Dungeoneering, the single largest skill in the whole of RuneScape, is the ability to navigate and raid dungeons on your own or with a team for rewards, utilising all of your other skills and a large amount of logic and intellect along the way. Unlike other skills, every single experience while dungeoneering is unique, so if you have the hang of it, it has the potential to be far more fun than training most if not all other skills. More like an activity in its style than a skill, it is one of the few skills that actually requires skill, and cannot be simply trained without thought.

Dungeoneering is available to both members and free players, with only the much higher levelled content reserved for members. Unlike other content in the game, there are no other skill requirements, as dungeons will adjust their content to match you and your teammates, though the skill is heavily combat based with multiple other skills coming into play. For this reason, having high levels in other skills could come in handy.


Ring of kinship

The Ring of kinship is used in Dungeoneering for a number of reasons. Its main use is setting up parties and free teleports to Daemonheim. Also the ring can be used to give buffs whilst in dungeons. These buffs can be upgraded to be more efficient.

Starting a party

To start a party select the "Open party interface" option on the Ring. Click the "Form party" button to start a party, now a party is started. To invite more players to your party right click them and choose "Invite" to send them an invite. From there you can select the appropriate buttons to change what floor and complexity you will start at. When you and your party is ready you can click either staircase and choose "Start dungeon" to start your dungeon.

The Ring of kinship interface


Whilst inside a dungeon you can select a class which lets you gain the following bonuses.

Melee Tank Damage is reduced when wearing a shield.
Tactician Increases chance of hitting with one handed melee weapons.
Berserker Increases chance of hitting with two-handed melee weapons.
Ranged Sniper Increases chance of hitting with a bow.
Keen-eye Chance of decreasing target's Defence with ranged attacks.
Desperado Increases damage of ranged attacks.
Mage Blazer Chance of applying the combust effect to your target.
Blaster Chance to slow down an opponent's attack speed.
Blitzer Increases your chance of hitting with magic weapons.
Skiller Medic Increases the amount you heal other players.
Gatherer Chance of extra resources and skill task damage reduction.
Artisan Chance of saving resources and increasing rune production.

You can upgrade each of these classes 10 times before it is maxed out. If you have completed the Daemonheim task set you can choose a secondary class which is only 25, 50, 75 or 100 percent of the primary counterpart depending on if you have completed the easy, medium, hard or elite tasks respectively. It costs tokens to upgrade a ring class and the cost increases each time.

TierCost (tokens)

Item Tiers & Binding

There are 11 tiers in total which all require different levels ranging from 1 all the way up to 99. This follows in the table below:

Item Tiers
Tier Name - Melee Name - Ranged Name - Magic F2P / P2P
1 Novite Protoleather Salve
2 Bathus Subleather Wildercress
3 Marmaros Paraleather Blightleaf
4 Kratonite Archleather Roseblood
5 Fractite Dromoleather Bryll
6 Zephyrium Spinoleather Duskweed
7 Argonite Gallileather Soulbell
8 Katagon Stegoleather Ecto
9 Gorgonite Megaleather Runic
10 Promethium Tyrannoleather Spiritbloom
11 Primal Sagittarian Celestial

There are 12 slots in which you can bind up to 12 items that can be put into 3 separate loadouts which have only 5 slots each. The amount of bound items you can have in each loadout depends on your Dungeoneering level. The binds are represented in the table below:

Number of items bound Dungeoneering level
1 1
2 20
3 50
4 90
5 120

Upon completing the medium Daemonheim task set, you will be rewarded with the option to bind one potion of your choice within the dungeon. This can be found by right clicking the Smuggler and choosing the option 'Bind-setup'. The following interface will pop up showing which type of binds and potion bind you have, if any.

Floor Complexity

In Dungeoneering there are 6 complexity levels. Each level changes what skills are available in the dungeon. You can change the complexity level via the Ring of Kinship when in a party.

The complexity level interface
Complexity123456XP Penalty
Cooking, Firemaking, Fishing, WoodcuttingNYYYYY40%
Smithing, Mining, RunecraftingNNYYYY30%
Farming Textiles, Hunting, Making ArmourNNNYYY20%
Farming Seeds, Herblore, Thieving, Construction, SummoningNNNNYY10%

At complexity 1 the shop is not available and at complexity 2 it is unlocked. After that at every complexity more items are unlocked in the store.

The smuggler store at complexity 2 and 6


Prestige is one of the main components of calculating your gained Dungeoneering XP after raiding a floor. There are other modifiers which will increase or decrease this base value, but compared to your Prestige value, their effects are minimal. Taking this into account, it is essential that you consistently have the highest possible Prestige value before every raid.

Your Prestige total is basically a measurement of how varied your dungeon raids have been; a higher Prestige total will indicate the player likes to raid a wide variety of floors. Prestige is the one unique factor of Dungeoneering that will ensure players cannot repeatedly grind a single floor for maximum XP gains, but instead rewards you for going through all of your available floors.

Depending upon which is the higher value, your Prestige value will be one of two things: the total number of individual floors you have raided (the "Current Progress" value), or the number of individual floors you raided before you last pressed the 'Reset' button on the Ring of Kinship Party interface (the "Previous Progress" value). The Party interface is shown to the right. Having a higher Prestige value and completing higher floors will result in, as you would expect, higher Dungeoneering XP.

When you complete a dungeon floor, it will be marked with a tick on your floor selection interface. Your "Current Progress" value will be equal to the number of ticked floors you have. You can only receive prestige contributions to your Dungeoneering XP once per floor. Playing through a floor you have already completed will result in three possible outcomes.

1. If a lower floor within the same theme has not yet been raided by you, the floor you raid will be treated as if it was the lower floor. This will tick off the lower floor and your base value of XP will be calculated in accordance to this lower floor.

2. If a higher floor within the same theme has not yet been raided by you & there are no lower floors available within the same theme, the floor you raid will be treated as the higher floor. This will tick off the higher floor, but your base value of XP will be calculated in accordance to your current floor, NOT the higher floor.

3. If all floors within the same theme are complete prior to starting the raid, including the floor you are currently raiding, you will receive a 0 XP prestige contribution to your base value.

Eventually, you will reach a point where there will no longer be available floors for you to explore using your "Current Progress" value. This is where the "Reset" button located on the Party Interface will come into play. Pressing this button will do two things: it will reset your progress in each dungeon, unticking every floor previously completed and it will set your "Previous Progress" to what your "Current Progress" was prior to pressing the button. This value will remain fixed until you press the Reset button again. Always be sure to press the Reset button only if the "Current Progress" value is higher than your "Previous Progress" value, or if the two values are equal and you have no further floors to raid! Resetting before you have completed all available floors could result in gaining considerably lower XP values!

For example, pressing the Reset button after raiding 10 individual floors will give you a fixed prestige total of 10, so you can then have a prestige total of 10 on floor 1, of 10 on floor 2, etc. As you would guess, this greatly increases the base XP and thus your overall Dungeoneering XP for the floor. But what happens if you, having completed the first 10 floors, raid floor 11? The higher value of "Current Progress" and "Previous Progress" would then be 11, so you will then have a prestige total of 11.



The floors within the Dungeoneering skill are different themes, each featuring a different set of set of entry requirements, monsters and challenges with increasing difficulty. There are 60 floors across 5 themes in total. As each floor requires its preceding floor to be completed, a player aiming to go to the deepest level must complete all 60 floors.

Frozen Floors

The Frozen Floors are the closest to the surface, and are mainly covered in ice and snow, with temperatures far too low to support normal life. This is where all players initially begin their Dungeoneering adventure. Ranging from floors 1 to 11, these requires a Dungeoneering level of 1 to initially access and 21 to access all floors available within this theme.

