Taverley is a druidic town in the far west of Asgarnia. It lies in the shadow of White-Wolf Mountain and the constant threat of the Northern trolls yet the population remains optimistic and is a hive of trade.

Alongside Burthorpe, Taverley is the base for new players having recently joined Runescape. Consequently there are multiple tutors, resources and facilities for visiting players.

Getting There

There are many ways to reach this town, here are the most effective methods:

  • Once players have unlocked the Taverley Lodestone, they may use the free Home Teleport spell to take them to it. Located in the west of Taverely, this spot is very close to the bank and the House Portal.
  • Similarly to the method above, the Burthorpe Lodestone is only around a 30 second run from Taverley. Although slower than other methods it is free and can be used if one hasn't unlocked the Taverley Lodestone.
  • If your house is located in Taverely, you may use a law, air and earth rune at level 40 magic to teleport to your house - then just leave your house to end up in Taverley.
  • After completing the Enlightened Journey quest, players can use the Balloon transport system to travel to Taverley from either Varrock, Entrana, the Crafting Guild, the Tree Gnome Stronghold or Castle Wars. This requires one standard log.
  • The mine-cart system allows travel from Keldragrim to Taverley, the 'station' is in the Dwarven bar north of the Lodestone.
  • After completing Grand Tree quest, you can travel from the Grand Tree to the top of White-Wolf Mountain; from there just run down the eastern side of the mountain to reach Taverely.


For details on each shop's location, see it's respective owner in the personalities section.

Name Image Stock
Will Oakfeller's Woodcutting Supplies
Tobias Bronzearm's Mining Supplies
Nicholas Angle's Fishing Shop
Head Farmer Jones's Farming Shop
Ayleth Beaststalker's Hunting Supplies
Poletax's Herblore Shop
Martin Steelweaver's Smithing Supplies
Marcus Everburn's Firemaking Shop
Jack Oval's Crafting Shop
Alfred Stonemason's Construction Shop
Alison Elmshaper's Flying Arrow Fletching Shop
Jatix's Herblore Shop
Pikkupstix's/Magestix's Summoning Shop
Pet Shop
Bettamax's Shop
The Pick and Lute
Martin Thwait's Lost and Found.
Mess Sergeant Ramsey's Cooking Supplies
Slayer Equipment


In the marketplace there are several stalls that players can practice their thieving skill on by stealing items from them. The marketplace is located on the eastern side of the river that runs through the town.

When thieving from the stalls, be aware that a market guard may spot you and start to attack. They are only level 14 but can pose a risk to low-leveled players.

Name Image Loot Thieving level required Thieving Experience
Vegetable Stall(s) Potato
2 10
Crafting Stall Chisel
Ring Mould
Necklace Mould
5 16
Bakery Stall Bread
Chocolate Slice
5 16
Wine Stall Jug
Jug of water
Jug of wine
Bottle of Wine
22 27
Seed Stall All seeds excluding tree, bush and special seeds 27 10


There are quite a few dungeons underneath Taverley and its surrounding area.

Taverely Dungeon

This is one of the largest dungeons in the whole of Gielnor, see its Official Guide for more details.

Dwarven Tunnel

This tunnel is unlocked after the Fishing Contest quest. It allows players to travel under White-Wolf mountain as well as access to Dwarven mine cart travel.

Troll Cave

Just north of the bank there is a well which you can climb down, here you will find multiple trolls that you can kill.

Taverley Slayer Cave

Another dungeon is found next to the balloon; it contains several Gelatinous Abominations that require crushing with spiked gauntlets to kill them. They are assigned as a slayer task from Tureal or Spria.

Taverley Mine

In the eastern side of the mountain there is a cave opening that leads to a mine with several copper, tin and clay rocks.

See the Mining guide for more details of the different kinds of rocks.

Rogues' Den

Underneath a hidden trapdoor in the Pick and Lute pub lies the infamous Rogues' Den. There is an activity where players can train thieving and agility, and for cooking there is an everlasting fire and a bank.

