Bringing Home the Bacon
Eli Bacon, a pig farmer, has discovered that cooked pig flesh is delicious. Due to how good it tastes the pig population of Gielinor - which is currently very low due to a lack of reasons to breed them - will come under threat should this become well known. Will you help Eli to defend and bolster the pig population, and find a new use for them besides greased pig wrestling? Or will the pigs be buttered and roasted into extinction?


Skill Requirements:
23 14 Construction
20 14 Farming
24 14 Summoning
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
9 Planks, 2 Iron bars, 3 Steel nails (at least) - These will be provided by Eli if you do not have them.
Items Needed: 5x Wheat, 5x Onion

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Starting Out

To start this quest, speak to Eli at the pig farm North of Port Sarim, near the cabbage patch. After talking to him, he'll tell you he's discovered a new type of meat which he wants you to try. After accepting the quest he'll give you some mysterious meat for you to try. After eating the meat he'll tell you it's from a pig and that he thinks people will eat them to extinction as there aren't many people who keep pigs and they'll all be eaten to death, so he wants you to come up with a new reason for people to want pigs so they'll start being breed, then when the pig population is high enough, he'll reveal the truth about the source of the bacon.

Bacon Addicts

After agreeing to help Eli, a group of bacon addicts will show up at the farm (at which point you will unlock the music track "Always on my Rind") and will proceed to butter the pigs for cooking. Eli has an idea to stop them though, to make pig decoys to distract them as they won't know the difference.

Eli will give you some bacon and planks for you to make the decoys then cover them in bacon which you will need to recover until he takes all the pigs into the basement to safety.


Straight after all the pigs have been saved your character will say they need to go to Eli in the basement, at which point your screen will black out. You'll be then stood in the basement and will unlock the music track "Underbelly". Speak to Eli and he will tell you about his idea to make people want to start breeding pigs. He tells you his idea is to raise a monster of a pig that people will come from miles to see, and then teach it a trick. He'll then ask you what you think the trick, you can choose either fighting, carrying things, to carry an altar, or you have no ideas. After this he'll tell you to speak to Martin in Draynor about getting on of his piglets.


Martin the Master Farmer in Draynor Market would be very happy to give you a pig if it will raise interest in pigs but he wants you to do something for him first.

It turns out that someone has been pickpocketing from him recently and he wants you to find out from a nearby crowd of suspicious individuals which one of them did it. Speak to each of them in turn and each will give an alibi about who they were with.

This is where the story will differ for each player as the suspicious individual who has been pickpocketing Martin will vary between each player playing through the quest. Once you have spoken to each player and matched up their alibi's you should be able to recognise that one of them doesn't have a very strong alibi and is in fact the person who has been pickpocketing Martin. Confront the thief and it will start a cutscene of you hitting him in-front of Martin who isn't very impressed by your one punch.

After saying you'll punch him again, the screen moves to look at a piglet and a kitten while you beat up the thief while you can hear him shouting in pain. After Martin thanks you for scaring off all the pickpockets he gives you a piglet to take back to Eli.

Training The Piglet

After returning to Eli he'll say you need to build a machine to train the pig, it should take three planks then two iron bars and some nails to upgrade the machine, which he gives to you anyway. After you upgrade the machine it will become a training machine for which ever use you said to Eli earlier on in the quest.

Feeding Time

After building the machine and talking to Eli, he'll tell you it's time to fatten the piglet up. To do this you need 5 bundles of wheat, if you don't have any there's a wheat field in Draynor. After giving Eli the wheat, he'll tell you the piglet needs to get some exercise before it'll grow, but it can't get any down in the basement, so you need to clear the field of bacon addicts. He'll tell you his plan to make them fall asleep by using a sleeping potion and some bacon, go up the stairs and the bacon and sleeping potion will appear in your inventory.

After putting bacon on the pig decoy then poisoning it the addicts will begin to tuck in, but for some reason they aren't falling asleep, after this you'll return back to the basement where you should speak to Eli about it.

When you speak to Eli he'll tell you that the potion just takes time to work and while you're waiting you should get fresh onions because the addicts don't like onions because it's a strong flavor that doesn't go well with bacon. You can find the closest onion field just south of the bank in Draynor Village. Once you have 5 onions, freshly picked from a field, return to Eli.

They Grow Up So Fast

When you return, all the bacon addicts will be gone and Eli will say the piglet has grown due to exercise, but the onions can still be used to feed the pig should the meat run out. He then says it's time to test your machine to give the pig a more satisfying appearance so you can pretend the trick works. Following this, you should head over to the machine to train your pig.

After using the machine your pig will come out looking slightly different depending on the trick you chose.

Big Places

Eli will then tell you to show off the pig to different cities (Lumbridge, Varrock, Ardougne and Falador), he'll then hand you the pig for you to show it off and tells you if you don't like the name, you can speak to Martin to change it.

Every place you go to the people love the new idea and decide to raise their own pigs at which point you should return to Eli.

Finishing Up

After returning to Eli he'll tell you that his plan worked, he's had about a dozen people show up asking for breeding pairs of pigs but because he's got his underground people think that's how they're meant to be raised. The quest will end and you'll gain your rewards, including your new pig pet.

After the quest is complete, you can change the name of your pig at any time by speaking to Martin the master Farmer in Draynor Village. You can leave up to two spaces blank when naming your pig but cannot name your pig with only a title. The possible selections are shown below.

Name Class Name Selections
Titles Dr, Mr
First Names Harry, Derek, Abra-ham, Albert, Piggy, Shank, Crackling, Pickles, Lardy, Runt, Chubby, Rocky, Spot, Lighting, Scratch, Rasher, Lucky, Napoleon, Hairy
Last Names Trotter, Einswine, Pjork, Truffalo, Gruff, Wiggy, Jambon, Snuffles, Hamsworth, Tusker, Cumberland, Snout, Pigby, Oink, Bristlington, Mightfly, Pigzilla, Saddleback, Swine, Rinder

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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