Wizards' Tower


The Wizards' Tower is located to the south of Draynor, where many wizards reside and carry out the research of runes and magic. It is the wizards of this tower who discovered the secret of creating runes out of rune essence, the idea also known as Rune Mysteries. Beneath in ruins, lies yet another tower known as the Old Tower, destroyed when Zamorakian wizards betrayed the Saradomin wizards and burned the tower down a hundred years ago.

Getting there

The Wizards' Tower is located south of Draynor Village, separated from mainland by a bridge. Below are the possible routes that can be used for getting there:

  • Use the Draynor Lodestone, then keep walking south past Draynor Village.
  • Use an Amulet of Glory to teleport to Draynor, you will then walk south.
  • Walk south from Draynor Manor and then pass through Draynor and keep moving south.
  • Teleport via Fairy Ring with the code: D I S.
  • Ground Floor

    This is the ground floor of the Wizards' Tower, and this is where the entrance of the tower is located. Located around the ground floor are bookshelves, levitating and rotating. The blue beam in the middle of the room will allow players to ascend and descend between floors of the tower.

    Professor Onglewip

    Professor Onglewip is a gnome sent here from Gnome Stronghold by King Narnode, which is located far west to come to study the concept of human magics.

    Fairy Ring

    The Fairy Ring can be used for transport the Wizards Tower and other locations through Zanaris. The code for this ring is D I S.

    First Floor

    This is the first floor of the Wizards' Tower. Here, you can find many of the known wizards, a Lesser demon in a cage, and Wizard Jalarast, who sells Splitbark Armour. and this is where you can find many known wizards, a Lesser demon, and also find the wizard that sells Splitbark Armour.

    Wizard Jalarast

    This is the wizard you can find at south-west of the floor, where you can buy Splitbark Armour. Splitbark is a Members' Only Armour and requires 40 Defence and 40 Magic to wear this. You will also need a required amount of Bark, Cloth, and money to make these items:

    Item Bark & Cloth Coins

    2 6,000

    4 37,000

    3 32,000

    1 1,000

    1 1,000

    Wizard Grayzag

    Found on the east side of the floor, this Wizard is the one that uses evil magic to summon imps, and who also has a level 100 Lesser Demon contained by Magic where players can train magic and ranged. He is also met in the Imp Catcher Quest.

    Wizard Mizgog

    This is the Wizard you talk to about starting the Quest: Imp Catcher. Wizard Mizgog is wanting to stop his rival after he summoned imps and stole all his magic beads!

    Wizard Ilona

    When you have completed 'The Blood Pact' quest, she can be found on the north side of the floor, where she passed her apprenticeship and become a wizard.

    Wizard Isidor

    Found on the west side of the floor, Isidor specialises in teleportation and plays a role in the quest Myths of the White Lands, where he assists with teleporting you to the Land of Snow during and after the quest.

    Second Floor

    Ascending the beam again, you will arrive on the second floor of the tower.

    Archmage Sedridor

    Archmage Sedridor can teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine. Found near the southern region of the floor.

    Wizard Traiborn

    This Wizard is the one you will meet during the Rune Mysteries and Love Story Quests. He always calls you a thingummywut and can be found on the west side of the floor.

    The Roof

    Up one more level onto the rooftop, you can find some portals here. The green portal goes to the lower level of RuneSpan, the center blue portal leads to the RuneCrafting guild where you can also play the Great Orb Project, and the red portal leads to the upper levels of RuneSpan, however only this portal is usable on Member's Worlds.



    • Blue Wizards
    • Forgotten Orders (after completing Rune Mysteries
    • quest
    • Harmony of the Runes
    • Inner Secret
    • Vision

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