Other Places of Interest


Until recently there wasn't a bank in Taverley, but now the Bank of Runescape has a well used and popular branch in this prosperous town. Alongside Edgeville, this bank is one of the closest to a lodestone and the second closest bank to a House Portal.

Players can use the bank to deposit items, withdraw items, check their Grand Exchange offers and more.

House Portal

At level 10 Construction and with 5000 coins you can move your Player-Owned-House to Taverley. This is recommended for training as it is the closest house portal to a bank.

The house decoration that corresponds to this location is Basic Stone, which has the same requirements as it does to move your house to Taverley.

The Pick and Lute pub

This is Taverley's only public house, yet it remains a large, well equipped and comfortable place to stay. Players can find the Cooking tutor here, as well as a barman and several bystanders.

Tree Patch

Here players can grow trees, see the Farming guide for more details on growing them.

Potato Patch

This is another farming patch, intended as a starting point for players new to the skill. Conveniently, it is located next to the farming tutor and a compost bin.

Crafting Facilities

There are plenty of useful things to keep players training their Crafting skill efficiently. Firstly, there is a potter's wheel to mould unfired pottery items.

Once this is done, just use the unfired item on the nearby pottery oven to receive the finished pottery.

Players can also train crafting using a loom and a spinning wheel. A spinning wheel is used to produce items such as rope, bowstring and wool.

On the other hand, a loom can make sacks, cloth, nets and baskets.

Smithing Facilities

Due to the constant threat of trolls from the north, the Taverely smith works at full capacity to provide weapons and armour for the Burthorpe Imperial Guard. However, players are still free to train Smithing here.

The furnace here can be used to smelt bars and craft jewelry.

Once some bars have been smelted, they can be smithed into various metal objects on the anvil.

Stone Circle

In the northern, woodland area of the town lies an ancient Stone Circle. Worshippers gather their to pay tribute to Guthix, players can do so as well by recharging their prayer points at the altar.

Players can find Kaqueemix here, a druid who owns and can sell the Herblore Skillcape to anyone who has reached a Herblore level of 99.

Church of Saradomin

This church is a relatively new addition to the town, it was built by saradomnists who have come to aid the Imperial Guard fight against the trolls.

There is an altar inside, as well as the Prayer tutor and her flock.

Summoning Obelisk

In Pikkupstix's Summoning Shop there is a large summoning obelisk where players can craft summoning pouches and scrolls.

Hunting habitats

There are a couple novice creatures that players can hunt in Taverley. On the side of White-Wolf mountain there is a hideout of Polar Kebbits that are caught through Tracking.

Also, there are many Crimson Swifts flying around the town; these can be caught using a bird snare.

Animal Image Hunter Level Hunting Experience received Drops
Polar Kebbit 1 30 Polar Kebbit Fur
Raw Meat
Crimson Swift 1 34 Red Feathers
Raw Bird Meat

Cooking Facilities

Around Taverley there are several places where one can cook food.

Firstly, in the Pick and Lute pub there is an oven.

Secondly, there is a campfire next to the House Portal, surrounded by Burthorpe Refugees.

See the Cooking guide for more details on cooking.


In Taverley there are two fields with harvestable resources; there is a flax field for crafting bowstrings and a wheat field for making bread.

The Mill

Powered by the river flowing past it, this mill can be used to grind wheat into flour, which in turn can be made into various pies, breads and pizzas.

To make flour, you just need a piece of wheat, and to follow these steps:

  1. Put the Wheat into the hopper.
  2. Operate the controls.
  3. Go downstairs and collect the flour in an empty pot.

Fremennik Docks

This is a set of jetties where a Fremennik longboat resides. From here players can sail to Daemonheim.

God Statue

This is a spot where players can take part in the God Statues Distraction and Diversion.

In this activity you must construct a statue of a champion of a particular God, however, keep in mind who to build in Taverley as if you do not choose to build Juna then you will be attacked by a Guthixian fanatic.

Burnt House

During the Troll Warzone tutorial, you must dash throw this burning building to rescue Nora, who has fallen down the stairs and injured herself. Once you have succeeded in this the Druids put out the fire leaving a burnt yet intact house.