Abandoned Floors

The Abandoned Floors are similar to Frozen floors, except they are covered in sand and bits of broken rock with warmer temperatures more suited for supporting life. There are two sets of Abandoned floors available, the first one ranging from 12 to 17, the second ranging from 30 to 35, with Furnished floors in between. These floors require a Dungeoneering level of 23 to initially access and 69 to access all floors available within this theme.

Furnished Floors

The Furnished Floors once served as living quarters for the army that built the dungeon, with basic life support features such as tables and beds seen here. Ranging from floors 18 to 29, these require a Dungeoneering level of 35 for initial access and 67 to access all floors available within this theme.

Occult Floors

The Occult Floors were once inhabited by necromancers, using architects and builders of the dungeon to create undead beings which can be seen wandering aimlessly around. The area are full of strange symbols on walls, miniature statues and flags, with purple being the main color seen everywhere here. Ranging from floors 36-47, these floors require a Dungeoneering level of 71 to initially access, and 93 to access all floors available within this theme.

Warped Floors

The Warped Floors, as the name suggests, are twisted and broken, with bulging walls, twisted statues and chunks of the floor hanging in midair. Ranging from floors 48 to 60, these require a Dungeoneering level of 95 to access and 119 to access all floors available within this theme.


Combat is an integral part of Dungeoneering as each floor will contain one boss that must be defeated to complete the dungeon and progress to the next floor. Asides from the boss, there are also a large variety of monsters along the way and most of these can actually be ignored as killing them only offers a small amount of extra experience for that dungeon, however, Guardian doors require all monsters in the current room to be killed before passing through.

While using one combat style through the dungeon is possible, it would be wise to build your three separate loadouts with the three separate combat styles so that you can use a monster's weakness to your advantage. It is always advantageous to have at least a Ranged or Magic in case you come across a situation where using melee is impossible.


As you venture down into the depths of Daemonheim, you will encounter various rooms in which you have to solve a specific puzzle to be able to unlock the path forward. Some puzzles are specific to a floor theme, but others you can encounter no matter what theme you are currently raiding. More information on each of the puzzles you will encounter can be found below.


  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Combat
  • Description: The monolith room is characterised by a large empty room with only a monolith in the centre of the room. The player is able to activate the monolith which will then start charging. Once the monolith has finished charging all doors will open, however the monolith is unstable and prone to de charging due to attacks. Once the monolith is activated forgotten shades will randomly start spawning and attacking the monolith. To complete the puzzle the player will have to kill the shades, which will stop them from attacking the monolith. Depending on the size and combat levels of the team the shades might be rather strong so caution is advised.

Mysterious Grooves

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Thieving (optional)
  • Description: This room is characterised by the 3 lines of grooves found on the floor, these lines each consist of 4 grooves, 3 of which would contain traps while only 1 is safe to traverse. The player can investigate each of the grooves if they have the appropriate Thieving level to found out whether they contain a trap or not. Alternatively they can step on any of the grooves which will either trigger the trap or safely allow them to walk over it.

Ghost Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Combat
  • Description: This room will be filled with several non-aggressive ghosts. However only one of these ghosts is vulnerable at the same time, to determine which ghost is vulnerable the player will have to wait till a white spirit moves from one ghost to another. The ghost which receives the spirit will become vulnerable and can then be damaged. Once the vulnerable ghost dies the white spirit will move to the closest nearby ghost.

Rogue Ramokee Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Combat
  • Description: In this room the player will find a large summoning obelisk as well as 4 rogue Ramokee. The doors in the room will be guardian doors so every monster in the room will have to be killed before the player can proceed. There are 4 different ramokee in the room: a Bloodrager (Melee), a Stormbringer (Magic), a Deathslinger (Ranged) and a Skinweaver (Healing). There might also be regular mob monsters in the room, these however are usually lower priority than the Ramokee. It is advised to kill the Skinweaver first, since otherwise she will be able to rapidly heal the other Ramokee, which causes the fight to be considerably harder at higher levels. The attack style of the player decides in what order the next Ramokees should be attacked.

Mercenary Leader

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Combat
  • Description: This room will at first only contain a Mercenary Leader, however as soon as the player stands next to the door to the room, or enters the room, the Mercenary Leader will start spawning several Forgotten Mages, Rangers and Warriors. To clear the room the player will have to focus on killing the Mercenary Leader as his minions will automatically teleport away after a set amount of time. Depending on the combat level of the Mercenary Leader this room can be extremely lethal so it is advised to take caution.

Lever Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room is rather straightforward, however it can be very dangerous if the player as well as their team does not pay attention. To clear the room all the levers will have to be pulled within a set amount of time, the amount of time depends on the size of the party. This means that usually the entire party will be needed to clear this room. If all levers are not pulled in time everyone in the room will be dealt a high amount of damage, potentially killing them. It is advised to get everyone in the team to take one lever and then count down. However if the team consists of 5, it is possible to get one person to pull 2 levers as long as it's timed right. This is however not advised unless absolutely necessary and with experienced players.

Emote Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room can be rather easy as it requires no difficult techniques whatsoever. The room is filled with 5 statues and 5 tiles, however some of these statues may be broken. The amount of broken statues depends on the amount of players, so if there are 5 players in your team none of the statues will be broken. This means that the entire team is needed to complete this room. To start the puzzle every player will have to stand on one of the pressure plates so that they are all occupied. The statues in the room will then all perform a different emote, so the player will have to pay attention to their own statue. They will then have to mimic the emote from the chatbox menu which will appear. Every player in the team will have to pick the correct emote 3 times in a row for the room to be completed, even if only 1 person picks an incorrect emote once all progress will be reset and the entire team will take a small amount of damage.

Seeker Sentinel Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room is fairly easy as it doesn't require you to actually solve any puzzle. In the centre of the room the player will see a Seeker Sentinel, while on the sides there are Seeker Spawns. If the player hides behind a wall they will not be seen by either, however if the Seeker Sentinel spots them, he will teleport the player to a random other location within the room. The Seeker Spawns will not do anything but draw the Sentinel's attention, however if you run up to them from behind the player is able to knock them out for a short while. To get past this room you can either let the Sentinel teleport you several times until you reach your destination, or wait for the Spawns to face the right way and knock them out.

Toxic Maze

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room can be fairly difficult and potentially even lethal. To start the room the player will have to pull the lever found near the entrance, this will start a countdown timer as well as unlock the barriers in the maze. Once the timer runs out however the maze will fill with toxins which will deal rapid damage to the player if they are within the maze. These toxins can be deactivated by opening the chest found in the centre of the maze. However if there is no key in the maze, the player can instead choose to ignore completing the maze and head straight for the exit.

Runecrafting Tile Puzzle

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Runecrafting
  • Description: This puzzle can be rather difficult, however since you will not need to perfectly complete it, it can be a lot easier than it may seem. The point of the puzzle is to get all tiles into the same colour, this can be done by flipping a tile, which will also flip all tiles directly surrounding it. Or by forcing a tile, which will only flip that tile, however this will deal a low amount of damage to the player. The easiest way to complete this room is to get as many tiles the same colour by using the flip option, and then simply forcing the remainder ones.

Sliding puzzle

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room is characterised by a giant sliding puzzle in the centre of the room. This puzzle is rather easy as the sole purpose is to complete the sliding puzzle, there is only one solution to this though so it's one of the fastest puzzles.

Statue Sliding Puzzle

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: In this room the player will find a total of 8 statues, 4 rangers and 4 warriors. However only half of these can be moved, the point of this room is to get the statues that the player can move, in the same position in their relevant square as the ones the player can't move. This means that the moveable side will be a complete copy of the non moveable side. If a monster is in the way of where the player is pushing the statue they can't move it in that direction, due to this it's advised to pull the statues since this removes that issue on most monsters.

