Crash Island


The Crash Island is a small island in the southern sea of Gielinor. It is involved in the Monkey Madness and Recipe for Disaster: Freeing King Awowogei quests.

The island is named so because it is where the gnome glider crashes when trying to reach Ape Atoll, there are two gnomes who are responsible for taking players to either the Gnome Stronghold or Ape Atoll.

Getting There

There are three ways to reach the Crash Island; the first requires partial completion of Monkey Madness to the part of the slide-puzzle. Talk to Daero who will blindfold you and take you to the secret gnome glider hanger, proceed to talk to Waydar who will take you to the crash island.

Daero, the gnome that players can speak to if they want to visit the Crash Island.

The second way to reach the island is to take the boat from Ape Atoll after completing Monkey Madness. To get to Ape Atoll you can either use the fairy ring code CLR, the Ape Atoll teleport spell or the Evil Tree teleport. These require partial completion of Fairy Tale Part III, Recipe for Disaster and Monkey Madness respectively. The Evil Tree teleport is unreliable as it will only work if there happens to be an Evil Tree on Ape Atoll.

Finally, there is sometimes an Evil Tree on the Crash Island so players can use the teleport offered by spirit trees to get there.

Map of Area


The large majority of the island is made up of dense tropical jungle populated by palm trees and jungle fauna, however the most important feature of the Crash Island is the snake pit in the centre of the island. It contains many high-level giant snakes that are slain during Recipe for Disaster. Lower-levelled players should be careful as the giant snakes are very accurate.

On the western side of the Crash Island is a small beach where the two gnome pilots are; this is where you can leave the island. There are multiple crashed gliders in the sea that suggests that the gnomes have often crashed on this particular island.


Passive Personalities

Personality Location Notes

The beach, next to the glider Can transport players to the Grand Tree to the Crash Island.

The beach, by the rowing boat Takes players from the Crash Island to Ape Atoll.


Monster Combat Level(s) Weakness Location Notes

Giant Snake
Earth Spells
In the Snake Pit These snakes can be quite dangerous for low levels as they are poisonous, accurate and high-hitting. At least one needs to be slain as part of the Recipe for Disaster quest. For the Fur 'n' Seek Wishlist you have to slay a Giant Snake to obtain a Giant Snake Spine.

Jungle Scorpions are found scuttering around the jungle undergrowth, they are aggressive so be wary of them as they can be reasonably strong for their size.

Earth Spells
Jungle A non-aggressive, relatively harmless animal.

(these aren't visible on the minimap)
As with scorpions, these are poisonous. However they are slightly weaker than scorpions.


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