While this area is free-to-play, you will need to be a member to access everything Daemonheim has to offer.


Daemonheim is one of the oldest and most mysterious places in all of Gielinor, with much of it's history still undiscovered. Most of the known information about Daemonheim is discovered as players explore the labyrinths below the surface.

On the surface, the Fremennik have set up camp in preparation of their next expedition underground. They are now allowing players into the area, so long as they do not take any items in with them (with the exception of a Ring of kinship, Pendants of skill, Festive aura and the Orb of oculus).

Daemonhiem is currently the main location where players can train the Dungeoneering skill. More of the lore of the area becomes available through training the skill as well as taking part in the Fremennik Sagas.


Daemonheim is located just to the east of the Wilderness, directly north of the Slayer Tower of Morytania.

You can reach Daemonheim by foot, but you must pass through the Wilderness in order to do so. Alternatively, you can choose to venture to the area by taking a Fremennik boat from Lumbridge, Al Kharid or Taverly. The Daemonheim Castle will then be located just a brief walk west of the Daemonheim docks.

For adventurers who have already visited Daemonheim and have a Ring of kinship, you can teleport directly to the area just to the south of the Castle using the teleport option on the ring.

Points of Interest

It's no secret that the most popular thing about Daemonheim is the Dungeoneering skill. However, there are a few more interesting features scattered about the area as well. More information on these are below. The Daemonheim Castle is set to automatically place you into Dungeoneering parties in accordance with the image below, if you choose to let the game mechanics team you up with others.

Dungeoneering tutor

Out of the first Fremennik to reach Daemonheim, the tutor is the most experienced one to have survived. He is located near the entrance to the Daemonheim Castle and will teach you the basics of Dungeoneering as well as give you a Ring of kinship.

Fremennik banker

Since items from the outside world are not allowed into the Daemonheim dungeons (with a few exceptions), there is a banker located near the castle entrance to allow players to access their banks.

Rewards trader

As players adventure through the Dungeons of Daemonheim, they will earn Dungeoneering tokens. These are used to purchase rewards from Marmaros, the rewards trader. For a full list of rewards, check out our Dungeoneering Skill Guide.

Thok, Master of Dungeoneering

Thok is one of the characters you learn more about through the Fremennik Sagas and is also the person you buy the Dungeoneering skillcapes from.


Estrith is Non-interactive NPC. Her occupation is to be a Fremennick guard, patrolling a large area of Daemonheim. She is known for throwing sarcastic, naive comments about at people, and generally talking to herself.

Resource Dungeon

Just to the south of the Daemonheim docks you'll find a mysterious entrance. Players with level 30 Dungeoneering will be able to break the seal on this entrance and will be rewarded 2,400 Dungeoneering XP the first time they enter. Inside you will find Maple and Willow trees.

The Fremennik Sagas

After freeing him from the dungeons, Skaldrun will return to the surface to tell adventurers of the Fremennik Sagas, where more and more of Daemonheim's history is revealed.


Sinkholes are a Dungeoneering Distraction & Diversion. Speak to Talsar if you would like some background about the reasons the sinkholes have now appeared. Talsar can also teleport you directly to the entrance of any sinkhole that is already visible or about to become visible up to three times per day.


The following quest can be started in Daemonheim:

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