Rune Memories
At the end of Rune Mysteries, Ariane found herself in a bit of a bind, and now she needs your help once more. You'll fully explore the arcane ruins beneath the Wizards' Tower and experience - through the memories of its former inhabitants - the clashes of magical ideals that led to the old tower's downfall. Dig deep enough and put together the pieces of this ancient puzzle, and you'll have all you need to free Ariane and avert the disaster once and for all.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Rune Mysteries
Other Requirements:
14 free inventory spaces.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

Investigating the Old Tower

Start the quest by speaking with Ariane who is located in the basement of the old Wizards' Tower. She will tell you that she wishes to investigate the source of the magical vortices in the tower and will ask for your help.

Ariane will attempt to cast a spell into the middle of the beam of light to study the vortex's but will instead become trapped in the beam and will be unable to move.

To get out, Ariane believes that she will need to somehow use the power in the vortices to break out. She will hand you a selection of prepared fire and air runes. Use the fire rune on any one of the red vortex's, and use the air rune on any of the grey vortex's. Doing so will absorb the vortex and it's soul into the rune, causing the rune to glow with power.

Speak again with Ariane who will tell you that the runes could be used to trigger a memory in the tower, and that hopefully you could use the ideas found in the memory to break her out of the power beam.

Age Old Memories

You will now need to head to the library located through the door to the east of Ariane. In the library you will see a few glowing coloured chairs surrounding a table in the center of the room.

Use the glowing Fire rune on the glowing red chair and the glowing Air rune on the glowing grey chair. Doing so will trigger a cutscene of a memory between Kelavan the Red and Mei the Grey. In the memory, each of the wizards speaks of a solution to the Teleportation Problem. When you have seen the memory, return to Ariane and tell her what you saw.

When you speak with Ariane again, she will give you the remaining runes you need to hold the soul fragments from the vortices.

  • Use Prepared chaos rune on Red vortex
  • Use Prepared cosmic rune on Grey vortex
  • Use Prepared earth rune and Prepared nature rune on Green vortex
  • Use Prepared water rune and Prepared law rune on Blue vortex

When you have absorbed all of the souls into the glowing prepared runes, speak with Ariane. She will ask you to head to the shrine room to see if you can trigger another memory.

Head back up the stairs and climb over the statue and return to the room with the Rune Guardian in it. Place the glowing runes on the following statues to trigger another memory between Azris the Green, Unaia the Blue, Zanmaron the Red, and Temrin the Grey, the masters of the Old Tower.

  • Use a Glowing chaos rune on the south-west statue of Zamorak.
  • Use a Glowing law rune on the south-east statue of Saradomin.
  • Use a Glowing cosmic rune on the north-west statue of Grey Wizards.
  • Use a Glowing nature rune on the north-east statue of Guthix.

Return to Ariane after the memory is completed and tell her of the details. She once again believes that there is another memory to be unlocked in the studies of the old tower, located to the north of Ariane.

Head north into the study and use the glowing chaos rune on the large chair in the north-east room, and the glowing fire rune on the small chair opposite it. This will trigger a cutscene of a memory where the Red Master and Apprentice talk about how Azris the Green stole his idea.

When the memory has finished, return to Ariane one again. She will send you to the library again to trigger another memory.

  • Use a Glowing chaos rune on the table.
  • Use a Glowing water rune on the south-west blue chair.
  • Use a Glowing fire rune on the north-east red chair.
  • Use a Glowing earth rune on the south-east green chair.
  • Use a Glowing air rune on the north-west grey chair.

This will trigger a cutscene of the Red Master and all the tower apprentices. In the memory, the Red Master presents each of the wizards with a copy of the ritual scroll. You now believe that this ritual is the key to freeing Ariane.

Return to Ariane and tell her about the memory, she'll ask you to find the scraps of the ritual so that she knows where the wizards stood during the original ritual.

Head to the library and search the bookcases to find 2 Document fragments, and then head into the study to find the remaining 3 fragments in chests in each of the different study rooms. In the Red Master's study room you will also find a Diary.

Bring these fragments back to Ariane. You will then need to read each of the fragments to understand where each of the wizards were located.

  • Southeast: Air
  • East: Nature
  • Northeast: Fire
  • North: Law
  • Northwest: Earth
  • West: Cosmic
  • Southwest: Water
  • South: Chaos

A cutscene of the wizards performing the ritual will begin. During the ritual process the Blue wizards will leave in anger after discovering that the ritual consists of demonic magic. As the Blue wizard leaves, a beam of lightning will strike down the Red Master, killing him.

The cutscene will end and Ariane will be freed from the beam. However, something doesn't quite seem right, and Ariane quickly pushes you away from the beam. A similar bolt of lightning then strikes Ariane to the ground and puts her under a magical coma effect.

The Red Master's Fate

Head back up out of the old tower and into the current Wizards Tower. Speak with Wizard Ellaron who is at the entrance to the tower speaking to Wizard Valina. Ask him about the Magical Coma and he will tell you that Ariane is being possessed by the souls of the old tower. Wizard Ellaron will then tell you that he has been planning this all along, and he will challenge you to a fight. Just as you are about to fight Ellaron, the tower starts shaking and Ariane will emerge from the middle of the tower.

Ariane is now being possessed by the souls of the old tower. To free her you will need to suck the souls of the old wizards out of her body.

  • Use the Prepared cosmic rune when the power beam turns grey with a white stream.
  • Use the Prepared water rune when the power beam turns blue.

After this, Ariane will move up a level. Click on the power beam to follow her up.

  • Use the Prepared earth rune when the power beam turns green.
  • Use the Prepared fire rune when the power beam turns red.

Again, Ariane will move up a level. Follow her.

  • Use the Prepared law rune when the power beam turns blue with a white stream.
  • Use the Prepared nature rune when the power beam turns green with a white stream.

Ascend up the power beam one more time and remove the last souls from Ariane.

  • Use the Prepared chaos rune when the power beam turns red with a white stream.
  • Use the Prepared air rune when the power beam turns grey.

Once you have drawn out all the souls, Ariane will be free. The wizards souls will then possess Wizard Ellaron, and teleport him to the Abyss where he will explode, thereby saving the Wizards' Tower!

Quest Complete!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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