Fishing Platform


The Fishing Platform is a very small area on the ocean just East of Witchaven. The platform has big part in the Sea Slug quest series. Witchaven once being a thriving civilization and balanced market, was utterly annihilated once the construction of the fishing platform was completed, turning Witchaven into a ghost town, bitter, and forgotten. The sea slugs were a big part of that reason.

Getting There

There is only one way of reaching the Fishing Platform, that is by talking to Holgart or Jeb who're standing around the shore of Witchaven. Depending on what quest in the sea slug series the player is, it could be other or. Regardless, they both can take you there.



There are only three main NPC's that're directly involved in the platform at any time during the sea slug quest series.


Bailey is the caretaker of the platform, he is one of the very few who is not possessed sea slugs. That is until a point in Salt in the Wound, he was however freed after the quest's completion.

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Holgart will row the player to and from the platform prior to starting Slug Menace and after Salt in the Wound. After beginning The Slug Menace, the Mayor of Witchaven decides to take his boat away and give it to Jeb.

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Jeb, like the majority of Witchaven's citizens; becomes possessed by sea slugs and by order of the Mayor- will row the player to and from the platform after starting Slug Menace but is later freed and will no longer do so after completion of Salt in the Wound.

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There is very little to do at the platform, fishing is the main attraction however.

Fishing Spots

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The quests that're involved with the Fishing Platform are:

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