Enigmatic Hoardstalker

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Summoning, Thieving
  • Description: When the player enters this room they will see one lone Ramokee Hoardstalker in it as well as possibly several monsters. To pass the room the player will have to speak to the Hoardstalker, who will provide them with a riddle. To complete the riddle and gain access to the rest of the dungeon the player will have to bring the Hoardstalker the correct item corresponding with the riddle. All these items can be found by searching any of the barrels or chests in the room. These doors can be locked however, so they can require a Thieving level to open.

Fremennik Warrior Camp

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Smithing, Fletching, Cooking
  • Description: In this room the player will find a Fremennik warrior, a furnace, fire and several boxes of resources. To gain access to the rest of the dungeon the player will have to help the Fremennik warrior by processing the resources. This means the player will have to smith the bars into battleaxes, cook the fish and fletch the logs into bows. Once the player did all this the warrior will unlock the doors.

Missing Weapon Statue Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Crafting
  • Description: This room is characterised by the 3 statues of a Mage, a Warrior and a Ranger, however one of these is missing a weapon. To pass the room the player will have to replace the correct weapon. They can do this by finding a source of stone on one of the walls within the room and mining a block from it. Then they can craft that block into a stone weapon, if they then hand the weapon to the statue missing it's weapon they will be able to go through the doors.

Missing Weapon Multiple Statues Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Crafting
  • Description: This room has several statues in it, divided over 2 sides of the rooms. On one side all the statues will have weapons and be in a fighting position, while the other side has statues in a neutral position. To clear the room the player will have to provide the statues without weapons with the correct weapons. For this they will have to look to the opposing side and then based on the combat triangle create the correct weapons out of stone. This means that if the opposing side has a mage the player will need a bow, for a ranger they will need a sword, and for a warrior they will need a staff. The weapons can be created by mining stone blocks from a source in the room and then crafting them into the weapons.

Coloured Ferret Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This puzzle is often viewed as a rather annoying puzzle as it is very easy for it to take a while. The point of the room is to get each of the coloured ferrets on the pressure plate with the same colour. If the player gets near the ferret the ferret will move away from the player in the opposite direction. However the player can also scare them, which will cause them to run away at random, this option however is best saved for ferrets which are stuck against a wall. The best strategy for this room is to get one player to complete it while the rest of the team clears other rooms. The player who completes this room is then able to calmly get the ferrets on their plates, only scaring them if they are stuck against a wall.

Ferret Pressure Plate Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Fishing, Cooking, Ranged
  • Description: This room has a large island in the centre with several holes, a pressure plate and a ferret. The point of the room is to lure the ferret onto the pressure plate using fish. These fish can be caught from a fishing spot in the room, and then cooked on the fire which can also be found in the room. The ferret can always be lured with a maximum of 3 fish, however if he steps on a hole he will change position all together so then more fish are needed. The ferret will always walk diagonally first and only then walk in a straight line.

Pondskater Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Fishing
  • Description: This room has a large pond with 4 pondskaters in it. One of these skaters will have the key to the doors, so the player will have to catch the key from the pondskater using a fishing rod. The correct pondskater can be found by waiting till they all swim towards the centre, the correct pondskater will do a yawning emotion showing the key. Once the player caught that pondskater they will be able to go further into the dungeon.

Ferret Trap Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Woodcutting, Fletching, Hunter (first 2 optional)
  • Description: This room has a ferret with a crystal necklace, to unlock the doors the player will have to destroy the crystal by catching the ferret. There's several ways of catching it, however the easiest way is to set several traps. These traps can be created by cutting dry branches from a source in the room and then fletching those into traps. The ferret will then run into the trap and the player can simply check the trap. Alternatively the player can try catching the player by hand, however this is near impossible when soloing and often requires a higher hunter level than using traps.

Red Fountain Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Construction
  • Description: This room contains a fountain in the centre of the room with several pillars surrounding it. The fountain however is not working due to several blockages as well as broken pillars. To unlock the doors the player will have to fix all pillars using their construction skill as well as mine away the blockages using their mining skill. Once the fountain is active again the doors will open.

Flower Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Woodcutting, Farming
  • Description: This room contains a large flower, several small flowers and a network of roots which block access to most of the room. To navigate through the room and unlock the doors the player will have to cut the small flowers, however they can only be cut if they are the same colour as the large flower. The goal of the room is to reach the large flower and pull it up using the farming skill, this will cause all roots to shrivel up. A good way to get the correct colour on the small flowers is by moving one spot back and forth until it's the correct colour. Moving will cause the large flower to immediately skip to the next colour in the sequence.

Lodestone Light Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Magic
  • Description: This room is characterised by a large pillar in the centre of the room with 4 "paths" coming out of it which end in a pressure plate. On one side of the room the player will find several lodestones, if these are activated they will cause a spot of light to start moving over the path. To unlock the doors the player will have to line up all 4 lights so that they reach the central pillar at the same time. This can be done by standing on the pressure plates, this will stop the light on that path, and then stepping off the plate at the correct time. More experienced players can also try lining up the lights by timing the moment they activate the lodestone right, since the light will always spawn in the same place.

Collapsed Ceiling Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Construction (optional)
  • Description: This room is relatively easy to clear as it requires the player to simply mine away the debris blocking the path. The debris will fall back however unless the player fixes the support struts in the path, however if the player is rushing they can simply mine the debris away and run underneath it in time.

Agility Maze

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Agility
  • Description: The agility maze is a rather simple room which is pretty straightforward. The point is to traverse the various traps and obstacles. The player will manually have to dodge the spinning blades however by walking around them, as these will otherwise deal high damage. It is advised to open the doors which lead to the start of the room, as these can only be opened from the second section of the room after the maze.

Coloured Blocks Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Strength, Herblore
  • Description: This room requires the player to push the large blocks on the coloured plates. The player will next have to use the correct coloured vial on the correct block, corresponding with the colour of the lines on the floor. The vials can be obtained from a shelf found on one of the walls of the room. If the player uses the incorrect colour on the block they will have to either move the block to the correct plate or recolour it.

Lodestone Agility Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Agility
  • Description: This room can be fairly difficult if it contains high level ranged monsters. The point of this room is to pick up the small power crystal found on the floor, and then jump over the pillars to reach the lodestone in the centre of the room. However as soon as you jump on a pillar a light creature will spawn, which if you catches you will teleport you to the start again as well as dealing damage. The easiest way to complete this room is by going to the centre, jumping towards the lodestone twice, then going one left or right, depending on where the light creature spawned. The player should be able to reach the centre then without colliding with the light creature. However if you stumble even once with this method you will have to start over. It's advised to drop a lodestone near the door, so that once you activated the lodestone using the power crystal you won't have to go across the pillars again but can simply teleport away.

Magical Construct

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Magic, Runecrafting, Crafting
  • Description: This room contains several walls which block access to most of the room. To take these walls down the player will have to restore the Magical Construct which can be found in the first section of the room. To do this they will first need to obtain a piece of stone from the chest in the same section and then see which body part the construct is missing. Using the piece of stone and their crafting skill they can create that body part, they will then have to imbue it using their runecrafting skill. Finally they can use their magic skill to bring the construct to life, which will then proceed to take down the doors allowing access to the rest of the room.

Tightrope Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Agility, Smithing, Crafting, Ranged
  • Description: This room is rather straightforward, the player will need to create a grapple hook to cross the gap. The player can find a broken grapple hook head in one of the boxes and fix it using the anvil in the room. Another box should contain meatcorn which can be used with a spinning wheel to create a rope. Then the player will be able to grapple the opposite side of the gap using their ranged skill, they can then simply walk over the rope using their agility skill. After the first person crossed it everyone will be able to, regardless of their agility level.

