Legacy of Seergaze
Mercenaries make their way into the rotten swamps of Morytania from Paterdomus to the front-lines at Burgh de Rott. The Vyrewatch continue to draw blood tithes from the pitiful citizens of Meiyerditch, the great ghetto-city of the Sanguinesti region, its weakened citizens growing fewer in number every day. The vampyres are getting more tithes from somewhere, but how long before House Drakan settles its eye upon Misthalin and the lands to the west?

What new efforts can the Myreque make in this struggle? A rumour drifts through the hard-bitten mercenaries assembled near Paterdomus: something suspicious is happening in the main temple, something odd even for the border of Morytania and Misthalin... What's more, Drezel has made a curious discovery beneath the well in the Paterdomus basement - something that harkens back to Morytania's bloody and terrible past. And what of the mysterious Safalaan? Surely he has more adventurous tasks for an enthusiastic, young and recently-promoted private of the Myreque.

What new secrets are to be discovered in Morytania? Can the Myreque strike back against the dread Vyrewatch?


Skill Requirements:
23 20 Construction
17 29 Agility
19 31 Slayer
15 35 Mining
12 40 Firemaking
13 47 Crafting
7 49 Magic
Quest Requirements:
Darkness of Hallowvale
Shades of Mort'ton (Quest)
Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat 2 Level 80 monsters, a Vyrewatch (Level 110-140), and Bloodvelds (Level 135).
Items Needed: Chaos rune, Weapons to attack from different sides of the combat triangle, Teak logs or better, Silver Sickle (b), 3x Air rune, Cosmic rune

Items Recommended: Armour, Food
Reward: Click to reveal


1. To start, talk to the Mercenary Adventurer outside Paterdomus, the Temple on the Salve. He will tell you of strange goings on around the Temple.

2. Go inside the temple, and speak to Drezel. Ask him what he thinks of these goings on. He says you should check it out, but also that he has found a strange Columbarium underneath the temple, and that you should have a look at that too.

3. Walk through the gate into the central area, and you will notice a large staircase in the northern wall. Walk down it and you will find yourself in a large star-shaped room. There is a broken panel in the wall through which you can see something glinting. Search the wall cavity. Inside you can just see a Blood Talisman!

4. Exit the Columbarium, and venture upstairs into the Temple itself. Walk past the Zamorak mages, and go to the top floor, where you found Drezel in the Priest in Peril quest. As soon as you enter, you will see some people drawing up plans and muttering between them.

5. One of them will notice you. Most of the people will teleport away, but 2 will remain to fight. Attack them with whatever attack style you prefer, and they will protect from that style. Change to a different style, and attack them again. Continue this, eating when needed, until they are dead. The mage will teleport them both away. Search the desk in the western area of the room, and you will uncover some papers.

6. Walk downstairs, and hand these papers to Drezel. He will read through them. Afterwards, he will tell you that you owe a debt to the Mercenary who informed you, and you should heed his wishes and take him to Burgh de Rott.

7. Go back outside, and talk to the Mercenary. Offer to take him to Burgh de Rott. If you do not wish for combat, then it is recommended to take the Long route, and evade where possible. Once you are at Burgh de Rott, the Mercenary will take of his helmet and reveal he is infact Ivan Strom! He will run off to the inn basement to join with his fellow Myrque.

8. Climb into the inn basement and talk to Veliaf. Tell him what you know about the meeting you overheard. He will send you on a mission to check up on the Myrque outpost in Mieyerditch, and deliver them some supplies. He will give you a crate filled with the supplies.

9. Take the boat over to Meiyerditch and clamber through the city, following the path set out before, until you come to the Myrque base. Climb down into it, and go and talk to Safalaan. He will say he is busy, and to talk to Flaygian. Walk over and talk to him, and ask him if you can help. He will explain he has been reading through the book you brought him in the last quest, and has discovered a few things about the way the Vyrewatch fight. To be able to actually damage them, not only will you need a silvrithil weapon, but you will also need an unpredictable weapon, so they cannot dodge it. He will ask you to ask the other Myrque fighters for their opinion on the most unpredictable weapon.

10. Talk to any of the other fighters in the basement, and they will tell you a flail is the most unpredictable weapon. They will also tell you to search around for a book on combat for hard evidence of this. Walk into the sleeping quarters and search the center bunk bed, on the right hand side.

11. Read through the book and find the part where it talks about flails and note down the page, then return to Flaygian. Hand him the book and tell him to read the page you noted down earlier about flails. After a quick read, he will tell you that he has an idea of how to alter a Rod of Ivandis to make a flail. To do this, you will need a furnace that is quite close to the base. He will reveal rumours of a furnace in the buildings to the north. You will be given 10 nails and a hammer.

12. Walk out of the base, and travel as far north at ground level as possible. You will come to a wall right on the northern side of the town. Look for a building with a vertical wooden beam inside it. Go into this building, and use the nails on the beam to make a ladder.

