Thieves' Guild


The Thieves' Guild was introduced into the game on 28th April, 2010 for RuneScape members to enhance their thieving abilities, especially the lower levels. The guild is owned by a man named Darren Lightfinger, as you may guess "Lightfinger" is a reference to a thief who does not get caught.

There are no skill requirements to enter the actual Thieves' Guild, but if a member wants to use the guild fully, they must complete the quest Buyers and Cellars. You also need 5 Thieving, which will be gained from the quest.

You must complete all three capers after completing the Buyers and Cellars quest to use every area in the Thieves' Guild. The general store can only be accessed after completing "Lost her marbles", and the bank can only be accessed after completing "A Guild of Our Own."

How To Get There

The Thieves' Guild can be discovered next to Samuel's house, which is slightly north of the Lumbridge furnace. You will notice a trapdoor outside of the northern wall of the house, you enter through this. The guild is not labeled on the map except by the quest symbol on the map which represents the Buyers and Cellars quest.

There are many ways in which you can travel to the guild:

  • The fastest way to this location is by using the Lumbridge Home teleport to teleport to the Lumbridge Loadstone, from there you will only need to travel a little north.
  • Use the Explorer's ring 3 for the Cabbage Teleport, then run east on the path towards Lumbridge.
  • Teleport to the Champions' Guild using a Combat Bracelet, then walk south to Lumbridge.
  • Use the Amulet of Glory and teleport to Draynor, then walk east to Lumbridge.

Guild's Features


This is the first room you will enter when you go into the guild, there will be two people here named Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger and Chief Thief Robin. If you talk to Darren Lightfinger, you are able to ask about a quest and begin any unfinished capes. There is also a dummy here which you can pickpocket.

Training Area -Dummies

This is likely the most used area in the training guild, due to the nature of it and the fact it is the central room. In this area you will notice there are pick-pocketing volunteers walking around, if you pickpocket them successfully then you will gain 55 experience and 1 hanky point. However if you fail, then you will be stunned and lose one life-point, this means that it is very unlikely for you to die here.

Another training method in this area would be the coshing volunteers which can be looted, to do this you will need a rubber blackjack, which can be bought at the general store in the guild. Successful looting these volunteers will reward you with 148 experience and 4 Hanky Points. In the north-east section of this room, there are four wall safes. When successful, you will be rewarded with 75 experience and 1 Hanky Point.

Training Area -Chests and Locks

In this area there are six practice chests located inside a jail cell. These are two sets of chests and doors, with 3 on each side. The southern ones require a lockpick for the doors and the chests to be opened, for people with a lower thieving level, but the northern ones do not. After picking certain chest locks, you receive the following:

  • The northern doors give 210 experience when picked and reset after about 5 minutes.
  • The northern chests give 30 experience and reset after 30 seconds.
  • The southern doors give 280 experience and reset after about 5 minutes.
  • The southern chests give 180 experience and reset after 30 seconds.
  • Hanky points are gained when a player loots a chest or pick-locks a door.

General Store

This store is not like any other general store, as it does not sell the general RuneScape items, but items which can be used to train your Thieving level. It sells lockpicks, blackjacks and other thieving tools useful in the guild, the prices are very cheap and a blackjack can be bought for 1 coin. The store requires completion of Lost Her Marbles to be built.


The bank system here works just like any other bank system in RuneScape, allowing you to bank your items aswell as check up on your pending auctions going on at the Grand Exchange. However the bank requires completion of A Guild of Our Own to be built.

Locked Office

North of the guild you will see an office which contains some desks and a massive vault with large polished buttons on it. This room can't be entered and there is a strange door with a large lock that may be used in a future update.


These areas are both bedrooms with no further use, but this room may be used in a future update but the rooms are mainly there as a dynamic purpose, to make the area more interesting and look better.


There are two main rewards to be earned from the Thieves' guild: Hanky Points and Experience.

Hanky Points

Hanky Points are offered to offer a bit of an experience boost for training at the guild. When you cash these in, you receive 50 times the number of your Points in experience. The catch is that you can only cash in between 44 and 84 points per week, how much you can cash in will depend on your thieving level.


Technique Experience Hanky Points Required Items
Pick-Pocket 55 1 None
Cosher 148 4 Rubber Blackjack
Wall Safe 75 1 Stethoscope
Northern Door 210 0 None
Southern Door 280 0 Lockpick
Northern Chest 120 1 None
Southern Chest 180 4 Lockpick
A table displaying techniques and rewards for doing so.

Guide Made by: Shaken
Corrections submitted by: Deathslayer, Jack