Barrel Pressure Plate Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Strength, Construction
  • Description: This room requires the player to fill up a barrel with water, so that the weight is enough to depress the pressure plate which will then open the doors. First however the player will have to fix the barrel using the broken barrel bits found in the room. They can then fill the barrel using the water pipes in the wall near the barrel. Only one will be active at the same time though, so the player will have to push the barrel around until it's full.

Winch Bridge

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Strength, Smithing, Crafting, Ranged
  • Description: This room is very similar to the Tightrope Room, except the player will have to connect the rope to a bridge this time. Start by creating the grapple hook head by using the broken grapple hooks on an anvil, next create the rope by using the meatcorn on the spinning wheel. Use these on each other and grapple the bridge on the other side of the gap, next the player is able to extend the bridge by using the winch, this requires a certain strength level.

Poltergeist Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Herblore, Prayer, Thieving, Firemaking
  • Description: This room is fairly easy however it requires a lot of skills. To start off read the coffin in the centre so you know which herb you will need to pick. In one of the corners there is a patch with various herbs, pick the correct one 4 times and consecrate them. Next use the herbs on the pedestals next to the coffin and light them. Once this is done the player is able to pick the lock on the coffin which will unlock the door if they are successful

Weeping Ghost Room

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Construction, Prayer, Thieving
  • Description: This room contains the tomb of a long forgotten ghost, however the tomb has been ransacked which caused the ghost to be unable to rest in peace. To unlock the doors in this room the player will have to fix and restore the grave to it's proper state. There are several steps the player will have to do for this, first they will have to find a ring in the room and put it back in the small chest somewhere in the room. Next the player will have to repair both a pot and a pillar using their construction skill, these can both be found in the room as well. Finally the player will have to open the coffin and bless the ghost's remains. The doors will be unlocked once all steps are done.

Bridge Repair Room (Keystone)

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Crafting, Construction
  • Description: This room is fairly easy, the only thing the player has to do is fix a hole in the bridge. This can be done by mining a piece of stone from the source in the room. Next they can craft this piece of stone into a keystone, which can then be used on the bridge to repair it and gain access to the rest of the room.

Bridge Repair Room (Planks)

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Agility, Construction
  • Description: This is once again a fairly easy room to complete. The player will have to jump over the gap using their agility skill. Next they can obtain 5 planks from a chest and use those to fix the bridge. This will allow everyone to cross the bridge.

Broken Statue Bridge

  • Floors Encountered: All Floors
  • Skills Required: Mining, Construction, Strength
  • Description: This room requires the player to fix a statue and then pushing it on a pressure plate, which will cause the bridge to extend. First the player can mine a piece of stone from a source in the room. They can then use that piece of stone on the broken statue which will fix them, they can then use their strength skill to push it onto the pressure plate, which will causes the bridge to extend.

Pressure Pad Ice Room

  • Floors Encountered: Frozen Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room requires the player to activate 4 pressure plates, which can be found all over the room. However due to the ice covering the floor in the entire room the player is not able to walk, but only to slide in the direction they're going until they hit an obstacle. To activate all pressure plates they will have to use the various obstacles and walls, as well as sliding diagonally. This room is mostly solved by trial and error but rarely takes very long.

Sleeping Guards Room

  • Floors Encountered: Furnished Floors
  • Skills Required: Combat or Thieving
  • Description: There are 2 ways to complete this room, the point of the room is to get the correct key to unlock the doors. However the guards have the keys so the player will need to steal the correct key from one of the four guards. However they will have to walk carefully as there is glass all over the room. Running over the glass will cause the guards to wake up, which means the player will have to kill them to obtain the keys.

Bookcase Room

  • Floors Encountered: Occult Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room has 4 bookcases from which 4 differently coloured books cross between the various bookcases. On one wall of the room there's 4 different coloured stationary bookcases as well, these colours correspond with each of the flying books. The point of this room is simply to get each book in the correct coloured bookcase. Once this has been done all doors in the room will open.

Portal Room

  • Floors Encountered: Warped Floors
  • Skills Required: None
  • Description: This room is pretty straightforward, however it may deal a lot of damage and require a high amount of food. The point of the room is to get each player in your team in the centre of the portal maze and standing on one of the pressure plates to open the door. However the portals will teleport you to another section of the maze, so you will have to figure out a path through the maze. One of the easiest ways to do this is by picking one of the entrances, and then only going in the opposite direction. One of the entrances will always lead to the centre of the maze if you take the opposite direction, while the other 2 will only lead to each other. Every few seconds you spend in the maze, exluding the central room, you will however take a small amount of damage.


Each set of floors has their own unique bosses, these bosses can vary a lot in attacks, difficulty and the best strategy to fight them, naturally bosses which require a higher Dungeoneering level are stronger than the lower level bosses.

Frozen Floor Bosses

Icy Bones

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 1
  • Item Reward: Vambraces, Main hand throwing knives
  • Strategy: Icy bones is one of the easiest boss fights the player will encounter, he uses all three combat styles, but will most commonly use his melee and ranged attacks. It's advised to melee him, whilst having either protect from melee active or soul split if the player has access to it. He can occasionally freeze the player, and will sometimes raise stalagmites, which can deal heavy damage to the player. These stalagmites will not hit the player if they are in melee range. Mage is the least effective way to fight Icy Bones, as he seems to be highly resistant against magic attacks.

Gluttonous Behemoth

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 1
  • Item Reward: Melee boots
  • Strategy: The Gluttonous Behemoth is another easy boss, he uses all 3 attack styles, but his attacks are rather inaccurate and low hitting. Once the Behemoth reaches half life points he will attempt to eat from the carcasses found nearby him, if the player is soloing one carcass will be present, in a group there will be 2 carcasses. If the Behemoth is able to eat from the carcasses he will heal himself up to full lifepoints once, this can be stopped however by standing in between the carcass and the behemoth. Protection prayers or soul split will aid the player greatly, making this boss quite easy even for lower levels.

Astea Frostweb

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 1
  • Item Reward: Mage boots, Wands
  • Strategy: Astea Frostweb can be difficult, she will mostly use magic attacks herself, but she has the ability to freeze the player, summon ice spiders, spawn icicles underneath the player. She will also use protection prayers so it is advised to bring 2 attack styles. Praying protect from magic will lower the damage she deals towards the player by a lot as well as aiding the player in not getting frozen.

Luminescent Icefiend

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 5
  • Item Reward: Daggers, Off-hand daggers
  • Strategy: The luminescent icefiend is not particularly strong, except for it's special attack. Once it reaches 75%, 50%, 25% and one lifepoint remaining it will become completely resistant to all damage and it will make icicles fall from the ceiling. These icicles will deal a lot of damage to the player, but won't kill the player, they can be dodged however by running around the room. His usual attacks consist of rather inaccurate magic and ranged attacks.

Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 11
  • Item Reward: Gauntlets
  • Strategy: The Plane-freezer can be found in an arena with is covered in ice, when the player steps on it, they will slide in that direction until they hit a wall or other obstacle. Because of this it is advised to use either ranged or magic attacks against the Plane-freezer, as this allows the player to move as minimally as possible. The Plane-freezers attacks consist of regular attacks using all three combat styles, and an attack which pushes the player away if they are in melee distance.

