Lost Tribe, The
Sigmund is the advisor to the Duke of Lumbridge, but the Duke does not always take his advice.

When part of the cellar wall collapses, the Duke insists the damage was caused by an earthquake, but Sigmund is worried about a monster attack.

If you investigate this mystery, it will lead you through treacherous caves to uncover something lost by the gods for thousands of years.


Skill Requirements:
17 13 Agility
18 13 Thieving
15 17 Mining
Quest Requirements:
Goblin Diplomacy
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Pickaxe, Light source

Items Recommended: Teleportation to Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge
Reward: Click to reveal


It is advised to always keep your items with you, as well as a bit of food.

Go to the second floor of Lumbridge castle and speak to Sigmund (In the room adjacent to the spinning-wheel room). Ask him if he has any quests for you. He will tell you that part of the castle cellar was damaged, and that the Duke believes it was an Earthquake. He thinks differently, and asks you to ask some people about it.

Hole in the Wall

Head back down stairs and exit the castle to talk to Bob, Father Aereck, Cook, and Hans (In any particular order). Bob is located in his shop, west of the church, Father Aereck is located in the church, the Cook is located in the kitchen (On the first floor), and Hans is located somewhere in front of the castle. One of them will tell you about a "creature" he saw darting into a hole in the wall.

Go to the Duke (In the same room as Sigmund, on the second floor), and tell him what you heard. He is skeptical, but you and Sigmund convince him to at least investigate the hole further.

Go down the ladder in the kitchen, into the cellars. In the South-East corner of the room, you will find rubble on the wall. Use your pickaxe on it. Eventually it should clear away.

Make sure your lantern or candle is lit. Then step through the hole you created. On your minimap, you should see a red dot, indicating an item. Walk towards it, or just walk straight. You will see that the item is a Brooch. Pick it up.

Go directly south and use your pickaxe with the hole. (The area is shown as a grey region on your minimap) Clearing up the hole is reccomended, as there is a maze coming soon. If you mess up during the maze, you can just go through the hole, saving you a considerate amount of time.

Reporting back

Next, go back into the castle (By squeezing into the first hole you created). Go up the ladder in the south-west corner of the cellar, then up the stairs to the second floor. Talk to Duke Horacio and select the option "I dug through the tunnel..." You will tell him about the tunnel and about the brooch.

He and Sigmund will discuss the possibility of goblins under the castle. Duke Horacio will comment on how he never heard of a goblin wearing anything so "well-crafted", and Sigmund will argue that it must have been stolen. It becomes obvious that Sigmund holds a vendetta against goblins.


You will be asked to talk to the librarian in Varrock, Reldo.

Either walk or teleport to Varrock, then go to the castle in the northern section of the city. Reldo is located at the yellow star indicated on the map below. Go there and talk to Reldo about the brooch.

Reldo will tell you that he has never seen a brooch like that before, and he will tell you that there is a book that might help you, placed somewhere in the Western end of the library. Search all the bookcases there until you find "A History of the Goblin Race". (5 bookcases in total).

Read the book, and it will tell you about the history of the goblins, as well as the symbols commonly found on their armor. You will discover that the symbol of the Dorgeshuun tribe is similar to the one you found on your brooch.

Goblin Village

Teleport or walk to Falador, and from there walk to Goblin Village shown on the map below.

In the Northern-most house, you will find two generals. Talk to either of them, and select the following options that will appear during the dialog to progress in the quest:

  1. Have you ever heard of Dungeshuun?
  2. It doesn't really matter
  3. Well either way they refused to fight
  4. Well I found a brooch underground...
  5. Well why not show me both greetings?
  6. Thanks

You will learn about the Dorgeshuun tribe, and how they were punished by their god for refusing to fight. You will then be taught two emotes, Goblin Salute and Goblin Bow. Tell them "Thanks".

Unveiling Sigmund

Now teleport to Lumbridge with homeport or any other teleporting method. Go to the second floor and find Sigmund. Right click him and select the pickpocket option.

You will receive a key. Go to the adjacent room, the one with the spinning wheel. Use the key on the chest in the room. You will receive a set of H.A.M (Humans against Monsters) robes, and you'll learn that Sigmund is a member of the organization.

Go back to the Duke of Lumbridge and tell him about this. After that, speak to him again and inform him of your visit to the Goblin Generals.

Discovering Dorgeshuun

Bring a pickaxe, some food, your lantern, and a tinderbox, as well as a Lumbridge Teleport. Go through the hole in the cellar. Now it is time to find the Dorgeshuun. You have to go through the tunnels, avoiding traps. It is, in short, a maze. Below is a picture of how to get through the maze (Simply walk along the yellow route). If you don't go along this route, you may be taken to the Slayer Cave. If this happens, walk to the hole you created in Step 1, and go through it. You will be back in the tunnels. If this happens, your light sources will be extinguished, which is why you want to bring a tinderbox.

Go next to Mistag, the goblin you will find at the mines, and perform Goblin Bow. He will speak to you, and call you a friend. He will explain the castle cellar incident, saying that they were following a seam of iron. He then wants you to tell the surface-leader above that the goblins want peace.

Teleport to Lumbridge and go to the second floor of the Lumbridge Castle. Speak to Sigmund. Tell him you've made contact with the cave goblins. Then speak to Duke Horacio. Tell him about the cave goblins, and Sigmund will argue that they are horrible creatures. You will retaliate, saying that they seemed friendly. Duke Horacio, however, has recently had some silverware stolen, and believes that the goblins are behind it. Unless he gets it back, war is his only option.

Discovering the Truth

Leave the castle through the front gates and follow the road heading north. You will pass by two bridges stretching over River Lum -- cross the second bridge where you will find an old mine entrance. Right click this mine entrance and picklock it to enter the HAM hideout.

Once you're in, go just a little South of the ladder until you find a Crate and search it to find the silverware.

Go back to the second floor of Lumbridge Castle and talk to the Duke. Make sure the silverware is in your inventory. Duke Horacio will realize it was Sigmund who stole the silverware, and Sigmund will argue that it was for the best. The Duke will fire Sigmund, and you will be given a peace treaty to take to the Goblins.

Go through the hole in the cellar again, with a light source. This time you DO NOT need to go through the maze, simply go to the area where you found the Brooch. You will find a goblin there, named Kazgar. Right-click on him and click follow.

Talk to Mistag. You will automatically tell him about the peace treaty, and he will send a goblin named Ur-Tag with you to speak to the Duke. A cut-scene will follow the discussion immediately, and Duke Horacio will apologize for his actions. The peace treaty will then be signed. The Duke will decide to leave the hole in the wall, and give you a Ring of Life as a token of appreciation. Ur-tag will then grant you freedom to the Dorgeshuun mines.

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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