Brink of Extinction, The
The continued survival of the TzHaar race hangs in the balance. More and more eggs are hatching as Ga'al - weak creatures born without the memories and skills of their ancestors - and their volcano city is cooling.
The TzHaar prepare for a second expedition into the Elder Kiln, to resurrect their greatest warriors by fusing them painfully with the Ga'al underclass.


Skill Requirements:
2 80 Defence
14 80 Smithing
15 72 Mining
Quest Requirements:
Elder Kiln, The
Other Requirements:
Must be able to defeat multiple level 150+ foes and have 6 free inventory slots.
Items Needed: Rune pickaxe

Items Recommended: Warrior, mage and ranger armour and weaponry
Reward: Click to reveal


TokKul Champions

Start the quest by speaking with TzHaar-Mej-Ak located in the main plaza of the TzHaar City. Worryingly, he will inform you that only Ga'al are hatching at the nursery, a problem explored in The Elder Kiln, and will ask you to take another Ga'al to the Kiln to infuse them with the memories of the TokKul as you did in the Elder Kiln quest.

TzHaar-Mej-Ak will give you a communication orb to take with you to find the TokKul of the three champions of the Kiln and to kill them for their TokKul.

Activate the communication orb in your inventory and select which champion you wish to find first. You can find the champions in any order.

To find the first champions' TokKul, TzHaar-Mej-Gek, speak with TzHaar-Mej-Het who is located to the north of the pools. He will hand you the TokKul of TzHaar-Mej-Gek.

The second champions' TokKul can be found by mining the statue located near the entrance to the Fight Kiln. Mining the statue will give you five Fragments of TzHaar-Ket-Teg which must then be used on a furnace. The closest furnace is located to the south-east of the main plaza. Using the fragments on the furnace will forge them together into the TokKul of TzHaar-Ket-Teg.

The third champions' TokKul requires the same process as the second champions TokKul. Head to the south-west of the main plaza and mine the fragments from the Statue of TzHaar-Xil-Kal. These must also be used on a furnace, with the closest located to the south-east of the main plaza, to form the ToKkul of TzHaar-Xil-Kal.

The final step is to round up the Ga'al to the main plaza. There are three Ga'al in total, located in the following areas:

  • North-west of the main plaza, near the entrance to the library.
  • North of the entrance to the Fight Pits.
  • South of the main plaza.

Back into the Kiln

Once you have obtained all of the required TokKul of the Champions and have rounded up the Ga'al, return to Mej-Jeh and Mej-Ak at the center of the main plaza. After a short conversation they will head to the entrance to the Elder Kiln.

Follow the Elders to the entrance to the Elder Kiln where you will find Mej-Jeh, Mej-Ak and the three Ga'al. You will then be given the ultimate decision about the fate of the Ga'al. Ga'al-Xox will then appear and strike down Mej-Ak before anything can be done, and will then flee out of the Kiln with the Champions' TokKul.

Follow the Ga'al-Xox using the communication orb to a cave to the east of the main plaza. There is a banker located just outside the cave to restock your supplies.

In this cave you will be facing multiple monsters of combat levels 150+. After clearing out each room, your progress will be saved and you will not have to clear that room again if you leave or die. Dying in these caves is safe and you will not lose your items.

The entire cave is made up of a series of smaller rooms that have multiple monsters in them. It is highly recommended that you bring equipment from each end of the combat triangle as you will suffer a damage reduction for using the wrong style of attack on a monster.

The first room of the cave contains four Tz-Kih which is weak to stab, so using a melee weapon is highly recommended here. After defeating the creatures, head to the far end of the cave where you will find two scales and three weapons; an obsidian mace, obsidian sword and obsidian knife. Add the mace to the scale on the west side of the room, and the sword on the east side to open the door.

The second room of the cave contains two Tz-Ket, which are weak to water spells and magic, followed by another Tz-Kih and a Tok-Xil, both which are weak to stab and melee. After defeating the creatures, head to the end of the cave where you will find a series of statues representing each end of the combat triangle.

The statues need to be arranged so that the TzHaar-Ket is facing the TzHaar-Xil, who is facing the TzHaar-Mej, who faces the TzHaar-Ket. Arrows are located on the ground to help you, and these will turn purple as the statues are positioned properly. When you have arranged the statues correctly, the door will open.

The third room contains a grid like floor over a large pit of lava. After passing through the hot vent door, some of the grid squares will start glowing hot and several TokHaar creatures will spawn in a series of three waves. You must defeat these creatures whilst avoiding standing on the glowing square, as you will take large amounts of damage until you move off the square.

  • First Wave: 2 TokHaar-Ket and 2 TokHaar-Hur, both of which are weak to magic and water spells.
  • Second Wave: 1 TokHaar-Mej which is weak to ranged and bolts, and 2 TokHaar-Xil which are weak to melee and crush.
  • Third Wave: The TokHaar-Ket Champion which has no weaknesses, although attacks you with melee and magic appears to work well against him.

After defeating the three waves the TokHaar-Ket Champion will drop an obsidian maul which you will need to pick up. Head back through the hot vent door and place the obsidian maul on the remaining scale to open the door.

Into the Depths

The next room you will find yourself in will contain four Tz-Kil who will attack you with magic. Quickly kill them using a crossbow or other ranged equipment and head to the end of the room. There will once again be a series of obsidian weapons located on the floor and a series of statues with scales. Place each of the weapons onto the scales in front of the TzHaar that would wield them.

  • Xil - top left scale - Obsidian knife/sword
  • Mej - bottom left scale - Obsidian staff
  • Xil - bottom right scale - Obsidian throwing ring
  • Ket - top right scale - Obsidian mace

After placing the weapons onto the correct scales the door will open and you can continue deeper into the cave.