To'Kash the Bloodchiller

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 17
  • Item Reward: Magic gloves
  • Strategy: This demon uses only inaccurate magic and melee attacks and his special attack, his special attacks consists of him freezing all players in ice and then freeing one of them (if the player is soloing they will immediately be freed). The player who is freed is then able to free all other players by removing the ice from them, any players who are left in the ice too long will be hit by To'Kash and freed by that. He is particularly weak against magic, but all combat styles are rather effective against him.

Abandoned 1 Floor Bosses

Hobgoblin Geomancer

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 23
  • Item Reward: Ranged boots
  • Strategy: The Hobgoblin Geomancer is a medium difficult boss, who can pose quite a big threat at higher levels. Aside from using regular magic and melee attacks, the Hobgoblin Geomancer is able to disable prayers, teleport himself to the player or away from the player and bind the player on the spot. If the player is using prayers when the prayer disable spell hits, the Geomancer will heal himself for a rather high amount of lifepoints. It is highly advised to not use any prayers because of this, as this will make the fight considerably longer and more difficult. It is advised to use magic, as this allows the player to deal damage both close up and at a distance, as well as reducing the damage taken from both the Geomancers attack styles.

Skeletal Horde

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 23
  • Item Reward: Melee helmets
  • a
  • Strategy: The Skeletal Horde boss can be extremely easy, once the player enters the room they will notice several tunnels and a Divine skinweaver in the room. Skeletons will start pouring out of the tunnels and attacking the player. To finish this boss the player has to block all tunnels and kill all the skeletons, the player is not able to immediately block all tunnels however and has to wait for the Divine Skinweaver to announce they can block a tunnel. Staying near the Skinweaver is a good strategy to make this boss easier, as she will heal the player, the longer they stay near her, the higher amounts of lifepoints she will heal at once. It is advised to use either magic or ranged on this boss as the player will only have to move away from the Skinweaver to block the tunnels.

Bulwark Beast

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 23
  • Item Reward: Pickaxes, Hatchets
  • Strategy: The Bulwark Beast is a fairly easy boss and should not pose too much trouble for any players. The behemoth will use all 3 attacks styles, his magic attack hitting all players in the room. If he is fought in a team, the players who the Bulwark Beast is not focussed on should not pray protect from magic, since he will otherwise drain their prayer points. Before the player is able to damage it using melee or ranged attacks, they will have to destroy the Beast's armour plating using pickaxes, if the player uses magic attacks they can damage it straight away, pickaxes in the player's toolbelt will work for this.

Unholy Cursebearer

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 29
  • Item Reward: Staves
  • Strategy: The Unholy Cursebearer can be quite a difficult boss to kill at higher levels, as he is able to drain player's stats as well as their hitpoints with an unholy rot ability. When the player enters the room this rot will automatically effect them and start draining their stats, once the cursebearer is at lower health, they can cure the rot by using the basinsp, this will however slightly heal the cursebearer. He will only use melee and magic attacks, which both do not hit particularly high, but are rather accurate, the player can use their preferred combat style and pray accordingly.

Furnished Floor Bosses

Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 35
  • Item Reward: Rapiers
  • Strategy: Har'Lakk can be a rather difficult boss if the player has a slow internet connection or doesn't pay attention. His regular attacks consist of melee and magic attacks, but he is able to open up portals above the player. These portals will either damage the player, poison the player or decrease their stats. The effect of these will increase the longer they stand in the portal, however if they move they will no longer receive damage.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 35
  • Item Reward: Coifs, Ranged Shields
  • Strategy: Stomp has 3 phases, which increase in difficulty. During the first phase he will only use melee and ranged attacks, once the player gets him down to 2/3rds of his lifepoints he will become invulnerable and drop rocks from the ceiling as well as 2 power crystals. The player has to pick these power crystals up and use them on the lodestones, which are next to Stomp. Once they did this they can attack Stomp once again after a short time, however if they fail to do this in time, Stomp will heal 1/3rd of his lifepoints again. He does this in between every phase. In the second phase he will add a magic attack to his arsenal, simply reduce another third of his lifepoints and activate the lodestones once again. In his final phase he has a high hitting area attack as well, this can be dodged by moving from the spot which the player is standing on, if the player can kill Stomp fast enough this is not needed though.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 35
  • Item Reward: Mauls
  • Strategy: The Rammernaut is rather easy since he only uses melee attacks and his two special attacks, one of these consists of him swinging around his maul, this will push the player back. If the player is still in range he will then hit the player with his maul, draining their defence and stunning them. His other attack is announced by him shouting "charge", after this he will charge after the player and disable their prayers as well as dealing a medium amount of damage on impact. This attack can be avoided by running around and making him run into a wall.

Lexicus Runewright

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 39
  • Item Reward: Magic Hoods, Orbs
  • Strategy: Lexicus can be a considerably difficult boss, as he will spawn several books, which can attack the player and deal a decent amount of damage. His regular attacks are normal melee and magic attacks, he will also deflect damage back to the player if they use melee, use a book barrage spell, which will deal a high amount of damage to the player if they don't move, and teleport around the room. If Lexicus teleports he will also summon several books, these books can be killed in one hit, regardless of their lifepoints. Using magic or ranged is advised against Lexicus, as this will reduce the amount of damage taken.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 45
  • Item Reward: Longbows, Arrows
  • Strategy: Sagittare is one of the easier bosses, although fighting him can take a while. He will use ranged and magic attacks, both of which are able to either bind the player or make them unable to run. The room he is in has a spiral form, so this can hinder the player quite a lot. Once he hits a certain amount of lifepoints he will use a special arrow rain attack, which if it hits the player will damage them, bind them and make them unable to run, he will teleport immediatly after this attack. Using melee is advised, although at lower levels magic is quite effective as well.

Night-gazer Khighorahk

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 51
  • Item Reward: Plateskirts
  • Strategy: The Night-Gazer has a damage reduction which can be stopped by lighting the pillars, there are 4 pillars around the room, each one the player lights will allow the player to hit higher. His regular attacks consist of magic and ranged attack, as well as an attack which he will charge up and which pushes the player back, dealing very high damage. Once the player reduced the Night-Gazers lifepoints to 0 the first time, he will heal back to full health. During this second phase however, the pillars will remain lit so the player can deal full damage at all times. If there are more people in the players team, the pillars will die out faster in the first phase, it is important to make sure these pillars are lit as soon as possible again. If the player is soloing, they can keep 2 pillars lit and still deal a decent amount of damage without too much running around.

Abandoned 2 Floor Bosses

On the second set of Abandoned floors, the player can encounter all the bosses from the previous Abandoned floors, as well as the 2 bosses found below.

Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 59
  • Item Reward: Kiteshields
  • Strategy: The Shadow-forger is a quite easy boss, at higher levels he can become quite strong though. His attacks consist of swinging his body at the player, which is a melee attack which can be blocked by protection prayers. All his other attacks can't be stopped by protection prayers, his magic attack consists of a orange circle around the player. For his ranged attack he will shoot green blobs, these can deal a lot of damage if the player stands in them, because of this it is advised to stay within melee distance. The Shadow-forgers special attack is an attack which he will first charge up, once he is done charging he will launch a wave of light, this will damage the player and drain their stats if they do not hide behind the pillars.

Bal'Lak the Pummeller

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 65
  • Item Reward: Warhammers, Off-hand Warhammers
  • Strategy: Bal'Lak the Pummeller can be a very dangerous boss if the player does not pay attention. The first thing the player will notice when they enter his room is the defence bar showed in the top of the screen, this bar will gradually fill up when there's players in the room. Bal'Lak will use magic and melee attacks, as well as occasionally smash the ground, causing rifts to open. If the player stands on these rifts they will receive rapid damage, however if they lure Bal'Lak on them, the defence bar will go down again. For newer players it's advised to drop the group gatestone outside the room and teleport out once his defence bar gets too high, more advanced players can use the rifts to lower his defence.

