Camelot is only available to members. Camelot Castle is a large Castle which is located just east of Seer's Village. The Knights of the Round Table are in control of this Castle with their King, Arthur. There are three quest located in this region, which can be found at the bottom of this guide. You can enter Camelot Castle by the front gate which leads into the courtyard.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to Camelot:


This image displays the map of the Camelot region.


The Grounds

The only important objects outside of the Castle, in the courtyard are the three fountains used for filling vials and buckets. You will see a fountain to the east and west of the courtyard as soon as you pass the gate entrance and another to the North, just before entering the Castle.

Once you go into the Castle you will see the round table which belongs to the Castle knights and King Arthur. If you speak to King Arthur you will be able to start the Merlin's Crystal Quest. You will see another Knights walking around but these have nothing helpful to say, and they can't be attacked.

First Floor

On the first floor of the Castle you will notice a prayer altar which is used to recharge prayer points. You will also be rewarded a task for the Seers diary, called "A Seer-ing light".

You may also notice there is a location on the first floor where two fire runes will continuously re-spawn on a table.

Merlin's room is also on the first floor.

There is also the Grand Feast hall which is known for hosting a lot of large RuneScape feasts. However there is nothing to eat in there, just a few Knights with nothing important to say.

Second Floor

The only object of importance on the second floor is the Crystal you will find which you need to release Merlin from, during the Merlin's Crystal quest.

There is also the Knight Waves, the user needs to have completed the King's Ransom quest to enter.


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