Song From the Depths
Lucille's husband, Waylan has entered a deep sleep with other villages of Rimmington from which they're not waking. She wished you to embark on a quest to bring him back to consciousness. Unfortunately the Raptor has also offered to help but Lucille feels he is too aggressive.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Waylan Sleeps

Begin by speaking to Lucille in the house west of Rimmiongton well. She will be trying to wake two sleeping villagers who have fallen into a deep sleep and are muttering about similar thoughts, as if sharing the same dream.

After offering to help she will tell you the Raptor came earlier to help. She gave him a Restless sleep potion which allows you to enter the dream world, she gives you this same potion so that you may go after the Raptor as his methods aren't exactly safe.

After you drink the potion you will enter a dream state, but you'll still be in Rimmington. Leave Lucille's house and you'll see souls heading north, follow them and you'll reach a cave.

The Cave

Enter the cave and continue to walk through. A haunting voice will tell you a tale which is replied by a growl from the Raptor. After the story continue through and you'll meet the Raptor who will tell you it's too late to save Waylan. The voice will call for more to hear her story and the Raptor will continue through the cave, follow him.

You'll now be in a maze in which the voice will sing and give you hints of which way to go. Head North, West, South then East, if you go the wrong way too many times you'll see the souls of the man heading the right way. Once you're through the maze follow the souls through a door and you'll see a cut scene where the souls will walk through a doorway that disappears. Below is the song that she sing and the directions you need to follow.

Strange Symbols

After the cut scene a glowing purple symbol will be on the floor where you're stood. To continue you'll need to find another two symbols by standing on them. You'll find one in the north east corner of the room and another in the north west corner. After finding all three a door will appear in the south west.

Enter the doorway and you'll need to find three more symbols. These are west of the central fissure, west of the north fissure and between the central and east fissures. Another doorway will appear in the north east, enter it.

The Sapling

Follow the souls through another doorway and you'll enter a room with four plant pots and a burning sapling. Pick it up and put it in the south west plant pot, then walk through the north east door. Now remove the sapling from the pot. (It will now be called a 'Dead sapling'. Now place the Dead sapling in the north west bubbling pot, then enter the south door. Remove the sapling from the pot. (It will now be called a Budding sapling) Next, put the Budding sapling in the south east ivy-covered pot, then enter the door to the west. Remove the sapling again. (It will now be called a Healthy sapling) Lastly, place the Healthy sapling in the north east web-covered pot, then walk through the eastern door. This will make the sapling turn into a large tree and one of the roots will act as a bridge to cross into the next room.

The Queen Black Dragon

After entering the souls will jump down a chasm shortly followed by the Raptor, follow him down and you'll be eaten by the Queen Black dragon.

Make your way through the Queens stomach trying not to stand on the acid that will cause damage or be killed by the level 2 worms.

Eventually you'll find the Siren who is trapped in a sac. The dragon that ate you apparently tricked her into singing others' souls towards her. She offers to help you escape if you free her. The Raptor will then enter with the intent on killing the Siren but you'll tell him you can't get out without her help.

You will then pick up a crossbow and burst the cyst that will cause the dragon to vomit you up. Remora, the siren will find her necklace but be burned to death by the dragon. While the Raptors shield protects you, you grab the necklace and teleport both you and the Raptor out.


Speak to the Raptor and he'll give you Remora's necklace, the coral crossbow and 50 coral bolts. He will then tell you to speak to Lucille where you started the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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