Flash Powder Factory


The Flash Powder Factory is under the Pick and Lute pub in Taverley. The trapdoor is inside the pub near the north east corner.

Once in side speak to Brian O'Richard, he is the owner of the factory. Brian will explain how the the factory works and the rewards you can earn by participating.


To enter the Flash Powder Factory, the following requirements must be met:

  • 75 Agility
  • 50 Herblore
  • 75 Thieving

During the Game

When starting Flash Powder Factory, you will be teleported into an instance world. Every player starts the game with:

  • 1 empty pressure flask (a)
  • 1 empty pressure flask (b)
  • 3 sets of refining apparatus
  • 1 sealed funnel
  • 6 doses of catalytic powder

A panel is displayed at the top left corner of the screen. This keeps track of your score, time and equipment you have.

During the game you will see different coloured arrows flashing on your minimap. They are used to guide you to the active reagent machines. At the active reagent machines you fill the pressure flasks with reagents A and B. On this map reagents A and B are marked as well as lightning bolts. The lightning bolts are where you can charge your funnel.

The Factory has many obstacles that you will have to navigate to get to the active reagent machines. In addition to these obstacles there are pressure doors, you may open these from the outside by pressing a a button near the door. Once the button is pressed it will turn red and cannot be used again for a short time. If you are inside a hallway while the pressure doors lock you have limited time to exit them, or you will be teleported out of the game.

After you have both pressure flasks full the arrows on the minimap will switch from blue and orange to red. These red arrows indicate the mixing machines. Once at a mixing machine you will mix the full flasks with one dose of catalyic powder.

After doing this the pressure flasks empty, you lose one catalytic powder, and gain 100 points. You also get bonus points depending on how many refining apparatuses you are carrying.

You can get more apparatuses by pickpocketing other players and you may only have a maximum of six apparatuses.You can not pickpocket the same person twice in a row, you also may not pickpocket someone who has pickpocketed you. You will have to wait until they pickpocket someone else to be able to do so.

You can see how many apparatuses other players have, this is indicated by the yellow rectangles over the player's head.

You must repeat this process until you run out of Catalyic powder. After you have done this you will be teleported out of the game. You may get your hands on more catalyic powder by picking the lock on the catalyst dispenser, located at the center of the room.

Your sealed funnel has a few uses. It can be used to check information about the previous mixing of ingredients by selecting the check-status option. It can also be filled by selecting the Charge-funnel option near charge machine which are in the corners of the minigame map. The machine doesn't always offer this option but when selected. When you do get a charge you will receive a temporary 10% bonus charge, this gives additional points when mixing ingredients.

After 15 minutes of game play you will be teleported out of the game area. If you leave any earlier you will incur a penalty to your rewards.

Penalties for leaving a game early
Minutes until game finishes Penalty on Brianpoint rewards
2- minutes remaining 0%
3 minutes remaining 20%
4 minutes remaining 26%
5 minutes remaining 33%
6 minutes remaining 40%
7 minutes remaining 46%
8+ minutes remaining 50%


You earn points for every batch of flash powder you produce inside the factory. Once the game is over this score will determine how many reward points you get. These are used to trade with Brian O'Richard for rewards, like experience in Agility and Thieving or clothing that offers bonuses inside the factory.

Factory outfit
Item Cost Bonus

Factory Mask
2,250 Better loot when searching rubble.

Factory body
3,500 2 minutes extra time per game.

Factory legs
2,750 +50% catalyst on game start.

Factory gloves
1,750 Better pickpocket chance.

Factory boots
1,750 Better success on obstacles.

You get a set bonus for wearing 3 and 5 pieces of the armour.

  • 3 pieces - gives you a chance to make a 4-dose potion
  • 5 pieces - allow you to gain experience for making unfinished potions

With your points you can also buy a Multitool. The Multitool is stackable and can transform into any tool that you may need.

The Rogue items are available during the game by searching rubble. If you're wearing the Factory mask or Ring of wealth you have a better chance of getting an item.

Guide Made by: Icedlala
Corrections submitted by: artley, Majinvegito3, Jacob, Valerie