Attackable NPCs

Name Image Combat Level Weakness Location
Troll Ranger Commando 8
Various locations around Taverley
Troll Mage Commando 8
Various locations around Taverley
Troll Commando 8
Air spells
Various locations around Taverley
Gelatinous Abombination 6
Abombination cave
Mountain Troll 12
Troll cave
Market Guard 14
Fire spells
Taverley Marketplace
Cow 2
Earth spells
In two different cow field, one opposite the mill and the other south of the furnace.
Chicken 1
Fire spells
Dwarf 56
Air spells
Dwarven tunnel
Rabbit 2
East of the marketplace.
Farmer 10
In several fields.

Non-attackable NPCs

Name Image Purpose and Location
Cart Conductor

Operates the mine cart.

Found next to the mine cart in the dwarf tunnel.


Sells crossbows.

Found in the Dwarf Tunnel.

Captain Ninto

This gnome is a hard delivery in the Gnome Restaurant activity.

He is located in the Dwarven tunnel.


Involved in the Recipe for Disaster quest, specifically the Dwarf subquest.

As with the other dwarfs, he is located in the Dwarven Tunnel.


Involved in the Between a Rock... and Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quests.

He is found in Dwarven Tunnel.


This NPC is the starting point of Fishing Contest

He is guarding the entrance to the Dwarven Tunnel.

Scalectrix Involved in the Wolf Whistle quest.

She stands outside the entrance to the Troll cave.

Kalqueemix He sells the Herblore Skillcape to those with level 99 herblore.

Players can located him by the Stone Circle.

Will Oakfeller Woodcutting tutor that sells several hatchets and issues woodcutting challenges.

He has a stall in the marketplace.

Tobias Bronzearm Mining tutor that sells bronze pickaxes and issues mining challenges.

He stays outside the entrance of the mine.

Nicholas Angle Fishing tutor that sells fishing equipment and issues fishing challenges.

He can be seen fishing by the river.

Chaplain Sarah Prayer tutor that issues prayer challenges.

She is currently holding a mass at the Saradomnist Church.

Head Farmer Jones Farming Tutor that sells farming supplies and issues farming challenges.

He stands by his hut, north-west of the Pick and Lute pub.

Tool Leprechaun Stores farming tools, notes farming products and teleports players to the Vinesweeper activity.

He conviniently stands next to the potato and tree patches.

Ayleth Beaststalker Hunter tutor that sells hunter equipment and issues hunter challenges.

Her tent is just north of the river.

Copernicus Glyph Assists the player during the God Statues distraction and diversion.

Players can find him north of the marketplace next to a stone pillar.

Poletax Herblore tutor that sells herblore supplies and issues herblore challenges.

He runs a stall in the marketplace.

Martin Steelweaver Smithing tutor that sells hammers and issues smithing challenges.

He is located next to the furnace.

Marcus Everburn Firemaking tutor that sells firemaking tools and issues firemaking challenges.

Find him by an unlit fire, in the marketplace.

Jack Oval Crafting tutor that sells crafting equipment and issues crafting challenges.

He can be found next to the pottery oven.

Alfred Stonemason Construction tutor that sells construction tools and issues construction challenges.

There is a scaffolded structure to the west of the river, you can find him there.

Alison Elmshaper Fletching tutor that sells fletching equipment and issues fletching challenges.

She has a stall in the marketplace

Jatix Sells herblore supplies.

He wanders around near to the south bridge.

Pikkupstix Owner and seller of the summoning skillcape, start point of Wolf Whistle.

He stays in the summoning shop.

Magestix Summoning tutor that sells summoning supplies and issues summoning challenges.

Alongside Pikkupstix, Majestix is located in the summoning shop.

Bowloftrix Pikkupstix's assistant, involved in Wolf Whistle.

He wanders up and down the street outside of the summoning shop.

Bettamax Sells Juju teleport spiritbags that teleports players to the Herblore Habitat.

He is found outside the mill.

