Slayer Tower


Viggora's Folly (Slayer Tower) was built in the Second Age by General Viggora. He claimed, in front of his fellow generals, that it was a testament to the abilities of mankind. Viggora continued to add to the fortress, adding more floors and other fortifications, to further prove mankind's abilities. Eventually, after adding so much and to Viggoras dismay, the tower eventually began to sink into the swamps of Morytania. Humiliated, Viggora abandoned the 'Slayer Tower.' During the Third Age, the tower was set up as a base for a small group of Zamorakian mages. Here they conjured monsters to use in the army of Zamorak. At some point a powerful mage joined their ranks, and attempted to summon a portal to another dimension. Succeeding, they froze the portal open. The group then disappeared. It is unknown what happened.

This portal has been open for centuries!

Getting There

The Slayer Tower is located to the north of Mort Myre Swamp, north-west of the town of Canifis. You can reach the tower traveling on foot. Simply head east from Varrock, go through the Temple, and then head north along the path. The most popular ways to get to the Slayer Tower are:

  • Slayer Ring Teleport
  • Fairy Ring code 'CKS'
  • Ectophial
  • Kharyrll Teleport


Monster Combat Level Slayer Level Floor Location

Crawling Hand
16 or 26 5 Ground West Side

54 15 Ground East Side

Infernal Mage
104 45 1st Northwest Corner

88 or 98 50 1st Southwest Corner

Aberrant Spectre
104 60 1st East Side

Gargoyle *
134 75 2nd West Side

Nechryael *
138 80 2nd Northwest Side

Abyssal Demon *
146 85 2nd Southwest Side

* Abyssal Demons, Nechryaels and Gargoyles can also be found on the top floor (Roof). It requires 71 Agility to access. You can get to the roof by crossing the plank on the West side of the 2nd floor and going up the stairs. Once there, you will find an additional 9 Abyssal Demons, 5 Nechryaels, and 6 Gargoyles.
You can access the Gargoyles by crossing the small walk-ways at either the North or South sides of the roof.

The Aberrant Spectres' area.

Slayer Contracts

A player may talk to Markus at the entrance to the Slayer Tower to receive a 'Slayer Contract.' There are two types of Slayer contracts that Markus will give you.

  • Normal - a contract for players who just feel like defeating the evil of the Tower
  • Special - a contract that works alongside a slayer assignment in the Tower

These are separate from a players Slayer Assignment. A player must have the contract in their inventory and kill the monsters in the Slayer Tower for it to count. Note that normal contracts and assignments are separate in that a kill will not count towards both activities. If you prefer to complete the assignment before beginning your contract, place the Slayer contract in your bank. Special contracts are not separate, however. If you decide to do Slayer Contracts, you will receive 20% the normal Slayer experience the monster is worth. Upon completion, a message will appear notifying the player and they must speak to Markus again to receive their choice of additional combat experience or cash.

The additional combat experience only applies to Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, Mage and Constitution

Markus' camp in front of the Slayer Tower.

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