God Emissaries
God Emissaries

While the content is available to all players, you will need to be a member to access jobs and job rewards.


After the events that took place in The World Wakes, Gielinor will be changed forever. The edicts of Guthix now cease to have any effect and so God Emissaries have begun shouting their beliefs, seeking out loyal followers to their faction, or gathering people together who feel the gods have no place in Gielinor.

Despite the faction each emissary serves, each offers the same rewards. You'll learn details about their god and/or their beliefes and you will be able to complete jobs assigned to prove your devotion to your chosen faction.

There are 8 factions in total. Who will you support?

The Emissaries

Each of the emissaries aim to have you join their faction. To learn more about each of the emissaries and the gods they represent, you can talk to them before deciding which cause to join. Once you have decided, all you need to do is talk to the correct emissary and declare your support to their chosen god.

When you've done this, the emissary will give you a wieldable banner which you can display proudly under the name of your god. Members will be able to take on various jobs to learn more about the gods and to, of course, improve this banner.

Emissary Faction Location Race


South of Port Sarim Elf


The Godless
Port Sarim Human


Falador (Park) Human


Edgeville Human


Goblin Village Goblin


Draynor Village Unknown


West Varrock Unknown


South of Falador Aviansie

You can change your chosen faction at any time you wish and any progress with jobs will not be reset by doing so. You will, however, lose your current banner and you will be given a new one based upon your new faction. Relic helms will be removed as well but you can reclaim it for free by asking your emissary.


To show your dedication to your chosen emissary's cause, they will ask you do a few tasks for them. These jobs will help your group by providing weapons or supplies, dealing with local trouble makers, or retrieving artefacts & important relics.

There are three types of jobs for you to complete and there are a number of stages to complete per job. Some stages have more difficult requirements and are harder to complete than others, so you will need to have a specific level in related skills before you will be able to take on the job.

Combat Jobs

These tasks involve slaying either monsters or humans to help progress the cause of your emissary. Generally you will need to retrieve a certain item which is valuable to the cause. You will be rewarded XP in your choice of Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, Magic or Ranged.

Job Description Level Requirements
1 Kill 10 goblins. Return any messages that are dropped to the emissary. Goblins can be found near Lumbridge, between the Barbarian Village and Varrock, and of course the Goblin Village. None
2 Defeat black knights or white knights until they drop a message and return it to the emissary. Note you are unable to kill white knights if you are saradominist and you are unable to kill black knights if you are zamorakian. 25 , or
3 Challenge and fight guards in Yanille by contacting your emissary while standing near the flower bed near the Player-owned House portal. Keep fighting guards for three minutes to keep them occupied. 30 , or
4 Kill kalphites in the Kalphite Hive until one drops a curved artefact. 40 , or
5 Kill jogres in Karamja and collect 5 jogre talismans. Kill demons at the Karamja volcano until one drops a demon horn. Finally, kill dragons in the Taverly Dungeon until one drops a perfect blue dragon scale. Return these to your emissary. 50 , or
6 Take the prepared curved artefact to the desert near the fire altar & speak the final words of power. Be prepared for combat with a Black demon. The artefact will become empowered by slaying the demon. Bring the empowered curved artefact back to the emissary. 55 , or

Skill Jobs

These tasks require players to use non-combat skills to gather materials for the god's cause, for example weapons and food. Often you will be given a choice of tasks to do. You will be rewarded XP in Smithing, Cooking, Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing.

Job Description Level Requirements
1 Bring either 3 bowls of scrambled eggs or 3 Bronze 2h swords that you have made yourself to your chosen emissary. 13 or 12
2 Fish, mine or chop down trees until you have discovered 5 metal fragments. These can be found in coal, gold, mithril, adamantite or runite rocks, while fishing for salmon, tuna, rainbow fish, lobster, bass, swordfish, karambwan, monkfish or shark, and while chopping willow, teak, maple, mahogany, yew and magic trees. 30 , or
3 Build a bonfire or a flag using your emissary banner in Varrock Square, by the Rimmington Well, the Ardougne Marketplace and the Draynor Marketplace. Building a bonfire will require 4 of the same type of logs. Building a flag requires 4 of the same type of cloth. 40 or
4 Pickpocket Desert bandits, Menaphite thugs, Knights of Ardougne, Heroes or Palidins, or hunt Eclectic, Spirit, Nature, Magpie, Ninja, Pirate, Dragon, Zombie, or Kingly implings until you have 5 metal fragments. Return these to your emissary. 50 or
5 Collect 4 small gemstones, 4 smooth stones and 4 strong sticks. One must be of high quality (either fine small gemstone, very smooth stone or well-cut strong sticks). To do this, use your emissary banner on or near any tree, rock or fishing spot. Take these to an anvil and use the artefact you were given on the anvil to "prepare it". Finally, add runes to it in the following order: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Body, and Mind. This will make an empowered metal artefact which you should return to your emissary. 30 , and
70 in at least one of the above skills

