Meeting History
Jorral has discovered more information about the weird yet wonderful enchanted key. Where this historical information will lead is a mystery, but one thing is certain: it'll be no ordinary search for clues from the past.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Making History
Druidic Ritual
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Enchanted key

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Speak with Jorral and ask him if there is anything else you can help him with. He will tell you about a key that turns hot and cold. He will also give you Enchanted key notes. If you don't have the Enchanted key, Jorral will give you one. He will also ask you if you want him to bank any items for you.

Go to the spot shown on the picture below, North of Ardougne, next to the incinerator. Rub the Enchanted key and you will be teleported to a small family lodge. Speak to Laura and you will figure out what the key's new power is.

Rub the key once again and go back to speak with Jorral. Tell him about what happened, he will tell you that rubbing different parts of the key will take you to different periods in time. Go back to the spot where you rubbed the key and rub the 'Past - A' part of it. You will return to the past as you did before.

The Past

Speak with Jack, you will find out that he is a promising Druid that has a vivid imagination. He will tell you about himself. Rub the key again and go to 'Past - B'. Speak with Jack again and tell him you will read his mind.

  • You wanted to be known as: Super jack the Fantasmic.
  • You started with: Cosmic, Mind, Body and Fire runes.
  • You got the runes from: Misalionar.
  • You started learning magic when you were: Seven.
  • You started to learn by: Trying to create fire.
  • You hoped to: Create chocolate cakes.
  • You wanted to use your new powers for: Good.
  • Your favourite flavour of milk is: Strawberry.

Jack will be impressed and ask you to find out why his mother's tree never grew. He will suspect she planted them in the wrong patches.

Helping out

Go to 'Past - A' and grab some plant pots from the pile at the back of the house. Grab the spade and use it on the seedlings in their patches. Replant them alphabetically clockwise, starting from the south-east patch, as shown in the image below. Return to 'Past - B' and speak to Jack. He won't know a thing about the trees, because you fixed the problem. He will tell you about the discovery of runes and of Guthix.

Go to 'Past - A' and enter the house. Talk to Roger, he will mention that Sarah will not stop crying. Return to 'Past - B' and speak to Sarah who is in the back garden. She will tell you about a medicine her dad created to help her illness. The medicine is made from milk, honey and guam. Speak to Laura, she will say that she regrets not travelling the world.

Go back to 'Past - A' and go inside the house. Search the side table and grab all the items from it. Search the middle shelves to the south and take a bowl. Go back to the garden and use the bowl on the beehive to obtain honey. Grind the guam in with the pestle and mortar, use the bucket of milk with the bowl of honey, then add the ground guam to create Sarah's medicine. Use the medicine on Sarah, she will stop crying and tell you how the humans first arrived on Gielinor.

Search the shelves in the south east corner of the house and take the charcoal and papyrus. Use them with each other and you will draw a world map. Give this to Laura to help her travel the world. Go to 'Past - B' and speak to Laura. She will say she has no regrets apart from loosing her brooch, an old family heirloom.

Return to 'Past - A' and search the bedside table. Use the brooch with the soil patch near Laura and return to 'Past - B'. Take the spade from the shed, use it with the soil patch to find the brooch. Give it to Laura and she'll tell you her story. Finally rub the key to return the the present and speak to Jorral at his outpost.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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