Elf Camp


Elf Camp is only available to members. It's a small camp which is situated to the north of Tirannwn. You are required to start Regicide quest to access the camp, but there are very few non quest related attractions here. Some players like to kill Elves here, but it's recommended to kill them in Lletya instead as there is better facilities (a bank, and an altar) and it's a lot easier to get too.

Getting to the Elf Camp is easier said than done, it takes a long trek through the Elf forests to reach the camp - and the forest is full of traps!

Map of the western region of Gielnor.


The most important aspects of the Elf Camp is that it is led by Lord Lorwerth - an NPC used during the Regicide quest.

Lord Lorwerth

There is also a number of Elf Warriors (Both range and melee) spread over the camp which means it can be used as a place to kill Elves. However, it takes at least several minutes to reach the camp and once you get here, you are without an altar, or even a bank.



Unfortunately, you won't find any shops or a bank in the Elf Camp but you will find some other cool things! If you have completed the 'Deadliest Catch' quest then you will have a bank deposit box which can be useful with the fishing spots.

To the south of the camp, there is a number of Shark and Fly Fishing spots. Due to the lack of a bank, people aren't usually seen catching fish here, but it can be used for emergency healing if you are doing a slayer assignment as there are everlasting fires within the camp.


You may have also noticed a Loom icon on the map - it exists, but it doesn't really have a purpose, it would appear as if it's more for decoration right now!



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