Desert Treasure
Rumours abound throughout Varrock and Al-Kharid that an archaeologist has discovered some clues to a large hoard of treasure hidden somewhere deep in the desert south of Al-Kharid.

Anybody prepared to offer him assistance in his treasure hunting could well find themselves benefiting from a very large reward indeed...

PLEASE NOTE: This is an extremely challenging quest that will tax your battle powers to the extreme.


Skill Requirements:
19 10 Slayer
12 50 Firemaking
7 50 Magic
18 53 Thieving
Quest Requirements:
Dig Site, The
Priest in Peril
Temple of Ikov
Tourist Trap, The
Troll Stronghold
Waterfall Quest
Other Requirements:
Ability to kill challenging boss monsters with strong melee attacks
Items Needed: 6x Steel bar, 6x Molten glass, 12x Magic logs, Ashes, Blood rune, Silver bar, Garlic, Spice, Tinderbox, Charcoal, Spiked Boots, Lock picks x15, Face mask, Cake, Bones

Items Recommended: 20x Prayer potion (3), 10x Super restore (3), 100x Shark, 5x Ring of recoil, Earth/Air/Fire/Water wave spells, Chaos Gauntlets, Fire bolt spells, Camulet, Ring of duelling (8), Amulet of glory (4), Ice gloves, Antipoison (4)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to the Archaeologist who can be found next to the Bebadin Camp magic carpet in the Kharidian desert.

Ask the Archaeologist if he has any quests for you, and he will tell you about a stone tablet he has uncovered and has made etchings of it. He will ask you to take these etchings to Terry Balando in the Dig Site and ask for a translation. Make your way to the Dig Site examination room and speak to one of the Archaeological experts. When you've found Terry, ask him if he will translate the etchings and he will ask for an moment whilst he writes a small book. Speak to him again and he will give you his book of translations, which speaks of four lost diamonds.

Return to the Archaeologist and give him the translations book. Give him a moment to read the book and then speak to him again. He will ask you if you will be his partner in searching for the desert treasure, and will offer you a 50% split of the reward, should it exist. Accept and he will tell you to start looking in the camp towards the Bandit Camp to the south. Head that way and enter the pub. Speak to the barman and buy a bandit's brew and then speak to him again regarding the diamonds. The barman will tell you that the four diamonds of Azzanadra are just a myth, but perhaps you should try speaking to one of the elders in the camp to find out more information. Enter the house east of the general store and speak to Eblis.

Ask Eblis about the four diamonds of Azzanadra and he will inform you that they have certain elemental qualities (blood, ice, shadow and smoke) but were stolen by creatures of Zamorak. Fortunately, he can cast a spell to create scrying glasses to pick up the rough location of where the diamonds of Azzanadra are and will ask you to bring him 1 charcoal; 1 blood rune; regular bones; ashes, and in note form, 6 steel bars; 6 molten glass; and 12 magic logs. Give these items to Eblis and he will then go to set up the scrying glasses and ask for you to meet him there, so head south east until you reach six mystical mirrors. Eblis will tell you that due to the limitations of the spell he cast, the mirrors will only show a rough presentation of where the diamonds are located. The four diamonds may be collected in any order, but be aware that you can be attacked by a level 95 stranger wielding a poisoned dragon dagger at any time whilst carrying any of the diamonds in your inventory.

Blood Diamond

Items needed:Silver bar, Spice, Garlic, Pestle and mortar

This section leads to combat: Dessous, Level 120

→ Enter the pub in Canifis and you will be presented with a cutscene. Following that, speak with Malek and tell him you are looking for a diamond. Malek knows off the diamond you are looking for and is willing to make a deal with you; if you can dispose of a vampire he will give you the diamond.

→ Grab a silver bar and make your way to Draynor Village (and if you don't have some garlic, get some from searching the drawers upstairs in Morgan's house) and then enter the sewers. Follow them round until you see a man called Ruantun and get him to make you a ceremonial pot. Now go to Entrana and get this pot blessed by the high priest.

→ Now head back to Canifis and talk to Malak who will fill the pot with your blood(you get hit for a small amount of damage). Next grind the garlic with a pestle and mortar. Add it to the blessed pot and then put some spice (obtained from Gnome Stronghold or Ardougne Spice Stall) into the pot.

Note: Fight ahead, level 120. Strong melee attacks, it is advised to mage.

→ If you have completed In search of the Myreque, climb through the backdoor behind the pub and exit the tunnel into Mort Myre Swamp. Climb over the bridge and run towards the graveyard, otherwise enter Mort Myre Swamp and make the journey through the swamp towards the graveyard.

→ Use the blessed pot on the tomb and the fight will begin. Be sure to use protect from melee, and when you have defeated Dessous, return to Malek in the Canifis pub to receive the blood diamond.

Ice Diamond

Items needed: Cake, Spiked boots, Climbing boots if you can't teleport to Trollheim

The cold in this area will drain your stats and run ability. Be prepared for this by bringing restore potions. If you finished As a First Resort it is advised to bathe in the salt water spring.

This section leads up to combat as well as having to run through agressive monsters: Ice trolls, Level 124Kamil, Level 126.