Total of 100 in and

Total of 200 in
, , and

Exploration Jobs

These tasks require you to travel around Gielinor in search of a wide assortment of items for your chosen faction, from weapons & armour to strange artefacts. You will be rewarded XP in Agility.

Job Description Level Requirements
1 Visit shops which sell metal helmets, bodies, legs and shields. Ask the owners of the shops to supply your chosen faction. You can find a helmet shop in the Barbarian Village, Body shop in Varrock, Leg shop in Al Kharid and a Shield ship in Falador. None

Use the emissary banner to locate strange fragments at 8 of the following locations:

West of the Cook's Guild
East of the Varrock lodestone
North-east of the Grand Exchange
South-east of Draynor Manor
Lumbridge cow field
South-west of Melzar's Maze
South of Port Sarim
North-west of Dwarven Mine
East of Clan Camp (on the farm) south of Falador
East of the Gammers Grotto
Western wall of Al Kharid
Eastern wall of Al Kharid (west of Fire altar)
3 Use your emissary banner on prayer altars to find 4 hidden messages. Note not all altars will work. None
4 Take the strange artefact to the fire & water, earth & air, and finally the mind & body altars to create an empowered strange artefact. This has to be done in the pairs as listed. Within each pair, you're given a minute and a half to travel, so it's advised to use a fully functional Wicked hood to teleport straight to the second altar in a pair. There are no time limitations between pairs and it does not matter what order you complete the pairs in. None


When you declare support for a faction, you will be able to earn a title, a Book of the Gods and a banner representing your chosen god.

Faction Banner Title


Banner of Armadyl
of Armadyl


Banner of Bandos
of Bandos

The Godless

Banner of the Godless
of the Godless


Banner of Saradomin
of Saradomin


Banner of Seren
of Seren


Banner of Sliske
of Sliske


Banner of Zamorak
of Zamorak


Banner of Zaros
of Zaros

Job Rewards

For every job you complete, you will gain XP in a relevant skill. Combat jobs will reward you with XP in your choice of Attack, Defence, Strength, Constitution, Magic or Ranging up to a total of 44,000 Combat XP. Skilling jobs will reward you with XP in Smithing, Cooking, Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing for a combined total of 52,250 XP. Exploration jobs will reward you with XP in Agility only for a total of 13,000 XP. Further details about how the rewards can be chosen are outlined in the table below.

Job Combat XP Rewards Skilling XP Rewards Exploration XP Rewards
1 500 750 or
1,000 coins
2 2,000 4,000 , or 2,000
3 4,000 7,500 or 3,000
4 7,500 10,000 or 7,500
5 10,000 10,000 , or
10,000 or
10,000 , , or
6 2 x 10,000

Your Book of the Gods will also be improved for completing jobs. New pages will be unlocked after the completion of 3, 6, and 9 jobs, respectively. Once all jobs are completed, your book will contain stories on all of the available factions.

Your banner will be upgraded each time you complete a set of jobs, for a total of 3 upgrades. These upgrades offer boosts to your skill levels, which can be used once per day & lasts for 30 minutes once activated. The boosts provided are detailed below:

  • Combat Boost: Temporarily boosts your Attack, Defence, Strength, Ranged and Magic levels by 5.
  • Skill Boost: Temporarily boosts your choice of Fishing, Mining, Runecrafting, Crafting, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fletching, Construction, Hunter, Thieving, Cooking, Herblore, or Farming by 2 levels.
  • Exploration Boost: Temporarily boosts your Agility level by 2.

For those who complete every job their emissary has to offer, you will be rewarded a Relic helm. This helm is essentially level 60 hybrid armour, styled after your choice of faction! Should you lose the helm, you can reclaim it from your emissary for 80k coins.

Relic Helms

Relic helm of Armadyl

Relic helm of Bandos

Relic helm of the Godless

Relic helm of Saradomin

Relic helm of Seren

Relic helm of Sliske

Relic helm of Zamorak

Relic helm of Zaros

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