Ape Atoll


Ape Atoll is an jungle island in the far south of Gielnor that is inhabited by monkeys, hence the name. Nevertheless, the inhabitants are far from dumb animals, they are in-fact very powerful and have some resembelance of civilisation. However, the monkeys tend to be extremely hostile towards other species so without the use of a monkey greegree all of the monkeys will be aggressive.

The island is a setting in many quests, most notably Monkey Madness but also Awowogei's section of a Recipe For Disaster and Do No Evil.

Getting There

There are only four known ways to access Ape Atoll, but they all require the player to have started Monkey Madness.

  • After reaching a certain point in Monkey Madness, players may then talk to Daero in the Grand Tree who is on the first floor up and to the east and he will take you to the Gnome Hanger where you can then talk to Waydar who will take you to Crash Island and then talk to Lumdo finally to arrive in the main jungle of Ape Atoll.
  • After you have completed the Tree Gnome Village quest you can ask a Spirit Tree for the location of the Evil Tree, if the hint is 'Close to a dungeon entrance within a tropical jungle' then the tree will be in Ape Atoll and the Spirit Tree can teleport you there free of charge.
  • For players who have completed King Awowogei's subquest in Recipe for Disaster he will reluctantly tell you the secrets of how to teleport to Ape Atoll. This requires a Magic level of 64, 2 fire runes, 2 law runes, 2 water runes and a banana. You will arrive on the first floor of the Marimbo Temple which is safe but to walk around the island you will need to make sure to equip your monkey greegree.
  • There is also a fairy ring on Ape Atoll which can be used. This will bring you up on top of the hill where the agility course is and you will need a ninja monkey greegree in order to go through the pipe and onto the agility course to access the main island.

Ape Atoll is a dangerous place so it is advised that you be careful when wandering around the island. It is advised that you bring certain items to help you stay alive on Ape Atoll.

  • Antipoison - Many of the jungle fauna are poisonous, take a few antipoisons or methods of curing poison along with you.
  • Monkey greegree - Without one of these surviving on the island is very difficult and costly, see this guide for how to obtain greegrees. Note that if you plan on using the agility course you will need a ninja greegree.
  • Monkeyspeak amulet - This can be used to talk to the inhabitants of the island, it is made during Monkey Madness.
  • One-click teleport - While in monkey form you cannot cast spells, therefore you will need to use a one-click method such as an ectophial to use in an emergency.
  • Food - Even some of the most careful players take damage whilst on the island, even if you do not think it is needed it may come in handy anyway.

Area Map

Here is a map of the entire island of Ape Atoll. The jungle is located along the south of the island and the city is located to the north of the island. Players do not need a greegree while wandering the southern part of the island but will be caught by the guards if they get too close to the city gate without having a greegree equiped. Marim is the name of the main town on Ape Atoll, there are a few stalls as well as resisdences and old buildings.

Map of Ape Atoll.

Inside Marim

The Gate

The gate is a large wooden structure with two watchtowers either side, if wearing a monkey greegree Kruk (the head guard) will open the gate so you can pass, but if you aren't wearing a greegree then you will be shot down and arrested.

The Gate into Marim.


In some places on the island, if you are caught without a monkey greegree, a ninja captain and some archers will knock you out and bungle you into a prison cell. To escape, just follow these steps:

  1. Wait for the first monkey guard to walk past the cell door, do not stand next to the door because the guard will push you back, dealing damage.
  2. Once the guard has passed, pick-lock the jail door and sprint out of the jail, this is largely down to luck so it may take a few times to get it right.
  3. If you are caught, just try again!
A player locked in the jail cell.

Monkey House

In the north of Marim there is a small house where a small child lives with his Aunt and Uncle, in Monkey Madness players have to retrieve a monkey talisman from the child in order to craft a monkey greegree.

The monkey house home to the monkey child and it's aunt and uncle.

Temple of Marimbo

The entrance to the temple.

Marimbo is the God of monkeys, so naturally his worship is widespread in Ape-Atoll. The large temple to the east of Marim is dedicated to his worship and is full of strong and aggresive monkey guards.

