Tyras Camp


Tyras' Camp is a small area located in the South-western area of Isafdar (also known as the Elven Lands). The camp itself is very small, but plays a big part in many quests such as Regicide. After the quest has been completed, it's only real use is to gain access to the Elven Forests via the Charter Ship at Port Tyras.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Tyras Camp would be to travel there via a Charter Ship to Port Tyras from one of the many docks around Gielnor. However, you will need to travel away from Tyras Camp to unlock this feature. If you are unable to use the ships, you should try and use a teleport crystal to teleport to Lleyta and then travel west through the forest to the camp. As a last resort (or your first trip) you will need to travel there via the Underground Pass and then through Isafdar.

Map of the Area

This is a map of Isafdar which shows clearly where Port Tyras, the Tyras Camp and Llyeta are located.


Charter Ships

Port Tyras' is one of the many Charter Ship locations scattered around Gielnor. It is located right next to Tyras' Camp which makes it very convient for traveling.


Tyras' Camp only has one store, and it is run by the Quartermaster. He sells a few general items, alongside every halberd in Runescape - With the exception of a 'White' Halberd.

Item Stock Price (gp)

Bronze Halberd
10 104

Iron Halberd
10 364

Steel Halberd
10 1,300

Black Halberd
10 2,496

Mithril Halberd
10 3,380

Adamant Halberd
10 8,320

Rune Halberd
10 128,000

Dragon Halberd
10 325,000


Tyras Guard (Level 84)

The Tyras Guards can be found patrolling the city as they are Soldiers of King Tyras'. They are seen wielding and using Halberds to attack which means they can hit you at an extended melee range. They are known for dropping level 3 Clue Scrolls quite commonly.


The Quatermaster can be found in the south eastern of the town running the general store. He sells Halberds and other general gear.

King Tyras

King Tyras can be found in the middle of the town in his tent, the tent is inaccessible.

General Hining

General Hining takes control of the troops after King Tyras dies at the end of the Regicide quest. He can be found in the centre to the eastern part of the town.


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