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Brimhaven is a small pirate town in North-West Karamja. It's home to one of the 6 POH portal, as well as Cap'n Izzy No-Beard, who is the person players purchase the Agility Skillcape from for 99,000gp.

Getting There

  • The two quickest ways to Brimhaven are the Brimhaven House Teleport or if the Love Story quest can use a Brimhaven Tablet.
  • Another efficient free method is by using the Lodestone Network teleport to Karamja and run North to Brimhaven.
  • Players can also take a ship from Ardougne to Brimhaven (and vice versa) for the low cost of 30gp. Charter Ships also go the the Brimhaven docks for a fee.


Alfonse the Waiter

Alfonse is a Phoenix Gang member that is involved in the Heroes' Quest and also sells a small variety of cooked fish.

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Cap'n Izzy No-Beard

Cap'n Izzy is the master of Agility. Players with 99 Agility can purchase the Agility Skillcape from him for 99,000gp. He and his parrot guard the entrance to the Brimhaven Agility Arena.

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Davon is an NPC with little relevance to the rest of the town. He runs an amulet shop out of his own pockets.

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Charlie the Cook

Charlie is the chef for shop that Alfonse runs. He is also a member of the Phoenix Gang. He plays a role in the Heroes' Quest in which the player gives him a password to enter his kitchen and search for a secret pannel.

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Garv guards the Black Arm Gang hideout. He also plays a part in the Heroes' Quest. Only player who're in the Black Arm Gang can enter the hideout.

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Trobert is a contact that players in the Black Arm Gang must speak to during the Heroes' Quest. Players can only enter the house with the password which is "four-leaf-clover." NOTE: Only players in the Black Arm Gang are capable of doing this.

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Kangai Mau

Kangai in the NPC players speak with the begin the Tribal Totem quest. He is a very important member of the Rantuki Tribe.

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Sandy is the CEO of Sandy Sand Co. He is the owner of all sandboxes in RuneScape. He plays a role in The Hand in the Sand and Back to my Roots quests.

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A tribesman that guards the Brimhaven Dungeon. Players pay him 875gp to gain entrance. This fee is waived if the player has completed the Hard Karamja Tasks.

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Brimhaven isn't home to many big attractions, however their are a few that may come in handy.

POH Portal

The POH portal is used by players who've placed their house in Brimhaven. Having a house here will require level 40 Construction and 15,000gp.


The Karamja lodestone (also known as Brimhaven Lodestone) is a member's only teleport which requires no runes and can be used with unlimited amount of teleports for free. The only requirement is activity it just like the entire Lodestone Network


Guide Made by: Joe
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