13. Climb up this ladder, and run north across the rooftops and jump through the wall of the building directly north of the one you just made a ladder in. Climb up the ladders to the top floor. Take some coal, a tinderbox, and a bronze pickaxe that are lying on the floor there. Examine the trough, and you will discover that the furnace has fallen through the floor below. Climb down to the bottom floor, and take a closer look at the furnace. Use the pickaxe with it, and you will start to clear the rubble. Once it is clear, use the coal with it, and then light it. The furnace will be up and running again! Exit the building through the broken down wall, and return to Flaygian.

14. Give Flaygian the good news, and he will thank you, and tell you to take some supplies, and to start work on a flail. Take 2 silver and 2 mithril bars from the supply barrel, then go to the room east of the laddar and search a crate to find the chain-link mould. Exit the base and return to the furnace. Use a silver bar on the furnace and make a chain. Once done, return to the base. Flaygian will have left, to do some other work elsewhere. You will be invited by Safalaan to join them in a search of the derelict laboratory you found in the last quest. If you do not have a saw in your toolbelt, take a saw from the tool rack.

15. Make your way to the laboratory, and climb through the slashed tapestry, and down the stairs. Something wont seem quite right... you look around the room to discover Safalaan and the others lying dead on the floor!

16. Walk over and take a look at the bodies. As you get close they will suddenly leap up at you, and laugh that they made you jump. They will decide to be serious again, and to deal with the matter at hand. Go over to the large doors, and use a saw with the right door. You will cut a person-sized hole in it. Safalaan and the others will rush on ahead.

17. Walk along the tunnel behind the door, running past the level 80 skeleton hands that jump out the ground. You will eventually reach a large cavern filled with Mutated Bloodvelds (level 135). Continue in a straight line, following the natural curve of the passage. It will lead off to the left hand side. Follow it, and you will eventually come to another large cavern. The Myreque will search around the area, and will ask you to check out some strange stones in the northern area. Walk over and search the stones, and they will start to glow. You will seem to recognise them, but you cant place where from...

18. Continue looking round the cavern again until you find Safalaan. Tell him what you found. Suddenly, 2 Vyrewatch will fly down from the cavern roof and attack the group. One of the Myreque will be killed instantly. The other shouts to you to protect Safalaan, before running down the passageway. Attack the Vyrewatch, not to harm, but to distract from Safalaan. When Safalaan gets down to low health, he will crumple to the ground. His body will be gripped by some force and rise into the air, glowing. There will be a huge flash, and the Vyrewatch will be send reeling into the distance, half dead.

19. You will automatically help Safalaan back to the base, and he will tell you not to mention what happened to anyone (if you do try to tell anyone later in the quest, they wont belive you anyway). He will show you a pile of supplies Flaygian left you, and tell you to continue with the weapon. Take a blessed sickle from the shelf, and use the emerald with it. Cast level 2 enchant upon it to get an Enchanted Emerald Sickle. Use the sickle with the Chain and the Rod, and you will get a Flail of Ivandis. Talk to Safalaan and he will order you to test it out on a Vyrewatch.

20. Head upstairs, walk outside, and attack any Vyrewatch. They are quite inaccurate, so you dont need much prayer. The lower their health is, the harder they seem to hit, or at least the more accurately.

21. Once the Vyrewatch is dead, take the corpse and return to Safalaan. He will tell you to report back to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott. Travel there, and show him the Vyre Corpse. He will tell you to see what Drezel has to say about it. Travel back to Paterdomus, and show the body to Drezel. He will instantly recoil in horror at the torment of the soul of the creature trapped inside. You will mention remembering some method of releasing the trapped soul of a Morytanian creature, but you can't quite remember how.

22. Go down into the Columbarium, and walk over to the pyre stands. Use some pyre logs on one of them (they must be Teak or higher) and use the Vyre corpse on it. Light the pyre, and you will see a spectral form rise from the flames. A key will mysteriously appear on the pedestal.

23. Take the key, and go over to where you saw the Blood Talisman earlier. Select the right click option 'Open wall cavity' and you will unlock it and retrieve the talisman. Go back upstairs and tell Drezel you have released the soul of the Vyrewatch. He will explain to you how the people who couldnt escape from the vampyres when Hallowvale (now Morytania) was invade and overrun by Lord Drakan, made a pact with Saradomin, that if someone was to release their soul through use of a ritual, then they're soul would rest in peace, and the kind person would recieve all their worldly goods. After explaining this, he will tell you to report back to Veliaf.

24. Return to Burgh de Rott, and talk to Veliaf in the Inn basement. You will explain to him about the Vyrewatch, and how the treasure they give the kind may spur adventurers to aid the Myreques cause. He will thank you for all you have done, and give you your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Deathslayer
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