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Oo'glog is a city located within the Feldip Hills area and is inhabited by Ogress. Most of the area remains unavailable until after the completion of the As a First Resort... quest. After starting the quest the bank and shops become available to you but the spas, which are one of the main attractions of the city, remain unusable until after it's completion.


Oo'glog is located in the far southeast portion of the Feldip Hills area, just south of the Hunter Area. The whole city is surrounded by a mountain ridge, although there is an Agility shortcut in the northern ridge requiring Level 29 Agility to pass.

To get to Oo'glog quickly, use a Ring of duelling teleport or use the Spirit Tree Network to get to the Mobilising Armies Command Centre, as it's located just to the west of the entrance to Oo'glog.

After completing As a First Resort..., you will be able to travel to Oo'glog by many of the charter boats you can find around Gielinor, such as Port Sarim and Catherby, although these can be relatively expensive compared to other methods of reaching the city.

If these are not options, you can speed up travel to the area by using the coordinates AKS on the Fairy Ring Network to reach the Feldip Hills Hunter Area or by taking a Gnome glider, Eagle transport or a Spirit Larupia familiar's teleport.



There are three shops located within Oo'glog and they are only usable after having completed the As a First Resort... quest. These are detailed below.

General Store

The General Store, owned by Frawd, is located just to the west of the Bank.

Gift Shop Stock
Image Name Stock Price
Tinderbox 10 1gp
Ogre arrow 100 25gp
Cooked chompy 10 130gp
Feather 1000 6gp
Bronze hatchet 10 16gp
Rope 10 18gp
Empty pot 30 1gp
Bucket 30 2gp
Hammer 10 13gp
Knife 10 25gp
Ogre kilt 10 100gp
Ogre top 10 105gp
Ogre boots 10 60gp
Diseased kebbit fur 0 60gp
Davy kebbit hat 0 100gp
Ogre wig 0 60gp
Ogre club 0 180gp

Meat Shop

The Meat Shop, owned by Chargurr, is located just to the northeast of the Bank, near the center of the city.

Meat Shop Stock
Image Name Stock Price
Raw rat meat 10 39gp
Raw beef 300 59gp
Raw bear meat 10 8gp
Cooked meat 10 30gp
Raw chicken 10 60gp
Cooked chicken 10 12gp
Raw rabbit 100 67gp
Skewered rabbit 0 84gp
Roast rabbit 0 20gp
Cooked rabbit 10 19gp
Raw chompy 0 85gp
Skewered chompy 0 149gp
Cooked chompy 0 130gp
Raw jubbly 0 100gp
Raw oomlie 0 10gp
Raw bird meat 10 63gp
Raw bird meat pack 6 3150gp
Skewered bird meat 0 81gp
Roast bird meat 0 17gp
Raw beast meat 0 25gp
Skewered beast 0 89gp
Roast beast meat 0 25gp


Just to the east of the bank is a salon where players can speak to Kringk which will give you an Ogre wig for 50 coins. Alternatively, you can speak to Muggh to get an interesting facial, in the form of a lump of mud shaped like a large hand over your face. This "facial" is equipped in the head slot and crumbles upon removal.


One of the main attractions within Oo'glog are the spa facilities the city has to offer after the completion of the As a First Resort... quest. These are detailed below.

Bandos Pool

Taking a dive into this pool will mark you as a follower of Bandos for one hour. With this in effect, none of the Bandos followers will attack you within the God Wars Dungeon.

Sulphur Spring

This foul smelling spring will temporarily boost a players Prayer while restoring Prayer points as well.

Salt-water Spring

This spring will allow a player to utilize unlimited run energy for a limited amount of time.

Thermal Bath

The Thermal Bath will refill your lifepoints and actually boost them above their maximum for a brief period of time. The player is also granted temporary protection against poison.

Mud Bath

Getting muddy will boost a player's Hunter level temporarily while also removing the player's scent, thus removing the need to smoke traps.

Other Attractions

In addition to the shops and spa resort facilities, Oo'glog has tons more to offer, providing a bank to aid players who wish to store items gained within the surrounding area.

Red Sandstone Mine

Each day, players with Level 81 Mining or higher can venture to Oo'glog to mine Red Sandstone. The mine is located just outside the northern mountain ridge, near the Agility shortcut. Players are allowed only 50 Red Sandstone per day, although more can be obtained by mining a shooting star and talking to the star sprite within.

Red Sandstone can be converted into Robust glass using the Robust glass machine located near the center of the city. This Robust glass can then be converted into Potion flasks, assuming the player has Level 89 Crafting or higher in order to do so.

Flask Decanting

Teplin Macagan, located just outside of the Oo'glog bank is able to convert your vials into flasks. Additionally, he can also convert any 1 to 4 dose flasks you have into vials.


Just to the northwest of the entrance to Oo'glog, Eucalyptus and Achey trees thrive.


Due to it's proximity to the Feldip Hills Hunter Area, Oo'glog is located in a prime location, providing a bank for players to store the spoils of their hunting expeditions. The following creatures can be hunted near the city.

  • Diseased kebbits
  • Wimpy birds
  • Platypus
  • Feldip weasel
  • Spined larupia
  • Black warlock
  • Barb-tailed kebbit
  • Crimson swift
  • Tropical wagtail

For information on how to catch all of the above listed creatures, please refer to our Hunter Skill Guide.


The following quest can be started in Oo'glog:

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