Mobilising Armies


Mobilising Armies is a members-only piece of content released in July of 2009, that involves players acting out as parties of (up to) 10 gnomes, dwarves or goblins. There are 4 scenarios that players can participate in which require different strategies: conflict (character-to-character combat), siege (character-to-object combat), hoard (gathering items with optional combat) and rescue (find and rescue with optional combat). Winning, and sometimes competing in any of these competitions will result in the player being awarded with (a) commendation point(s) and possibly reward credits.

Getting there

The quickest way to reach Mobilising Armies is to use a Ring of Duelling. Right clicking the ring will allow a player to teleport to 1 of 5 locations, one being Mobilising Armies. Alternatively if the player has completed the Tree Gnome Village quest they can use the spirit tree network to navigate to Mobilising Armies.

Preliminary information


There are 4 different scenarios players can partake in at Mobilising Armies.

  • Conflict
  • Conflict is the most basic scenario that players complete in the tutorial they undertake with Junior Cadet Mal. In this scenario platers will battle each other's squads. No other strategical gameplay is needed - whoever's squads all leave the game first loses.

  • Siege
  • Siege is where players have the opportunity to fight, attack a castle with their squads, or get their squads to build a catapult to destroy the castle. Whichever squad does the most damage to the castle when it falls, or by when the game ends, wins. This scenario is often used by players who are trying to get a high rank quickly. They will all attack the wall for 4 minutes, until the timer reaches 26 minutes, then they will suicide theri own teams with cannons. The first 3 teams to win will get +1 rank, and the surviving team will get +2 rank.

  • Hoard
  • Hoard scenario takes place on a sleeping dragon's volcanic isle. The main goal is to steal gold coins that amount to 100,000. The first player to do this, or alternatively, as in all other games, to defeat all other squads is the winner, and will receive +2 rank. All other competing parties will receive +1 rank.

  • Rescue
  • Rescuse scenario also takes place on a volcanic isle. The main objective is to rescue as many drowning TzHaar as possible. They can be found all over the map in lava cracks. As with all other games, defeating all other team squads will result in the player who did that to win, or alternatively rescuing 28 TzHaar will mean the player who did so has won.


    Junior Cadmet Mal will provide a full list of commodities that can be exchanged for investment credits. Investment credits are used to purchase and resupply both the units (dwarves, gnomes, elves) and special units (weapons), and don't play roles in any other feature of Mobilising Armies. The maximum amount of investment credits players can have is 500,000.

    Special units

    Special Units Table
    Unit name Cost per unit Unit effect
    Cannon 500 Hits ALL squads for 55-1500 damage
    Chompa 500 Hits multiple squads for 50-1000 damage
    Distractor 600 Confuses/distracts ALL nearby squads for a limited amount of time
    Barricade 200 Stops all attacks in the direction the barricade is blocking
    Glider 400 Single-target attack that can be used on an enemy squad. Hits ~4000 damage


    Ranks are accumulated for winning and participating in activities, provided 10 actions are made (does not include walking or exploring) and that the player was in the game for at least 4 minutes (when the in-game timer reaches 26). The winner of the game will receive +2 rank and others who participate adequately will receive +1 rank.

    Note: that a player can only earn +12 rank per hour. This is not a statistic gained from time, rather it is a limit imposed by Jagex to ensure that games cannot be unfairly "farmed".

    Preparing to play

    Talk to Junior Cadet Mal who is at the entrance to the activity. He will take the player through a tutorial which explains the basic mechanics of the first activity conflict, including basic combat, moving, and all the controls the game uses.

    1. Exchange some commodities, 20,000 will suffice. The best commodities to exchange are fire runes.
    2. Enter the building directly south of the bank. Decide which race you want to be and right-click the representative for that title and "Recruit". Select 10 light squads.
    3. Go to the tent in the north-east corner of the area. Buy some special units you think will be most beneficial. You can buy up to 5.
    4. Go to the centre-south of the area. There will be a stairwell where you can select which scenario you wish to participate it.

    NB: You must progress through each scenario before gaining access to the next one.

    You will be put into a waiting room and have to wait for other players, 4 or 20 depending on the world you chose. Once inside a game you will be allocated a colour and you will have to play as that colour for the rest of the time in the arena. Depending on which scenario you chose, you will have to perform certain actions to win.


    Rewards can be purchased with reward credits earnt from participating in activities. The contributing factors are squads defeated, credits invested, game duration and current rank. Each rank listed below has an associated outfit, locator and quest kit, as well as special abilities such as the ability to imbue rings which will provide better bonuses.

    Investment & credit rewards
    Rank Maximum investments Reward mod*
    0-99 10,000 110%
    100-199 12,500 120%
    200-299 15,000 130%
    300-399 17,500 140%
    400+ 20,000 150%

    * A reward mod is the percentage bonus of which you will receive bonus reward credits.

    Prefix & title rewards
    Rank Floor accessible Prefix Outfit set
    0-99 Basement Junior Cadet Serjeant
    100-199 Ground level Serjeant Commander
    200-299 Level 1 Commander War-chief
    300+ Level 2 War-chief Lord Marshal

    NB: There is no Junior Cadet outfit, so the titles and outfits will be staggered. Players will obtain the best title (War-chief) before the best outfit (Lord Marshal).

    To buy a set of armour, locator, or quest kit, visit the rank representative found of their respective level of the tower (detailed above). All outfit, locator, and kit rewards can be resold to the instructors for the same amount of points that they were bought for.

    Additional info

    • Mobilising Armies rank 401 is a trimmed Completionist cape requirement.
    • The Mobilising Armies worlds are 25 (20 people) and 76 (4 people).

    Mobilising Armies is a fun, real-time strategy game in RuneScape. Being one of the few minigames that requires a player to use their own GP to benefit in it is not without reward. The locator rewards can provide the player with quick and easy teleports to locations that can provide a nice profit. The game as a whole is rewarding and does provide any player who can dedicate themselves to progressing in it with a reward.

    Guide Made by: Jacob
    Corrections submitted by: Seroxie, Jacob, Valerie