Occult Floor Bosses

Runebound Behemoth

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 71
  • Item Reward: Robe Bottoms, Magic Shields
  • Strategy: The Runebound Behemoth is one of the easier bosses if the player pays attention, but he might take a while. There are 3 crystals around the room, corresponding to the three corners of the combat triangle. The player may have noticed that the behemoth uses prayer against all three styles at first, activating the crystal of the warrior will disable his melee prayer a while though. It is essential to always have at least one of his prayer styles disabled, as he is otherwise able to use his special attack, which consists of rather high hitting area attacks. He is able to use attacks using all three styles for his regular attacks, as well as stomp the player if they are underneath him.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 71
  • Item Reward: Chainbodies
  • Strategy: The Gravecreeper is an easy boss, who can require a lot of food however. He uses melee and ranged attacks, which both are not extremely high hitting though. He has 2 special attacks, one of them he will announce by saying "burn", after this he will spawn purple blobs on the floor which will rapidly damage the player. His second special attack is similar but he will use this at set times when his lifepoints reach a certain point. When this happen he will say something once again and then dig into the ground, several of the signs on the floor will turn purple, once he comes out of the floor again these areas will be covered with lightning, which damages the player, disables any prayers and will spawn the purdple blobs as well. The player can disable this by praying at the gravestones nearby, this will drain a low amount of the player's prayer points.

Skeletal Trio

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 71
  • Item Reward: Shortbows and Arrows
  • Strategy: The Skeletal Trio can be an extremely dangerous and difficult boss at higher levels. Basically this boss is nothing different from a Forgotten warrior, Mage and Ranger, however these will use protection prayers. They will randomly change these prayers however. It is advised to use the protection prayer the player is weak against and then target the mage first. The mage and ranger will hit highest, while the warrior is comparably weaker.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 77
  • Item Reward: Chaps, Off-hand Throwing Knives
  • Strategy: To fight the Necrolord, the player has to either use magic or ranged as he is blocked off by a wall of zombie arms. He will only use magic attacks, which consist of earth spells, bind spells and stat draining spells. He is also able to spawn several skeletons, who despite of their low combat level are able to deal a lot of damage, the player is also not able to walk or attack through these skeletons, so it is advised to stand directly against the wall of zombie arms to allow the player to keep attacking the Necrolord. Alternatively the player can teleport out of the room once the skeletons spawn and allow them to despawn.

Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 83
  • Item Reward: Platelegs
  • Strategy: This Stalker boss has 2 phases, during the first phase he will use magic attacks and shoot his eyeball at the player, which is a melee attack. Once the first form dies, it will explode and the Flesk-spoiler it's flesh will become several smaller spawns, these will deal rapid melee damage to one player only. The spoiler itself will continue using melee and magic attacks, it is highly advised the player who is being attacked by the spawns activates melee protection prayers.

Yk'Lagor the Thunderous

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 89
  • Item Reward: Battleaxes, Off-hand Battleaxes
  • Strategy: Yk'Lagor can be either extremely difficult, or really easy, this all depends on how well the player knows his attacks, and on how much lag they are experiencing. Once the player enters the room they first have to kill several of the mages who are keeping Yk'Lagor contained, after they killed a few he will break free and start off with one of his special attacks, these are described a bit further in this strategy. His regular attacks consist of either a magic attack, which he will use if any players are out of melee distance, or a melee attack, which he only uses if all players are in melee distance. He also has 2 special attacks, one which he will use shortly after he says "come closer", the player has to quickly hide behind any of the pillars if he says this, or else they will get dragged closer to Yk'Lagor. If this happens he will completely drain their prayer and heal himself for a considerable amount, if the player is in a team he will heal himself for each player he drags in. His second special attack is announced by him saying "This is true power". Once again the player has to quickly hide behind a pillar, or otherwise he will deal damage for an extremely high amount, possibly killing the player in one hit. Using magic or ranged is advised, as this allows the player to stay directly next to the pillars, allowing them to quickly run behind them. Players who want to use melee will have to pay attention ahead since he is closer to either side of the room, they will have to stand on that side of the room, as this gives them slightly more time to hide.

Warped Floor Bosses


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 95
  • Item Reward: Longswords, Off-hand Longswords
  • Strategy: Blink can be an extremely difficult boss, which will result in several deaths before the player finally manages to kill him. When the player first encounters him, it is advised to get a general idea of how his room looks. On the walls there are several portals, Blink will run out of one, run in a straight line and disappear in another portal. While Blink is running he is invulnerable to damage, he however leaves a blue track which will damage the player if they are too close to him, some damage from this attack can be blocked by using ranged prayer. To stop him from running around, and to make him attackable, the player will have to raise one of the pillars which are in directly in his path. This causes him to run into the pillar and make him attackable, Blink has several attacks, his normal attacks are regular melee, magic and ranged attacks, during the fight he will sometimes say "here it comes". This indicates he will use a very powerful magic attack shortly, this can be blocked however, by raising a pillar in between Blink and the player. Once Blink used the attack, the player can go back to fighting him regularly. After a while Blink will go back to being invulnerable and the player will have to raise a pillar once again.


  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 95
  • Item Reward: Platebodies
  • Strategy: The Dreadnaut is one of the easier bosses on the Warped floors. He has no distinctively special attacks, however he is able to make blobs appear on the floor. These blobs will damage the player constantly, but can be avoided by simply moving to another square. He uses melee and ranged attacks, these are both not extremely accurate.

Warped Gulega

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 95
  • Item Reward: Robe Tops
  • Strategy: The Warped Gulega is one of the longest boss battles the player may encounter, he is not extremely difficult though. The player will notice when fighting him, that the damage they are able to deal to him is severely lower than usual, however the Gorajo familiars will deal regular damage. It is advised to fight him with a familiar and several special scrolls. He is able to use attacks from all three sides of the combat triangle, as well as an extremely high hitting special attack, the special attack will hit the player's current lifepoints minus one, the special attack can be easily recognised by 4 tentacles coming closer to the player, simply run away to avoid this attack.

Hope Devourer

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 101
  • Item Reward: Ranged Bodies
  • Strategy: The Hope Devourer is a rather easy boss who has no particularly complex attack mechanisms. He has 4 attacks which he will use, one of them is just a regular melee attack, the second on is a magic attack which periodically hits the player, this attack hits rather low however. His third attack is his most dangerous attack, the Hope Devourer will knock the player back, dealing damage which is often above 2000 lifepoints. His last attack is only dangerous if the player is using protection prayers, if they have any prayers active, the Hope Devourer will disable their prayers and deal a lot of damage as well as healing himself, this attack can be predicted however as the Hope Devourer will roar before he uses this attack. This attack has no effect on prayers such as Soul Split or Turmoil etc.

World-gorger Shukarhazh

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 107
  • Item Reward: Spears
  • Strategy: The World-gorger can be one of the most difficult bosses to fight, his attacks hit neither high nor are they accurate, however the way he takes damage makes this boss rather difficult. On the walls of his room the player can find 3 eyes, one for ranged, one for melee and one for magic. While these eyes are not damaged, the World-gorger takes considerably less damage and the player will rarely be able to hit him at all. Before the player is able to deal maximum damage they will have to destroy at least 2 of the eyes, however they should make sure they do not damage the eye of the combat style they are using. If the player is using melee for example, and they destroy the eye of the warrior, they will find that they can still rarely hit the World-gorger. Once the eyes respawn back to full health, the player will have to damage them again before they are able to continue the fight like regular.

