Tail of Two Cats, A
Unferth is worried about Bob not showing up recently. Can you help him out and discover the true identity of Bob?


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Icthlarin's Little Helper
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Cat, Desert/Druid robes, 5x Astral rune, 4x Potato seed, Bucket of milk, Chocolate cake, Shears, Seed dibber, 5x Death rune, Rake, Logs, Catspeak amulet

Items Recommended: Pharaoh's sceptre, Games necklace (8)
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Talk to Unferth at Burthorpe. He will need help finding Bob, and direct you to his neighbour, Hild.

Hild will enchant your Catspeak amulet for 5 Death Runes. You will now be able to track Bob down by turning around the nose of your Catspeak amulet. When the nose faces the direction, the eyes will glow, and when you are very close to Bob, they will glow no matter what direction. Use this to find Bob - a tip is to switch worlds until he is nearby the Burthrope area.


Once you found Bob, he will tell you that he is in love with another cat, Neite. However, he needs to know more about himself if he wants to seduce her. Your cat will suggest going to Gertrude. Head to Varrock and speak to Gertrude, who will say she doesn't know much. Your cat will start talking about Robert the Strong, and Gertrude will tell you to visit Reldo in the library. Reldo will find a book about Robert the Strong, and some interesting facts about the Dragonkin. Your cat informs you excitedly that you should proceed to talk to Bob, to find out if he has any memory of being the legend of Robert the Strong. It will then suggest to visit the Sphinx in Sophanem for assistance.

Talk to the Sphinx, and your cat will persuade it to help out. She will summon Bob, and hypnotise him. You will see a cutscene in which Bob appears to be Robert the Strong, and he slays a Dragonkin. The Sphinx will then summon Neite, who falls in love with Bob after hearing that he is in fact Robert the Strong. You will have the option to teleport to Unferths house, and will be given a task of chores by Bob.


Start out by Tend Garden: Rake Unferth's patch, and plant 4 potato seeds in it. They will take 15-20 minutes to grow. Make Unferth's bed, use a log on the fireplace and ignite it with a tinderbox. Use your chocolate cake and bucket of milk on the table, and use your shears on Unferth to shave him. When all your chores are done, talk to Unferth. He will feel ill, and you will have to visit the Apothecary in Varrock.

The Apothecary will explain that Unferth isn't really ill, and that it's all in his head. He tells you to pretend you're a doctor and give Unferth a vial of water. You will have the choice between a nurse hat or a doctor hat. Wear your desert/druid robes and your nurse/doctor hat. Give Unferth a vial of water, and you will let him believe it's a miracle cure. Now the Unferth is fine, go see Bob to tell him you have done his chores. He will thank you and tell you some of his adventures with Neite. After the cutscene you will be teleported back to Unferths house. Talk to him to receive your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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