Deep in the lands of Morytania is where the player will find the core of evil, here they will find the city of Darkmeyer and the castle of Lord Drakan. Darkmeyer is the city where all vampyres live, it's an evil town where few dare to venture, and those who do venture there usually don't survive long. Darkmeyer is built up out of 3 tiers: the lower tier where all younger vampyres live, even though they are vampyres they hardly live better than the humans of Meiyerditch, the second tier of Darkmeyer contains the older vampyres, it's more spacious and the vampyres here live a good life, the highest tier is where the most prestigious and rich vampyres live, only the upper class is allowed here. To gain access to Darkmeyer the player will need to have partially completed The Branches of Darkmeyer. If the player is not wearing the full Darkmeyer outfit all vampyres in the city will be aggressive towards the player.


Darkmeyer can be found deep in Morytania north of Meiyerditch, the walls of Darkmeyer can be seen from various places in Morytania such as the Barrows and the Haunted woods. Due to Darkmeyer's isolation and the vampyres' ability to fly there are few ways to actually gain access to the city. The first way to gain access to Darkmeyer is through a small grate found in the northern part of Meiyerditch, the other way is by teleporting there using Drakan's Medaillon. Using Drakan's Medaillon will take the player straight to the Arboretum, for this route they will not need the Darkmeyer outfit as the Arboretum is safe.


Despite being isolated, Darkmeyer still has quite a few features to offer, some of these are unique and can't be found anywhere else. Below the player can find the different features per tier.

Lower Tier

The lower tier doesn't have a lot of features due to it being for the newer vampyres only. There are several Vampyre juvinates wandering around, as well as a few vyrewatch. During the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer this tier is where the player obtains the Darkmeyer outfit.

Middle Tier

The middle tier has more features than the lower tier, in the north east of the city the player can find the jail. There are several actions which the player can do in the middle tier that will help them with their vampyre rank during the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer. There is also a general store which sells various other products such as raw meat. In the eastern part of this tier the player can also find a furnace, however due to the long distance to a bank this is rarely used. A ghostly musician can be found in the center of the tier, here the player can rest up to restore their run energy. There are also 2 pottery wheels and a well in the western part of the tier. There are several vyrewatch walking around in the middle tier, which will be aggressive towards the player if they do not wear their Darkmeyer outfit.

Upper Tier

The upper tier can only be reached once the player has gained enough prestige during the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer, once again the player can perform several tasks here to boost their prestige. In the southern part of the tier the player can find the jail with several captive humans, in the north-western part of the tier the player can find an altar. The bank can be found in the north part of the tier, several vyrelords and ladies roam in this tier, which once again will be aggressive if the player is not wearing their Darkmeyer outfit. The main building in this tier is the Arboretum which contains the Blisterwood tree, the player will be able to access the Arboretum once they progressed far enough in The Branches of Darkmeyer. The upper tier also has a Bloodwood tree which can be used to create Bakriminel bolts.


There are several activities the player can perform in Darkmeyer, some of these are unique to the area or are a first choice to perform here.

Slayer: The player is able to complete a Vyrewatch slayer task in Darkmeyer, this is one of the most efficient locations due to the bank being close, as well as an altar being in the area. If the player doesn't wear their Darkmeyer outfit the vyres will be aggressive the entire time as well.

Bloodwood Tree: Darkmeyer is one of the locations where the player can find a Bloodwood Tree. They can cut this to create Bakriminel bolts, creating these bolts will provide the player with a good amount of woodcutting and fletching experience.

Blisterwood Tree: Darkmeyer is the only location where the player can find the Blisterwood Tree. This can be used to create Blisterwood weapons. The logs can also be burned for a medium amount of firemaking experience.

Unlockable Music: There are several music tracks which can be unlocked in the area.

  • Darkmeyer: Unlocked in the general area of Darkmeyer
  • Arboretum: Unlocked in the Arboretum
  • Upir Likhyi: Unlocked in Vanstrom's house

Guide Made by: Ben
Corrections submitted by: Ben, CS1, Sytze