The altar inside the temple.

There are two altars in the temple, one on the first floor and one on the ground floor. Players can recharge their prayer points at the altars, which is useful if you wish to train combat here as you can just use your best prayers while slaying the monkey guards and recharge your points when they get low. If you ever need food there is a crate of bananas in the temple as well.

The dungeon under the temple.

In the east part of the ground floor there is trapdoor where you can descend to an underground dungeon. There are some zombie monkeys and a fire here which is also used in Monkey Madness. In the 'pit' there is a small crack in the wall, you must pass through it in a Recipe for Disaster to cook the stuffed snake.

Royal Palace

South of the temple is a building guarded by two Elder Guards, if you are granted permission to enter you stand witness to King Awowogei, the ruler of Ape Atoll, and his two advisors. Both Recipe for Disaster and Monkey Madness require you to seek and audience with him.

The royal palace where King Awowogei sits on his throne.

Agility Course

If you equip a ninja greegree, you can train agility on this extreme course of trees, waterfalls and (of course) monkey bars. This agility course is dangerous as you can fail obstacles and take heavy damage, see the Agility guide for more details.

Stepping-stone 40
Tree 40
Monkey Bars 40
Skull Slope 60
Rope-Swing 100
Vine 300 (success), 100 (fail)
Total for lap580 (success), 280 (fail)

Fairy Ring

While going around the agility course, just after the skull slope there is a slipper log, if you climb through it you will find yourselt at the top of a hill with a fairy ring, it's code is CLR and you have have completed most of Fairy Tale III in order to use it.

The fairy ring on Ape Atoll.

Daga's Scimitar Smithy

This is one of the two places in the world that players can purchase Dragon Scimitars. You must have completed Monkey Madness before attempting to equip one. Players can also purchase regular scimitars and their offhand counterparts from bronze to mithril. At level 65 thieving, players can steal scimitars from this stall. Be aware of nearby monkey archers who may catch you thieving and will attack you.

The items for sale in Daga's Scimitar Smithy.

Hamab's Crafting Emporium

Here you can purhcase moulds, needles, thread, wool and chisels for use in the crafting skill. This stall also sells monkey-speak amulet moulds which are used in the Monkey quest series.

The items for sale in Hamab's Crafting Emporium.

Ifaba's General Store

As with any general store, Ifaba sells basic tools and equipment.

The items for sale in Ifaba's General Store.

Solihib's Food Stall

Here you can purchase monkey cuisine and steal bananas at level 5 thieving. The stock is useful for paying farmers to look after Spirit Trees.

The items for sale in Solihib's Food Stall.

Tutab's Magical Market

This stall sells elemental and law runes as well as eye of newts, monkey dentures and monkey talismans. The last two products are used in the production of monkey greegrees and monkey-speak amulets. At level 65 thieving players can steal runes from the stall, rewarding 100 thieving experience.

The items for sale in Tutab's Magical Market.

Summoning Obelisk

South of the warehouse in Marim, there is a small obelisk where players can recharge their summoning points.

The summoning obelisk located at the south of Marim.

The graveyard

South of the palace there is a small graveyard and a bridge to the south which is a one-way shortcut from the north part of the island to the southern jungle. Apart from the bridge the graveyard has no real purpose, although interestingly there is a grave with a Zaros symbol on it.

The graveyard located to the south east of Marim.

Banana Trees

As is expected on an island inhabited by primates, there is a plentiful supply of bananas. There are two sets of trees in Marim, one in the south-west area of the marketplace and the other in the monkey house garden. There is also a red banana tree on the north-west shore, during a Recipe for Disaster players must pick a red banana from the tree.

The banana trees located in the monkey house.

The Jungle

The Landing Beach

When arriving at Ape Atoll from the Crash Island you will arrive on a sandy beach on the east shore, speak to Lumdo to return to the Crash Island.

The landing beach and boat using the gnomes to travel to Ape Atoll.

Fishing spots

There are two fishing spots on Ape Atoll, at both of them you can catch shark, bass, mackarel and cod. The first spot is on the south-west shore of the island. The second spot is just east of the agilty course.