The next room contains three Tz-Kih which are weak to melee and stab, two Tz-Kil which are weak to bolts and ranged and a Yt-MejKot which has no weaknesses. Quickly dispatch these enemies and head to the end of the room.

At the end of the room you will find a series of pedestals. You are required to touch the pedestals in the correct order to open the door. Touching one of the pedestals will cause it to light up, and then another pedestal will light up. Touch the first pedestal and then the second pedestal to light them up, and then a third pedestal will light up. After a combination of 8 pedestals have lit up and you have touched them in the correct order, the door will open.

The next room is another combat room. Kill the following creatures and then pick up the obsidian maul and return back the hot vent door to place the maul onto the scales.

  • 4 TokHaar-Hur which are weak to magic and water spells
  • 2 TokHaar-Mej which are weak to ranged and bolts and a TokHarr-Ket which is weak to magic and water spells
  • TokHaaar-Mej which is weak to ranged and bolts and 2 Tokhar-Xil which are weak to melee and slash
  • 2 TokHaar-Ket Champions which have no weaknesses

Placing the maul onto the scales will open a door that leads even further into the cave. Head into the next room and kill the 3 Tz-Ket that spawn with melee, specifically stab if you have a weapon with you.

After killing the Tz-Ket, head to the end of the room. On the floor will be another selection of obsidian weapons and a Stone Tablet. Pick these up and read the stone tablet as it will give you clues to which weapon needs to be placed on which scale. The puzzle is different for each person, so you will need to use the tablet to help you.

Word Translation
Ket Blunt / defender / guard / large
Xil Sharp / hunter / killer / dangerous
Mej Magic / mage / priest / parent
Hur Small / crafter / builder / sculptor

Examine each of the scales to find out which weapon should be placed there. After placing each of the weapons onto their required scales the door will open.

The next room contains 3 Tz-Kil that are weak to ranged but specifically bolts. After dispatching these foes, 2 Tz-Kek (which are weak to magic/water spells) and a Ket-Zek (which is weak to ranged/bolts) will spawn. Quickly kill them and head to the end of the room.

At the end of the room you will find a large puzzle on the ground made up of rotating pieces. You will need to rotate these pieces so that they form the image below.

Rotate A twice Rotate B twice Rotate C twice Rotate D twice Rotate E once Rotate F once Rotate G three times Rotate H once Rotate I twice

Completing the puzzle will cause the door to open. Head through it and into the final chamber.


After heading through the door you will come across Ga'al-Xox. After a short conversation you will both turn some valves, causing TokHaar-Hok to spawn out of the lava stream. You can either begin the battle with him now or restock for supplies and come back.

Tips for the Boss Battle

  • If you die you will not lose your items but you will have to start the battle all over again. You will appear just outside the cave near the bank where you can restock on supplies and try again. It is a hard battle so do not worry if it takes you a few attempts.
  • It is a good idea to head back to the bank to stock up on supplies now. It is recommended that you have armour and weapons associated with at least two sides of the combat triangle; melee and magic are most recommended.
  • Protect from Melee or Deflect Melee curses are a must during this fight as it will negate most of the damage from TokHaar-Hok and his minions. His attacks will drain your prayer however, so make sure you bring several prayer potions to keep your prayer on at all times.
  • As with the earlier battle, sections of the floor will begin to glow and will then hit your player for very high amounts of damage. You will need to keep your lifepoints high and avoid these glowing platforms at all times.
  • Once TokHaar-Hok reaches half health he gains the ability to heal himself. To stop this, you will need to use one of the stunning abilities or spells (including Bash, Kick, Backhand, Binding Shot and Impact) on him to prevent him from moving into the lava stream to heal. A message will appear in your chatbox when he is about to heal, so fire off your stunning attack to prevent him from healing.

Strategy for Defeating TokHaar-Hok TokHaar-Hok has no weaknesses but is is highly recommended that players use melee or magic during the battle as you will be not only facing Hok himself but also a selection of his minions.

Upon starting the battle TokHaar-Hok will immediately attack you, so putting on Protect from Melee before starting the battle is advised. A TokHaar-Tok-Xil will spawn shortly after commencement, and players should take this out with melee as soon as possible as it has extremely high accuracy and is very strong. Once you have defeated the Tok-Xil it will not spawn again, but instead TokHaar-Ket-Champions will spawn. The TokHaar-Ket-Champions attack you with a weak melee attack, so they can be ignored.

Focus all of your attacks on TokHaar-Hok. Be sure to keep your Protect from Melee prayer going or you will be hit for extremely high damage. Make sure also to avoid the glowing platforms during the fight.

After getting TokHaar-Hok down to half health he will begin to attempt to heal himself. As explained earlier, you will need to use one of the stunning abilities or spells (including Bash, Kick, Backhand, Binding Shot and Impact) on him to prevent him from moving into the lava stream to heal.

Following the method above it shouldn't take long at all to defeat TokHar-Hok. When you have defeated TokHaar-Hok, speak to Ga'al-Xox. He will tell you to return to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh and inform him of what happened.

Head back to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh at the main plaza who will then tell you to travel to the Elder Kiln to meet Ga'al-Xox.

A cutscene will play where Tzhaar-Mej-Ak speaks through the Ga'al of what it is like to be Tokkul. He explains how being TokKul is torture and that he wants to be burned in the lava to become part of the city.

You will be put into a final cutscene where Ga'al-Xox says goodbye and then steps into the lava, destroying himself and becoming one with the lava of the city again. Your character then appears before the city of TzHaar where you are hailed as a hero for saving the city.

Congratulations, Quest Complete.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: Simon
Corrections submitted by: Simon, Power of Five