Death Plateau
Trolls have come down from the north and are camped on Death Plateau. They are using this base to launch attacks on the principality of Burthorpe!

The Imperial Guard is taking heavy losses. They need your help!


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: 10x Bread, 10 x Cooked Trout, Iron bar, 1000x Coins, Asgarnian ale

Items Recommended: Blurberry Special, Games necklace (8)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is ONLY suitable for Old School.


Talk to Denulth in the Imperial Guard Training Camp, south-west of the Burthorpe Castle. He will ask you to help him find another way up the Death Plateau and the combination to the equipment room the guard lost. Agree to help him then head north-east to the Burthorpe Castle and go upstairs. Talk to Eohric about the guard who had lost the combination to the equipment room. He will tell you that his name is Harold and at that he lives at the Toad and Chicken Inn.

Getting the Combination

The Toad and Chicken Inn is just south of the Burthorpe Castle. Go upstairs and to the room on the west side of the building. Enter and talk to Harold, who will tell you that he has lost the combination and doesn't want to talk about it. Go back to Eohric and talk to him about Harold. He will say that you should give him something to drink before asking him about the combination. Go back to Harold and offer him a drink, and he will ask for an Asgarnian Ale or Blurberry Special. Give him one, and he will ask you to gamble with him. Bet about 100 coins each time, and if you win he says he says he can't pay it all back and will write an IOU. Look at the IOU and you will find that the combination is on the back of it!

Go back to the castle and pick up the stone balls on the west side of the castle behind the table and place them in their correct position on the table (Look at the picture below). Open the door to the equipment room, go up the ladder and talk to the Archer, who will thank you for freeing him.

Tenzing the Sherpa

Go north-west of the castle and go into the cave there. Talk to Saba and he will tell you that the only person who knows about the other way up the Death Plateau is Tenzing the Sherpa. Then go outside and follow the nearby path west until you reach a wounded soldier.

Once you've found the wounded soldier, talk to him and then walk west then south through a winding mountain path. At the end of the path is the house of Tenzing the Sherpa. Ask him about the other path up the plateau, and he says he will tell you if you bring him 10 trout and 10 bread, and if you get spikes put on his climbing boots by Dunstan, the blacksmith. Dunstan's house is northeast of Burthorpe Castle. Talk to him there, and he'll say he will only repair the boots if he can get a certificate from Denulth that will get his son into the army.

Getting the Certificate

Talk to Denulth south-west of Burthorpe Castle and he will give you a certificate which will get Dunstan's son into the army. Go back to Dunstan and give him the certificate, the climbing boots and an iron bar and he will give you the repaired spiked boots. Go back to Tenzing the Sherpa and give him the bread, trout and the boots and he will give you a map of the secret path up the plateau which is just behind his house.

Go out through the north door of the house and climb over the stile. Follow the path north. Eventually your character will say that the path is safe and that you should go back and tell Denulth. Go back to Denulth and give him the map of the secret path up the plateau and the combination and he will give you your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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