Tears of Guthix (Quest)
Deep beneath the earth, Juna the Serpent has guarded the Tears of Guthix for three thousand years. If adventurers can relieve her boredom with an entertaining story, she will let them into the cave to collect the tears. But first she has a short task for them to do.


Skill Requirements:
12 49 Firemaking
15 20 Mining
13 20 Crafting
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
44 Quest Points
Level 49 Smithing and Crafting if the player decides to make their own lantern
Items Needed: Tinderbox, Sapphire, Bullseye lantern

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.

Reaching Juna

Follow the map route below in the cave, towards the giant frogs. You will come across a stone that you need to jump before you can reach the cave (and the frogs) of which you need to enter. Note that you can also come straight from the Lumbridge cellar if you've unlocked the ability to use this shortcut.

Follow the yellow line to the south-east direction of the cave, where you will find Juna. Talk to her to start the quest.

Juna will ask you to tell her a story from one of your adventures, promising that if you do, she will let you into the cave she is guarding for a short time. Firstly, however, you must create a bowl from the stones in the cave to store the tears in.

Making the Bowl

Use the cut sapphire you brought on the Bullseye lantern, making a "sapphire lantern", and light it. Go back to the entrance where you will find many "light creatures", and use the lit sapphire lantern on one of them. They will ferry you across to the area with the stones that you can mine to make the bowl.

Mine one of the stones to receive a Magic Stone. It will have a "chisel" option on it. Do that and carve it into a bowl. Use the lantern once again on a light creature to return to the other side. Go back and talk to Juna again. She will keep your bowl for safe keeping, and let you into the cave.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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