Lodestone Network


The Lodestone Network is a teleportation method that allows travel all over RuneScape through the "Home Teleport" spell that can be found in any spellbook. They can be found in most of the major cities, as well as some remote areas, of RuneScape and is completely free to use. The only limitation of the teleport is that the animation takes 10 seconds and can be interrupted by combat.

After selecting the Home Teleport spell, players will be provided with an interface allowing you to select where you wish to teleport to. By default, the Lumbridge and Burthorpe lodestones are unlocked for both members and free-to-play. To unlock the other lodestone locations, one must head to the area and activate the lodestone by clicking on it. Exceptions to this are the Lunar Isle lodestone and Bandit Camp lodestone which are automatically activated after completion of Lunar Diplomacy and Desert Treasure quests respectively.

Players may also open the Lodestone Network task list in their tasks interface and click on one of the tasks, giving the player a hint for the direction the lodestone is in. This is an easy way of finding all of the hidden lodestones.

The Lodestones

Name Location Keyboard Shortcut Minimap Area F2P/P2P

Al Kharid
Just to the North of Al Kharid Palace A

To the North of Ardougne Alt + A

North-West end of the Island Shift + A

Bandit Camp
To the South-East of the camp Alt + B

The Center of Burthorpe, to the east of the Warriors' Guild B

North-east of the town Alt + C

To the north of the Fishing Shop C

Draynor Village
The crossroads to the North of Draynor D

Eagles' Peak
East of the mountain Alt + E

To the west of Edgeville E

Just outside the north gate of Falador F

Fremennik Province
East of Rellekka Alt + F

South-west of Brimhaven K

Outside Lumbridge Castle L

Lunar Isle
Southwest of the bank Alt + L

Just outside of the walls O

Port Sarim
West part of the city P

Centre of the Tower of Voices Alt + P

Seers' Village
Just to the south of the pub S

To the south of the POH portal T

Next to the Elf Tracker, north of the Poison Waste Alt + T

Just outside the south gate V

Wilderness Volcano
South of the Wilderness Volcano W

Just outside the west gate Y

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