Shield of Arrav
Varrockian literature tells of a valuable shield, stolen long ago from the museum of Varrock, by a gang of professional thieves. See if you can track down this shield and return it to the museum. You will need a friend to help you complete this quest.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Partner to join the opposite gang; must be trustworthy.

Be able to defeat Johnny The Beard (level 2), if you join the Phoenix Gang.

Be able to defeat Weaponsmaster (level 23), if you join the Black Arm Gang.
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: 20x Coins
Reward: Click to reveal


1. Start the quest by talking to Reldo, who can be found in the library of Varrock Palace near the back of the building.

2. He will ask you to find a book called 'The Shield of Arrav'. Look for a bookcase where you can see a blue book on the shelf. Take it.

3. Read the book to find out about The Phoenix and Black Arm gangs.

4. Talk to Reldo after reading the book, and he will tell you to go find Baraek in the centre of Varrock.

5. Head out of the palace to the fountain in Varrock Square, and you will find Bareak by the fur stall.

6. Talk to Bareak and you will have to bribe him 20gp before he will tell you the location of the Phoenix Gang Headquarters.

7. Walk south from the centre, and you will see Charlie the Tramp. Ask him if there is anything down the alleyway, and he will tell you that the Black Arm gang headquarters is located down the alleyway. Ask him if they would let you join, and he will tell you to talk to Katrine.

You will now have to choose which gang to join. If you are one who likes to fight, then you should join the Phoenix Gang. Your partner should chose the opposite gang to you.

Jump to Phoenix Gang walkthrough if you did not join the Black Arm Gang.

Black Arm Gang

1. Walk down the alleyway near Charlie the Tramp into the house at the end. Talk to Katrine, and tell her you would like to know about the place and you do not want to reveal your sources. She will ask you what you want. Tell her you want to join the Black Arm gang, and she will give you a test: to steal a couple of Phoenix crossbows from the Phoenix gang.

2. Your partner will have the crossbows, so meet up and get them to trade you the two crossbows.

3. Go back to Katrine and give her the crossbows. She will then let you join the Black Arm Gang.

4. Head through the door to the north, and take the stairs leading to the second floor. Open and search the cupboard to find half of a broken shield.

You have now finished this part and should proceed with your friend to finish up.

Phoenix Gang

1. Head south of the Varrock East bank, past the Rune shop to the house marked with the ! dungeon symbol.

2. Climb down the ladder, and talk to Straven.

3. Say the option 'I know who you are!', and after that he will ask what you want. Choose the option to offer your services. He will ask you to kill Jonny the Beard and bring back the intelligence report.

4. Head to the Blue Moon Inn Bar, which is the pub nearest to you. Kill Jonny the Beard and pick the intelligence report up that he drops.

5. Take this back to Straven, and give him the Intelligence report.

6. Straven will make you a member of the Phoenix gang, and will give you a key.

7. Walk through the door behind Straven and head to the back of the room.

8. Open and search the chest to find half of the broken shield.

9. Leave the headquarters and walk to the house just a little east with the ladder heading upstairs. Have your partner kill the level 23 Weaponsmaster and pick up the two Phoenix crossbows.

10. Meet up with your friend and trade the two Phoenix crossbows.

You have now finished this part and should proceed with your friend to finish up.

Finishing Up

1. With your friend, head to the Palace and talk to King Roald. He will ask you to get a certificate of authenticity, verified by the Curator of the museum.

2. Head to the Varrock Museum and talk to Curator Haig Halen. He will take your shield and give you two tickets for your half, and will do the same with your partner.

3. Trade one ticket with your partner, and then use the two halves to make a full certificate.

4. Take this back to King Roald to claim your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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