Gorak Plane


The Gorak Plane is a dimension hidden from the rest of Gielinor and only inhabited by Goraks. The reason behind this is that Goraks slowly draw the life essence away from everything around them and have trapped themselved in this plane leaving the rest of the world alone and concentrating their essence draining on the area they live in which can be seen by how warped and damaged the area is.

When players first enter the plane, the Goraks will be unaggressive and will not attack the player however when a player leaves via the fairy ring they become aggressive meaning that players cannot use the fairy ring as a safe spotting method to kill Goraks and players will be attacked when they re-enter the plane.

Players are required to visit the Gorak Plane in order to unlock the codes to visit Kethsi.

Getting There

The only way to get to the Gorak Plane is through the use of the fairy rings which requires players to have started Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen

  • Enter the code 'DIR' at the fairy ring in Zanaris to be taken to the Gorak Plane.

Map of the Area


Goraks are primarily killed as slayer tasks assigned to the players or for their claws which are used in the creation of magic essence potions. There are about a dozen Goraks in the area which can be killed and respawn time is reasonably quick meaning you won't have to wait long for one to appear if none are available.

Combat Level: 106
Life Points: 6800
Attack Style: Melee
Weakness: Water Spells
Slayer Exp: 52

The Cloud

Around the outside of the area is a grey cloud. The cloud has two sections, a lighter section and a darker section. Players may click on the wall of the lighter section and will be able to enter the cloud itself and walk around inside it. This area can be used as a place to hide from the Goraks if a player is under attack although sometimes you can fail when trying to enter so it's not advised to use this as a safe spot method. Players are unable to walk inside the dark area of the cloud although clicking the wall between the light and dark areas will transport the player around the plane and they will appear at a different point to where they were before. Leaving the cloud can be a pain, you can click to leave anywhere however it is likely that you will be prevented from leaving at certain spots so you will have to keep moving around inside the cloud until it allows you to leave.

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