The Broomstick is an item that is rewarded to players after they complete the quest Swept Away. For the teleport, you need to complete the quest Diamond in the Rough. The Broomstick has a small number of functions: a teleport, an emote, and Magic experience when taken to the different witches.

Getting The Broom

You get the Broom after you complete the quest: Swept Away; the quest is available to Free Players and in the quest you solve a few puzzles to enchant the broom. If you accidentally destroy your broom, you can speak to Maggie the witch just north of Draynor Village. The easiest ways to reach Maggie is by using the Amulet of Glory's Draynor teleport or via the Lodestone Network.

Quickest routes to Maggie

Activating The Teleport

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The Broom has an ability to teleport you to the Sorceress' Garden, South East of Al Kharid. This is one of the quickest ways to get to the Shantay Pass and Al Kharid. To activate the teleport you must have completed Diamond in the Rough. To start off, speak to Maggie about more broom enchantments. After doing that go inside Al Kharid palace and talk to Osman about the Sorceress and Sq'irks. Finally take the broom to the Sorceress' Apprentice to get the broom enchanted.

Locations of Osman and the Apprentice

Now you have the teleport unlocked. To use the teleport, right click on the broom (it can be equipped or unequipped) and select the teleport option (Sorceress' Garden if equipped), an animation will play and your player will fly away. You will arrive at the Sorceress' Garden. Simply drink from the fountain to return back to the Sorceress' Apprentice. As with a lot of teleports, the broom can't be used after level 20 wilderness.

Enchanting The Broom

The broom can be enchanted at various witches around Gielinor. When you visit each Witch, and have the required Magic level, whilst having the Broom equipped, they will give you a one time Magic experience bonus. For information on how to reach Kardia see the Underground Pass guide.

Witch Location Magic Level Required Reward
Sorceress' Apprentice Al Kharid 1 Ability to use the Broom teleport
Ali the Hag Pollnivneach 33 1,997 Magic Experience
Old Crone East of the Slayer Tower 53 7,139 Magic Experience
Baba Yaga Lunar Isle 73 10,338 Magic Experience
Kardia Underground Pass 93 14,979 Magic Experience

You can get rewards even if you don't meet the requirements by using boosts. Fully enhancing the Broom is a Trimmed Completionists requirement.


The Broom has a special emote called sweep. If the broom is in your bag it is the default option. If it is equipped you need to right click the broom and choose the sweep option.

A player performing the sweep emote

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