Fremennik Isles, The
Sibling rivalry can get messy - more so when the siblings are Fremennik princes with a point to prove. The islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot were set up by two brothers who hated each other, and they have been at loggerheads ever since. But now there is a new threat from trolls in the north...

Can you prove your loyalty to both brothers and save the islanders from a fate as troll food? Your skills as a Fremennik warrior, a bridge builder and... a jester will be tested on the islands.


Skill Requirements:
4 20 Constitution
17 40 Agility
13 46 Crafting
9 56 Woodcutting
2 20 Defence
23 20 Construction
Quest Requirements:
Fremennik Trials, The
Other Requirements:
Ability to fight 10 level 82 Ice Trolls and the level 122 Ice Troll King
Items Needed: Raw tuna, 3x Thread, Needle, Hammer, Knife, Hatchet (any kind), 6x Mithril ore, Bronze nails

Items Recommended: Food - Monkfish or better, Weapon, Ring of Life
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Mord Gunnars on the northern docks of Rellekka.

Mord will inform you he is from a island north of Rellekka called Jatizo and will ask you if you will help his nation by carrying out an important mission, and will continue to ferry you across to Jatizo. Upon arrival, enter the city and speak to King Gjuki Sorvott IV. He will tell you that he requires your unusual position within the fremenniks, however before you can continue the discussion you will be interrupted by the cat and the King will ask you to get his cat some raw tuna. When you have fed the cat, the King will go on to tell you how the neighbour island, Neitznot, has gathered an unusual amount of ships and he believes they are up to something. The chancellor will then interrupt your discussion by informing the King that the Red Axe merchants have arrived early, yet the miners on the island aren't fast enough to gather the ore for the merchants. The chancellor will then ask you if you can help, and will ask you to gather 6 mithril ores (or 7 coal if your mining level is below 55). If you don't already have the ores, there is a mine just north-west. When this task is completed, the King will continue to tell you of his paranoia of Neitznot's Burgher, Mawnis Burowgar. He will ask you to search the box behind him to find master spy clothing, and then infiltrate the Burgher's hall, and uncover his evil plans. When at Neitznot he will tel you to report to the Spymaster Slug Hemligssen, using the secret password "free stuff please".

Spying for Jatizo

Search the box behind the King and collect the entire jester outfit, and then return to Rellekka and speak to Maria to catch a ferry to Neitznot. Enter the town and behind the bank you will find the spymaster Slug Hemligssen. Speak with him opening with "free stuff please", and Slug will tell you that you must infiltrate the Burowgar's hall as an entertainer. He will tell you that while you perform, you must take notes on their conversation and then report back to him. Equip your jester outfit, leaving the hands option free and then enter the house south of the bank and speak to Mawnis Burowgar. He will ask you to start your performance - follow the instructions he says by using the interface panel. Meanwhile, try to pay attention to what the guards talk about in the background.

When your performance has satisfied the Burgher, return back to Slug who will then ask you questions of what you have learnt.

How soon does Thakkrad think Neitiznot's troops can be ready?

- They will be ready in two days.

How many militia have been trained?

- 17 militia have been trained.

How many bridges does Thakkrad need repairing?

- There are two bridges that need repairing.

Fixing the Bridge

Take off your jester outfit and speak to Mawnis again and he will ask you to assist his engineer in repairing the broken bridges, using eight yak-hair ropes. Enter the yak pen just outside of the town and kill eight yaks, picking up their hair. Then spin the hair into rope at the south of the town, and then speak to Mawnis once more. He will then request you retrieve 8 split arctic logs, along with the 8 coils of rope. Cut down the arctic trees outside, and then use them on the woodcutting stumps around the town to split them. The engineer will now ask you to repair the two bridges north of the town. Head north and repair the first bridge, and you will cross it automatically. Go back and then head east to fix the second bridge.

When both bridges have been repaired, return back to Mawnis, who says he plans to assault the troll caves and behead the Troll King. The Burgher asks you to return to Jazitso in search of allies to help defeat the trolls. Do so, however the King will assume that the Burgher is planning an attack on Jatizo, and will rally his own warriors for war. However, the chancellor will interject that there is no money in the coffins, so the King will decide to implement new taxes in order to fund this war. He will then appoint you chief tax collector, and will ask you to tax every building with windows on, 1,000gp for each window. Find Skuli Myrka near the anvil and Hring Hring nearby 8,000gp. Then head to the food store and tax Flosi Dalksson 5,000gp and Vanligga Gastfrihet to the west 5,000gp. Return to the King however he will decide it is not enough tax, and will then introduce a new tax; a tax of facial hair! (including but not limited to mustaches). Return back to Skuli Myrka, Hring Hring, Flosi Dalksson, Raum Urda-Stein and Keepa Kettilon a further 1000gp. Following this, the King will decree that you have obtained enough tax and will now demand you find out who fixed out the bridges, and to report back to the spymaster in Neitznot.

Head back to Neitznot and speak to Slug once more. He requires you to put on your jester outfit and find out more information. Return to Mawnis and do your performance, to find out the answers to the following questions:

Where are Neitiznot's militia?

- They are in a secluded bay, near Etceteria.

What will Thakkrad deliver to Neitiznot's militia?

- They are being sent potions.

Who has been helping Mawnis?

- You have.

Troll King

Return back to Jatizo and the King will seal you into his room and interrogate you. You will inform him that he is being paranoid, and that the Burgher's troops are going to attack the Troll King, not him. He will be stubborn, but you will eventually persuade him too help the Burgher defeat the Troll King and will give you a royal degree, however he says it's only because he wants to do it before the Burgher. Return back to Mawnis and give him the degree, and he will appoint you leader of the raiding party, after you do the initiation process. To do this you will you must make yourself a set of yak-hide armour and a Fremennik shield. Kill three yaks for their hides and take them to Thakkrad Sigmundson who will tan the hides. Then use the needle and thread on them to create them into the yak hide armour. Now speak to Mawnis again and he will show you how to make the Fremennik shield, requiring 2 arctic pine logs; a hammer; 1 bronze nail and a rope. Take these items to a woodcutting stump and craft the shield.

Note: Fight ahead, (level 82 - 122)

When both the yak hide armour and the shield has been created, speak to Mawnis once more who will tell you to start your attack on the Troll King and to meet the militia at the Troll's caves. Prepare yourself for battle (the yak hide armour and shield are especially effective against the trolls) and then head to the eastern end of the isle and cross the bridge to the north. Enter the cave, and you will have to slay 10 trolls, which can be Ice Troll Grunts (Level-102), Females (Level-82), Males (Level-82) or Runts (Level-74).

Bork Sigmundson can assist you by giving you provisions: 10 cooked tuna, 4 prayer potions and 3 strength potions. When the ten trolls have been slayed, replenish your supplies if needed and then head south and slay the Troll King, decapitating his head when dead.

With the head of the Troll King, return to Mawnis and present it to him.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
Corrections submitted by: DaDa, Joe, Power of Five