Let Them Eat Pie
The Let Them Eat Pie Quest was brought into the game on the 31st January 2012. It is a part of the Troll Warzone Members tutorial, but can also be completed by members who have not done the tutorial. The aim of the quest is to create a rotten pie for a man, steal the seal in his chest, and then forge a letter.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Empty pot, Fishing bait, Wheat, Raw potato, Raw crayfish

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

The Start

To begin the quest, speak to Nails Newton who is located next to the Tavelry Loadstone. The best way to get here is to use the Tavelry Loadstone, If you do not have that unlocked then use the Burthrope Loadstone and head South.

Nails Newton will explain that Rolo the Stout, is buying all the food in the area and selling it for large prices that the refugees are unable to afford. Nails has a letter which would make all the food to be released for free, but he needs a letter seal off Rolo to prove the letter is valid, however he keeps it in a chest that never leaves his sight. Rolo is known for ordering expensive pies, and Nails wants your help to make a pie that will make Rolo sick, allowing you to steal the seal from his chest.

Step 1: The Flour

If you have not brought any fishing bait, then go east from Nails Newton's location, until you find some dead trolls, they will have fishing bait next to them. If you have not brought any wheat, then head South of the trolls to the Wheat field, and pick the wheat. You can use the map above for specific locations. Once you have the fishing bait and the wheat, head North to the Watermill, go up the stairs, and use both the wheat and the fishing bait on the hopper, then operate the controls. Head downstairs and you will see two pots on a table, take one and use it on the watermill to receive the maggoty flower.

Once you have that, speak to Nails again, and he will give you a maggoty pie shell.

Step 2: The Crayfish

After speaking to Nails, head North until you come across a cage fishing spot, fish there and get a raw crayfish. Once you have one, head slightly East into the Flax Field, and a cut-scene will begin. Now you should have a manky crayfish, take this back to Nails.

Step 3: The Potato

Once you have spoken to Nails, he will tell you to get a raw potato and put it in a Kebbit hole. Head North next to the Flax Field again, and trade the farmer, who is just North of the Flax Field, for a free potato. Now go West and you will see a small mountain filled with snow which contains Kebbit holes, use the potato on the Kebbit hole.

Use the potato and crayfish with the pie crust, then use the uncooked pie with the oven, East of where Nails is, to make Terrible pie, then talk to Nails again.

Step 4: The Spices

Now when you speak to Nails, he will tell you that the Pie smells rotten and no one would eat it, therefore he tells you to pickpocket Foppish Pierre and steal one of his spices. Head South and you will see Foppish Pierre, pickpocket him and you will receive some expensive spices. Use the expensive spices on the pie to turn it into a mouth-watering pie. It may take several tries to get the expensive spices.

Step 5: The Ending

When you speak to Nails again, he will tell you that the plan is now ready. Take the pie upstairs of the pub, where you used the oven, and use it on Rolo the Stout.

Rolo will eat the pie and become sick, once this happens speak to Nails again. Now go back upstairs and steal the seal from the chest where Rolo was at.

Take the seal to Nails and he will use it to make a forged letter. Take the forged letter to Foppish Pierre. He will read the letter and agrees to open the food store. Now go back to Nails and tell him of your success to complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Shaken
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