Martin Thwait Owns and sells the Thieving Skillcape, hosts the Rogues' Den activity.

He tends to hang around the fire in the Rogues' Den.

Mess Sergeant Ramsey Cooking tutor that sells cooking supplies and issues cooking challenges.

He stays around his cooking equipment and oven in the Pick and Lute pub.

Tureal Lowest level Slayer master who sells slayer equipment, issues slayer tasks and manages your slayer reward points.

Located next to the south bridge.

Pompous Merchant Pickpocketable.

Can be found at two locations, the marketplace and near the bank.

Nora Requires rescuing in the 'Troll Warzone' tutorial.

She is in the burning/burnt house north of the marketplace.

Asbestix Puts out the fire in the burning building during the 'Troll Warzone' tutorial.

You can find him outside the burnt building.

Master Farmer Pickpocketable.

He hangs around the stalls in the marketplace.

Ivy Sophista Involved in While Guthix Sleeps.

She stays inside a house opposite the summoning shop.

Thaerisk Cemphier Involved in While Guthix Sleeps.

Similarly to his daughter, he sticks around upstairs in the house opposite the summoning shop.

Sanfew Head druid of Taverley, who is involved in Druidic Ritual, Eadgar's Ruse and My Arm's Big Adventure.

His house is opposite the pet shop.

Sheep Can be sheared to obtain wool.

Found in a field next to the tree patch.

Pet Shop Owner Sells various pets and food for them.

Naturallly, he is in the pet shop.

Alain Looks after your trees for you.

Located next to the tree patch.

Assistant Stan Operates the balloon after Enlightened Journey.

He stays next to the balloon.

The Lady of the Lake Gives players Excalibur after passing her test in Merlin's Crystal, she will enhance it after completion of the hard Seers' Village tasks.

OShe is found on the peninsula where the balloon is, next to the entrance to Taverley Slayer Cave.

Tegid Plays a part in Eadgar's Ruse and Mourning's End Part I.

He is doing the laundry in the south of Taverley, by the lake.

Jacquelyn Manslaughter Slayer tutor who sells slayer equipment and issues slayer challenges.

She is next to a large combat dummy by the south bridge.

Fremennik Shipmaster Takes players to Daemonheim.

He is on the jetty, next to the Fremennik Longboat.

Bryll Thoksdottir Dungeonerring tutor who issues dungeoneering challenges.

Found just by the docks.

Foppish Pierre A snobbish merchant who must be pickpocketed during Let Them Eat Pie.

Find him wandering around near the mill.

Bernald Players must cure his grape vines during Garden of Tranquility.

He looks after his grape vines between the pub and the mill.

Memstix Was involved in the 'Tribute to Guthix' event.

Can be found behind the pub, by the river.

Runestax Was involved in the 'Tribute to Guthix' event.

Located next to Memstix.

Nails Newton The starting point of Let Them Eat Pie.

He hangs around outside the pub.

Tostig The barman of the Pick and Lute who sells various drinks.

He sells drinks behind the bar in the Pick and Lute pub.

Ruth Savage Thieving tutor who issues thieving challenges.

She leans on a pillar in the pub.

Sister Judith A saradomnist who endeavors to look after the Burthorpe Refugees. You can help her by finding food for them.

She is found next to the campfire on the west side of the river.

Burthorpe Refugee Players can feed them by using food on them.

They are sitting by the campfire, trying to keep warm.


Unlockable Music

Song Location unlocked at
Courage Taverley Dungeon
Dunjun Taverley Dungeon
Horizon Next to the gate between Taverley and Doric's workshop.
Royale Taverley Dungeon, at the Black Knight base.
Spiritual Taverley
Taverley Ambiance Taverley
Taverley Adventure Taverley
Taverley Dreams Taverley
Taverley Enchantment Taverley
Taverley Folk Taverley
Taverley Frolic Taverley
Taverley Laments Taverley
The Far Side Rogues' Den
Animal Apogee During Wolf Whistle

Guide Made by: Lord Arma
Corrections submitted by: Lord Arma, Joe, Power of Five, Umbra