, you can only kill Blue dragons within the dungeon and not Abyssal demons. But whether or not you have been assigned that task, every monster throughout the dungeon can attack, and damage you.

There are two Agility shortcuts in the dungeon. The first requires 90 Agility and the second requires 86 Agility to use.

Dungeon Map


Residents of Kuradal's Dungeon:

Ferocious Ring

Within Kuradal's dungeon all the monsters are capable of dropping the Ferocious ring(5), this ring doesn't only add 40 damage bonus on every hit you make, (apart from 0s) but it also acts as a teleport to Kuradal making tasks faster and easier to get. As well as that it also acts as a Ring of life, but instead of teleporting you to your spawn point, it will teleport you to Kuradal when your lifepoints are low. If it does this, regardless of the charge, it will crumble to dust. Once the ring is of charges, your ring will crumble to dust. You must now obtain another one.

Dragon Forge

Near the Mithril dragons is a Mithril door. This door can be opened with the Dragonkin key. Firstly, you need to acquire the teeth and loop parts of the key during the quest While Guthix Sleeps. To assemble the Dragonkin key, you must use the parts of the key with a Mithril dragon. Once you have gone through the door, you will find 3 Dragon heads. Cast a fire spell on all three of the dragon heads. This will cause the heads to turn towards the orb. Once this is done, head to Kuradal and just south of her you will find the Dragon forge, fueled with lava. This is the only place you can smith a Dragon armour lump, shard and slice into a Dragon platebody.

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