Mudskipper Point


Mudskipper point is a small peninsula located on the southern tip of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, south-west of the Asgarnia ice dungeon. It has the appearance of a grassy-beach, as it is made up of sand, long-grass and its center is occupied by a large, drooping palm tree, and next to the palm tree is a fairy ring. The peninsula is surrounded by ominous fishing spots, rocks and a mass of sea.

Uses of the island

Communal Gatherings:

Mudderskipper point is probably most famously known for its crazy parties hosted by the different communities of RuneScape. Normally, each year there is a fireworks party for the 4th of July, American Independence Day. The events hosted here are purely community hosted, yet sometimes have visits from Jagex's Community Management team, to show their appreciation of the community spirit.

Mogre Slayer tasks (Members Only):

Mogres are often fought at Mudskipper point for slayer tasks assigned assigned by either Mazchna (Achtryn during some parts of While Guthix Sleeps quest) or Vannaka at a Slayer level of 32. Mogres are believed to be a relative to the Ogres. The only differences are that their appearance are slightly fish-like, and the name has an extra 'M' at the beginning. The 'M' supposedly stands for Marine, due to their habitat (underwater). To lure one of these Mogres out of the water, you must use Fishing explosives on an ominous fishing spot.

Ominous Fishing Spots (Members Only):

Ominous fishing spots are created by the Mogres; the bubble effect is given off by the Mogres breathing underwater, and there are 3 spots in total. To get the Mogres out of the water, a Fishing Explosive must be used on a spot. Fishing Explosives can be bought from any slayer master for a total of 60gp.

Fairy Ring (Members Only):

On the island, there is a Fairy Ring. This Fairy Ring can be used to teleport to Zanaris, the land of fairies. Players can also teleport to this ring through Fairy ring code: AIQ.

Falador Tasks (Members Only):

  • I Heard You Like Mudskips is a hard task which requires you to teleport to the Mudskipper Point fairy ring using code: AIQ.
  • The Mogre Mash is a hard task which requires you to kill a Mogre at Mudskipper point.
  • Mudskip the Light Fantastic is a easy task which requires you to recharge your prayer points at the altar near Mudskipper Point.

How to get there

Mudskipper Point is located at the southern peak of Asgarnia as a very small peninsula, therefore facing the sea. Near this peninsula you can find Thurgo, the master of Smithing, and his hut. Near this hut is the Asgarnia Ice Dungeon. Warning: These dungeons are in inhabited by dangerous monsters made of Ice, enter at your own risk.

There are many different ways of getting to Mudskipper Point. Here are a few suggestions of how to get there:

  • The fastest way of getting there is via Fairy ring: AIQ
  • A quick way of getting there is to use the Port Sarim lodestone (Accessed via home teleportation spell) and heading south-west.
  • A slower, yet still effective way of getting there is to use an Explorer ring (3-4) and use the cabbage teleport, then head south-west.

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