→ Head to the icy area north of Trollheim and talk to the Troll Child. He will be upset so give him a cake, and you will learn that a bad man froze the child's parents because they found the diamond. Offer to rescue his parents in return for the diamond, and then squeeze through the icy gate.

→ You will now have to kill five trolls (level 124) so use protect from melee, keeping an eye on your stats and restoring when needed. When you have killed the five trolls, teleport out and replenish your inventory.

Note: Fight ahead, level 126. Uses strong melee attack and mage, it is recommended to use fire bolt with chaos gauntlets or range.

→ Return back to the area and enter the cave towards the southeast. Follow the path along and you will sense an evil nearby. Turn on protect from melee and fight Kamil. (Be aware that your stats will still be lowered in the icy area, so keep checking those to make sure you can still cast the spell)

→ When Kamil has been defeated, continue along the long winding path and you will eventually reach the ice path. Put on the spiked boots (made by taking climbing boots and an iron bar to Dunstan in Burthrope) and continue along the path, eating when necessary. When you reach the end you will see two ice blocks, smash them using melee and free the parents. They will take you back to the troll child who you will learn had the diamond the whole time.

Shadow Diamond

Items needed: Lockpicks (amount needed depends on luck and thieving level), Antipoison and food recommended

This section leads to combat and requires running through several agressive monsters: Damis, Combat level 124.

→ Head northwest of the fishing guild until you reach Glarial's tombstone, nearby is a fenced area. Speak to Rasolo who is wondering around nearby and ask him if he has any information regarding the diamonds. Rasolo will inform you that the shadow diamond is guarded by a warrior called Damis who hides in the shadows. Rasolo will then offer you a ring of visibility if you retrieve a gilded cross that was stolen from him by a bandit called Laheeb.

→ Bring around 15-20 lockpicks (can be brought from the Rouge's Den) to the Bandit Camp just south of the Bebadin camp and enter the tent with the secure chest in. You will have to successfully pick three locks in succession however the lockpicks will snap multiple times, resulting in you being dealt 15-20 damage.

Note: Fight ahead, level 103 + 107 (multiple forms)

→ Return the gilded cross to Rosolo and he will give you a ring of visibility. If you lose it, you can return to him and get another. Prepare yourself for a challenging fight (it is recommended to mage as Damis's level 107 second form reduces prayer very quickly) and head south east into the fenced area and climb down the shadow ladder. Now run all the way east, then head all the way north, east and then south all the way down. Follow the path east and then run north and then east once more to reach the open area at the end.

→ Now head to the north east and Damis will appear in his first form, level 124. Towards the north east is a stalagmite which you can use to safe spot. Protect from melee and when you have defeated Damis's first form, he will then respawn but with more lifepoints and will reduce your prayer very quickly. When he is killed, collect the shadow diamond and teleport out.

Smoke Diamond

Ice gloves, Facemask/Slayer helmet

This section leads to combat: Fareed, Combat level 120

→ Make your way to Pollnivneach and head west until you reach the smokey well. Make sure you have a tinderbox, ice gloves, facemask and mage gear (water spells work best) and climb down.

→ Head to the most northeastern corner and you will find an unlit torch. There are three more torches in each corner which will need to be lit in succession. Light the northeastern torch, then the southeastern, northwestern and finally southwest torches. If successful, the path will be lit to the chest in the center.

Note: Fight ahead, level 120. Ensure ice gloves are equipped, protect from melee and use water spells.

→ Collect the warm key from the chest and then head east until you find a gate. Use the warm key to gain entry and then fight Fareed. Pick up the diamond when he is defeated and teleport out.

The Pyramid

The following section requires running through agressive monsters in an area filled with traps. Food, Antipoison, Weight reducing gear and Prayer potions are advised

Bring the four diamonds back to Eblis and he will tell you that Azzanadra was trapped in pyramid to the south of the mirrors, and by placing the diamonds on the obelisks on the pyramid you will weaken the magical barriers that are preventing entry to the pyramid. Go forth and use the diamonds with the corresponding colours on the obelisks and then climb up the steps and enter the pyramid. Try to keep your weight at 0kg and run energy above 35% at all times. Bring two super antipoisons and prayer potions, along with some food. There are various mummies and scarabs that will attack you inside, and you may trigger a random trap and fall out of the pyramid. If that happens, simply enter the pyramid and try again. If you find you are having trouble, reduce your weight.

For the first floor, run east, then north, and then follow the path and climb down the ladder.

For the second floor, go east, south, west and finally north. Climb down the ladder.

For the third floor, make your way to the northwest, and then head south and then southeast, climbing down the ladder.

On the final floor go east, northwest, northeast, south and enter through the door. Speak to Azzanadra who will ask you some questions about locations and people you've never heard of before, and will then reward you with the knowledge of the ancient magicks. He will also give you easy access to this room by entering a tunnel through the back of the pyramid. To switch spellbooks, pray at the altar. Return to Eblis and he will sell you an ancient staff for 80,000 coins which allows you to autocast the ancient magick spells.

After the quest, you can use the ring of visibility to unlock the Ghostly Robes! We have a guide for that, click here.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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