Kal'Ger the Warmonger

  • Dungeoneering Level Required: 113
  • Item Reward: Two-handed Swords
  • Strategy: Kal'Ger is naturally the strongest boss in all of Daemonheim, despite him not having any special attacks, he is still able to dish out a lot of damage and kill the player. The fight basically consists of 6 phases, during the first phase he will regularly hit the player with melee attacks using his fists, once the player dealt some damage he will grab a primal longsword from the wall and start fighting with that. Once the player has dealt enough damage he will fly over to the other side of the lava stream and start attacking with a celestial catalytic staff. The player can now either find the blue orb on their side of the arena, or attack him using magic or ranged, it is advised to drop a gatestone on the side they are leaving if they are going to use the blue orb, since this allows them to easily teleport back and forth. Once they dealt enough damage during the magic phase, he will fly back and start attacking with a primal 2h sword, simply lower his lifepoints once against and he will fly to the other side again and switch to ranged attacks. During his final phase he will fly back and start attacking with a primal maul, if the player has any turmoil or other stat boosting effects active, Kal'Ger will copy these effects so it is highly advised to turn these off. All through out the fight, if the player has protection prayers active, these will add one point to Kal'Ger's rage bar whenever the prayers block one of Kal'Ger's attacks. This bar is not visible, however once it reaches 10 points, Kal'Ger will shout enough, disable the player's protection prayers and damage them for their current lifepoints minus one. It is advised to either pray soul split, or pay close attention to not let this bar fill up, if they had protection prayers active but turned it off at 9 points, if they tank 9 attacks the bar will be back at 0. During Kal'Ger's melee phases, if the player is still on the opposite side of the lava stream he will drag them into the stream after a while, this will deal a lot of damage and affects all players in the room.

Skilling in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player will have to use several skills to help them get through the dungeon faster. Some doors the player might encounter in Daemonheim also require a certain level in a skill.

Attack in Daemonheim

In a way similar to on the surface, the Attack skill will allow the player to hit more accurately and use better weapons. Aside from a few exceptions the player is able to use a new tier of weapons every 10th level. For more information on these weapons the player can view the Attack in Daemonheim section.

Agility in Daemonheim

Cooking in Daemonheim

There are several items the player can create in Daemonheim using the cooking skill. These are created by either cooking raw fish, or combining cooked fish with other ingredients. For more information view the Cooking in Daemonheim Section

  • Cooking Fish: Several fish can be cooked in Daemonheim. The higher tier the fire used is the smaller the chance is of burning the fish.
  • Fish Potatoes: In Daemonheim it is possible to combine cooked fish with potatoes. These potatoes will heal more lifepoints, but require a higher Cooking level to create and a higher Constitution level to heal their full amount. To create a fish potato simply use the fish of your choice on a cooked cave potato.
  • Gissel Potatoes: It doesn't just end at combining potatoes and fish together, but it is possible to combine even more items. Such as combining gissel mushrooms together with a potato and a cooked fish. These will heal even more, but require a higher Cooking and Constitution level once again.
  • Edicap Potatoes: The best healing food in Daemonheim are the Edicap Potatoes. These are created by using a Edicap mushroom, a potato and cooked fish together. This requires the highest Cooking level and Constitution level out of all food to create and use.

Construction in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim Construction can be used to build several handy things instead of the Group Gatestone Portal in the starting room. To do this the player will need a certain Construction level and several materials. For more information view the Construction in Daemonheim Section.

Crafting in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player can use their Crafting skill to create armour for both Magic and Ranged. Magic armour is made from cloth, which can be made by spinning plant fibres. Ranged armour is made from Bovimastyx hides. The player will need a needle and thread for both these actions. For more information view the Crafting in Daemonheim Section.

Defence in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player will be able to wear better types of armour if they level their Defence skill, most of these new tiers can be worn at every 10th level. For more information view the Defence in Daemonheim Section.

Divination in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player can gather energy and memories in the same way they do on the surface. They can find wisps all over the dungeon and a rift in the starting room. Two kinds of portents can be created in Daemonheim. For more information view the Divination in Daemonheim Section.

  • Portents of Passage: Portents of Passage can be used to pass skill doors which the player would normally lack the skill level for. The amounts of levels the portent boosts is determined by the tier of the portent.
  • Portents of Restoration: Portents of Restoration will automatically restore the player their lifepoints once it drops below 50% and they get damaged. The amount restored depends on the portent used.

Farming in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player can use their farming skill to assist in various other skills such as Herblore or Cooking. For more information view the Farming in Daemonheim Section.

  • Food: In Daemonheim the player is able to grow food using several seeds and spores. The produce from this can be eaten raw or combined with fish to create high healing food.
  • Textiles: All over the dungeon the player will occasionally find plants growing. These can be picked from and the produce used to make magic robes.
  • Herbs: In Daemonheim the player can also grow herbs to use in Herblore. There are several types of herbs, all which belong in 3 tiers. Seeds for these herbs can be bought from the smuggler or can be obtained as a monster drop.

Firemaking in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player is able to make fires by lighting branches. The higher tier branches require higher Firemaking levels. For more information view the Firemaking in Daemonheim Section.

Fishing in Daemonheim

While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you are also able to fish for your own food. The fish found within Daemonheim are slightly different than those you would find on the surface of Gielinor. Raw fish caught within Daemonheim will stack in your inventory. For more information view the Fishing in Daemonheim Section.

Fletching in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player can use Fletching to create various items. For more information view the Fletching in Daemonheim Section.

  • Arrow Shafts: In Daemonheim higher tier logs will provide the player with more arrow shafts when fletched.
  • Arrows: Arrows are in Daemonheim also completed by using feathers on arrow shafts and then using the respective arrowheads on headless arrows.
  • Shortbows: Shortbows are created by crafting a shortbow (u) and then using a bowstring on the unstrung bow. Unstrung bows can be fletched from logs.
  • Shieldbows: Shieldbows similar are created by cutting logs into a shieldbow (u). Use a bowstring on the unstrung bow to complete the bow.
  • Staves: Staves can be created by cutting logs. These staves will provide all elemental runes.
  • Wands: Wands can be created by cutting logs. Similar to staves they provide all elemental runes.
  • Traps: Traps can be created by cutting logs. These traps are used to catch Bovimastyx in Daemonheim for their hides, which are used in Crafting.

Herblore in Daemonheim

Same as on the surface the player will need a herb, a secondary ingredient and a vial of water to make potions in Daemonheim. The herbs can be obtained by growing them using the Farming skill, obtained as a drop from several monsters or obtained from chests. Secondary ingredients are bought either from the smuggler of obtained as a drop from monsters. The herbs also have to be cleaned similar to on the surface. For more information view the Herblore in Daemonheim Section.

  • Herbs in Daemonheim: There are 3 tiers of herbs in Daemonheim. Cleaning these herbs requires a herblore level.
  • Weak Potions: Weak potions are the weakest potion in Daemonheim, but they still boost skills by quite a lot. They are made from the tier 1 herbs.
  • Medium Potions: Medium potions are the second tier of potion. They require tier 2 herbs and boost more then weak potions.
  • Strong Potions: Strong potions are the strongest potion in Daemonheim. They boost skills by a lot. They are made from the tier 3 herbs.

Hunter in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim the player can use their Hunter skill to catch and skin Bovimastyx. For more information view the Hunter in Daemonheim Section.

  • Traps: In Daemonheim there are several tiers of traps. These traps require a certain hunter level to be set. Higher traps are better at catching Bovimastyx.
  • Skinning Bovimastyx: After the player has managed to catch a Bovimastyx in their trap they can skin it to obtain several hides. For this there is also a certain hunter level needed for each tier creature. These hides are used in creating Ranged armour.

