Quests in RuneScape are different from other games that may send on quests such as "Kill 10 goblins". In RuneScape you go on an adventure, a story which explores many people and 100's of different stories around Gielinor. You can find where you can start quests by finding a blue compass () on the mini map or world map.

Almost all quests require you to be a member to do. As of 27th October 2014, there are 197 Quests with the latest quest being Broken Home.


To access to quest interface click on the compass icon on the quick bar and then click on the quest tab.

The quest icon on the action bar

On the quest tab you can filter your quests to show (or hide) quests you have the requirements for and one you have done. You can also use the drop down list to order the quest list by:

  • Free/Members
  • Progress
  • Difficulty

The quest interface


All quests are identified by a different colour on the quest list (shown on the image above). The colours are as follows:

  • Red - Not started
  • Yellow - In progress
  • Green - Completed
  • Blue - In progress, marked on map


Every quest has a difficulty rating. They range all the way from Novice to Grandmaster. The difficulties are as follows (in order of difficulty):

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Special

Recipe for Disaster is the only special quest as it has 9 sub-quests as part of the main quest. You can expect a novice quest to be very simple and short with little or no combat. On the other hand, in a grandmaster quest, you can expect big boss fights and a very long quest.


Almost all quests have a requirements to start the quest. Some quests don't need you to have the requirements to start the quest but you need them to do something in the quest (e.g. Cook something). For those quests you can use temporary boosts to get the levels required. As well as that most quests require other quests to be completed before you start them.

Requirements for Quest Cape

To get the quest cape you need to complete all quests, the requirements for them are this:

79 78 80
85 77 82
80 75 70
75 74 70
75 75 74
81 70 76
61 76 65
75 67 75
75 75

You also need to complete the Fremennik Hard tasks.


All quests give a reward of Quest Points the only thing they are used for is as a quest requirement (e.g. While Guthix Sleeps has a Quest Point requirement of 270). They also give you 2 spins on the Squeal of Fortune. Most quests also give you an experience reward which can be from very small to large amounts. As well as that some quests give you access to new locations (e.g. Lunar Diplomacy gives you access to the Lunar Isles). There are plenty of other rewards you can get which make everything so much easier!


There are many storylines that you can take part in. Big and small. See the list below for a brief description and a quest list of some of those that you can take part in.

Mysteries of the Mahjarrat

In these quests you find out about the Mahjarrat, a mysterious race who can shape shifters who come from the world of Freneskae. They all lead up to the final quest, Ritual of the Mahjarrat, the ritual where the Mahjarrat are refreshed with one of the sacrificed...

The quests in this series are:

Rise of the Red Axe

In the Rise of the Red Axe quests you find out about the Red Axe's evil plans against the dwarf city of Keldagrim.

The quests in this series are:


These quests are about the underground goblin tribe of Dorgeshuun and H.A.M (Humans Against Animals) constant attempt to kill off the tribe.

The quests in this series are:

Temple Knights

These quests revolve around the Temple Knights and their adventures. The quests in this series also includes the Void Knight and Sea Slug quest series as well as some quests from Mysteries of the Mahjarrat series.

The quests in this series are:


The Myreque are the group of Saradominists who are fighting in Morytania to get rid of the Vampyres, led by Lord Drakan.

The quests in this series are:


These quests revolve around the race of Gnomes in the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Tree Gnome Village.

The quests in this series are:

Plague City

These quests explore the mystery of the plague in the city of East Ardougne

The quests in this series are:


The Penguin quest series is about the KGP (Killer Gentoo Penguins) wanting to take over the world and destroy all of the Humans. Along with Larry and the PBJ (Polar Bears for Justice) you attempt to stop the Penguins plans.

The quests in this series are:

Elemental Workshop

In this series you discover the past of a hidden workshop under Seers' Village and the scientist, Vitruvius, who conducted experiments with the newly discovered Elemental Ore.

The quests in his series are:

Quest Cape

After completing every quest in RuneScape you can speak to the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village to buy a Quest point cape for 99,000 coins. As with ever other cape of accomplishment it comes complete the its own hood, the Quest point hood. If a new quest is released you will have to complete it before you can wear the cape again.

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