The fishing spots on the west coast of the jungle.

Hardwood trees

The jungle contains quite a few teak and mahogany trees which you can cut at level 35 and 50 woodcutting respectively. At medium to high woodcutting levels it is a quick training method to power-level teaks.

A mahogany tree located to the west side of the jungle.

Ape Atoll Dungeon

This is a large and dangerous dungeon, but unfortunately it has to be braved during Monkey Madness in order to reach Zooknock who enchants the monkey greegree and amulet. It is strongly recommended to have at least level 43 prayer before entering the dungeon so you can significantly reduce the damage taken.

The dungeon entrance on the south coast of the jungle.

There are a few traps around the dungeon that can be seen as small black dots on the floor, avoid these if you can. Throughout the dungeon there are arches of rock, when the screen shakes and rocks fall from the ceiling you can stand under the arches to avoid damage. Finally, the dungeon is extremely long so run-replenishing equipment is highly recommended.

An example of the traps that can be found in the dungeon.


You didn't expect a jungle island swarming with hostile monkeys to be safe did you? Well, it isn't. Apart from the monkeys, there are also many different critters to be aware of.

MonsterImageCombat LevelLocationWeaknessExamine text
Snake 14 In most jungle areas on the island.
It's a camouflaged jungle snake
Bird 10 In most jungle areas on the island.
It's a brightly coloured bird of the jungle. It flies very quickly.
Monkey Guard 126, 128 In the Temple of Marimbo.
A huge brutish gorilla armoured with dangerous looking vambraces.
Monkey Zombie 104, 108 In Ape Atoll dungeon and under the temple.
A large and lumbering undead monkey stands here, blocking the way.
A recently deceased monkey. Its flesh seems worse to the wear.
Skeleton 112 Ape Atoll dungeon.
It looks just a bit... underfed.
Monkey Archer 114, 116, 118 At the gate and all over Marim.
A bow wielding ninja monkey.
Jungle Spider 126 In most jungle areas on the island.
A very dangerous looking spider, with its fangs unsheathed.
Scorpion 24 In grassy areas around Marim.
It's an extremely dangerous looking scorpion.
Spider 2 In various buildings, including the jail and the temple.
It's an extremely small and probably very poisonous brown spider.


Despite the danger of the island, there are some safe NPCs.

PersonalityImageLocationQuest NPC?
King Awowogei Royal Palace Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster, Do No Evil
Mizaru, Kikazaru and Izawaru Ground floor of the Temple Recipe for Disaster, Do No Evil
Kruk The east side of the gate, near the watchtower Monkey Madness
Dugopul The graveyard south of the Royal Palace No
Trefaji Jail guards at the prison Monkey Madness
Aberab Jail guard at the prison Monkey Madness
Monkey Uncle On the roof of the monkey house in Marim No
Monkey Aunt Wandering around the monkey house Monkey Madness
Monkey Child In the garden of the monkey house Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster
Elder Guard Outside the Royal Palace Monkey Madness
Ouhai Appears if you are found without a greegree at some places on the island, notably the warehouse and the graveyard No
Duke Appears if you are found without a greegree at some places on the island, notably the warehouse and the graveyard No
Uwogo Royal Palace, he is an advisor to King Awowogei No
Muruwoi Royal Palace, he is an advisor to King Awowogei No
Hafuba Next to the altar on the first floor of the temple No
Denadu The first floor of the temple No
Lofu The first floor of the temple No
Garkor Hiding next to the east wall of the Royal Palace Monkey Madness
Lumo In a jail cell in the prison No
Karam Sneaking around Marim, note that he is very difficult to notice. Monkey Madness
Carado In a jail cell in the prison No
Bunkdo In a jail cell in the prison No
Lumdo On the south-east shore of the Island Monkey Madness, Do No Evil
Zooknock At the end on Ape Atoll dungeon Monkey Madness
Waymottin At the end on Ape Atoll dungeon Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster
Bunkwicket At the end on Ape Atoll dungeon Monkey Madness
Monkey knife fighter In a large, white building in Marim Do No Evil

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
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