Magic in Daemonheim

Similar to on the surface, in Daemonheim the player can choose between staves or wands with offhand weapons. All weapons, aside from the elemental staves, provide the player with an infinite amount of elemental runes. There is also a special spellbook which can only be used in Daemonheim. For more information view the Magic in Dungeoneering Section.

Mining in Daemonheim

While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you are also able to mine your own ores and hence smelt them into bars for Smithing. However, a maximum of 5 ores can be obtained from each rock provided that you don't "crush" the ore, making the ore unusable. For more information view the Mining in Daemonheim Section.

Prayer in Daemonheim

Ranged in Daemonheim

Similar to on the surface the player their Ranged skill will allow the player to use better tiers of weapons, ammunition and armour in Daemonheim. For more information view the Ranged in Daemonheim Section.

Runecrafting in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim Runecrafting is not only used to create various runes. But also used to empower staves or wands to make them more powerful. For more information view the Runecrafting in Daemonheim Section.

  • Creating Runes: Making runes in Daemonheim is very similar to making runes on the surface. The differences are that you can create all runes on any altar you find in the dungeons. The amount of XP gained is also drastically lower and rune essence is stackable in Daemonheim. It is possible to make multiple runes in Daemonheim as well. This requires the same level as on the surface.
  • Empowering: In Daemonheim it's possible to empower simple wooden staves, wands and regular orbs to create more powerful Catalytic items. These Catalytic items will provide all elemental runes when wielded.

Slayer in Daemonheim

There are several monsters in Daemonheim which require a certain level in the Slayer skill to kill, some of these can also be found on the surface, others are specific to Daemonheim. These have often very powerful or unique drops which can't be obtained anywhere else. For more information view the Slayer in Daemonheim Section.

Smithing in Daemonheim

The player can smith various melee armours in Daemonheim. These use special ores which the player can only find in the dungeons. These ores can be obtained as monster drops, mined or bought from the smuggler. For more information view the Smithing in Daemonheim Section.

Strength in Daemonheim

Strength will allow the player to hit higher, as well as allow the player to use higher tier mauls in Daemonheim. These mauls do not require an attack level to wield but only the respective strength level.For more information view the Strength in Daemonheim Section.

Summoning in Daemonheim

In Daemonheim there are 6 classes of familiars the player can create, these help the player with combat or non-combat skills. They are created from charms, obtained as monster drops, and various resources which can be bought, gathered or obtained as monster drops. For more information view the Summoning in Daemonheim Section.

Bloodrager Familiars

Bloodrager familiars are the melee class familiar the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require ores as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Bloodrager Familiars are called Sundering Strike scrolls. When used, the familiar will use an attack which is 50% more accurate, deals more damage to their opponent and lowers the opponents defence.

Deathslinger Familiars

Deathslinger familiars are the ranged class familiar the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require logs as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Deathslinger Familiars are called Poisonous Shot scrolls. When used, the familiar will use an attack which is 50% more accurate, deals more damage to their opponent and has a chance of poisoning their opponent

Stormbringer Familiars

Stormbringer familiars are the magic class familiar the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require plant fibres as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Stormbringer Familiars are called Snaring Wave scrolls. When used, the familiar will use an attack which is 50% more accurate, deals more damage to their opponent and binds their opponent.

Hoardstalker Familiars

Hoardstalker familiars are the skill boosting familiars the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require leather hides as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Hoardstalker Familiars are called Aptitude scrolls. When used, the familar will invisibly boost the player's skill levels by 1-10 levels, depending on the tier of the scroll used.

Worldbearer Familiars

Worldbearer familiars are the Beasts of burden type familiar the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require torn bags as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Worldbearer Familiars are called Second Wind scrolls. When used, the player will regain a small amount of their run energy, the amount they will recover depends on the tier of scroll used.

Skinweaver Familiars

Skinweaver familiars are the healing familiars the player can summon in Daemonheim. They require cooked fish as a secondary ingredient.

The scrolls for the Skinweaver Familiars are called Glimmer of Light scrolls. When used, the player will get healed by an amount ranging from 100 to 1000 lifepoints, depending on the tier of scroll used.

Thieving in Daemonheim

Woodcutting in Daemonheim

While raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you are also able to woodcut various trees which grow along the walls to help aid you. The trees found within Daemonheim are slightly different than those you would find on the surface of Gielinor. Logs cut within Daemonheim will stack in your inventory. For more information view the Woodcutting in Daemonheim Section.


Once the player completes a floor they will gain a certain amount of experience, as well as an amount of tokens, which equals 1/10th of the amount of experience they obtained from that floor (rounded down to whole tokens). Aside from completing floors the player can also gain tokens in other ways, such as completing Fremennik sagas, participating in the Sinkholes Distraction and Diversion or from Treasure Hunter. These tokens can be used to buy various rewards such as chaotic weapons, skilling scrolls or other items which will aid the player outside of Dungeoneering. All rewards can be bought or recharged at the Rewards trader who is found just south of the banker at Daemonheim. The player is also able to complete certain floors by spending tokens, this will allow them to skip floors without their progress being negatively affected.

Amulets and Accessories

Item Group Item Token Cost Dungeoneering Level Required Other Requirements F2P/P2P Item Description
Melee Necklaces
Brawler's jab necklace
6500 30 30 Provides a 2.9% boost to the player's melee crit chance.

Brawler's hook necklace
15,000 50 50 Provides a 3.5% boost to the player's melee crit chance.

Brawler's knockout necklace
100,000* 70 80 Provides a 4.9% boost to the player's melee crit chance.
Magic Necklaces
Arcane pulse necklace
6500 30 30 Provides a 2.9% boost to the player's magic crit chance.

Arcane blast necklace
15,000 50 50 Provides a 3.5% boost to the player's magic crit chance.

Arcane stream necklace
100,000* 70 80 Provides a 4.9% boost to the player's magic crit chance.
Ranged Necklaces
Farsight quick shot necklace
6500 30 30 Provides a 2.9% boost to the player's ranged crit chance.

Farsight snap shot necklace
15,000 50 50 Provides a 3.5% boost to the player's ranged crit chance.

Farsight sniper necklace
100,000* 70 80 Provides a 4.9% boost to the player's melee crit chance.
Prayer Necklaces
Twisted bird skull necklace
8500 30 30 Restores 50 prayer points when the player buries any type of bones.

Split dragontooth necklace
17,000 60 60 Restores 50 prayer points for bones lower than big bones, and 100 points for big bones or higher.

Demon horn necklace
35,000 90 90 Restores 50 prayer points for normal, burnt or bat bones, 100 points for big, baby dragon of wyvern bones, 150 points for dragon bones or higher.

Amulet of Zealots
40,000 48 48 Decreases the player's prayer bonus by 5, however it will boost the effect of one single stat boosting prayer by 10%
Misc Items
Ring of vigour
50,000 62 62 Allows the player to keep 10% adrenaline after they use an ultimate ability.

Spirit cape
45,000 50 50
Decreases the amount of points the player will use when using a familiar's special move scroll.

Mercenary's gloves
48,500 73 73 Provides an 219 boost to the player's life points and has a Ranged armour rating of 64.

Anti-poison totem
44,000 60 60
This will stop the player from getting poisoned while it's equipped. It will however not remove already existing poison.
Chaotic kiteshield
200,000 80 80 Melee shield, Armour rating: 384, Life bonus: 1200

Eagle-eye kiteshield
200,000 80 80 Ranged shield, Armour rating: 384, Life bonus: 1200

Farseer kiteshield
200,000 80 80 Magic shield, Armour rating: 384, Life bonus: 1200

*These three necklaces are created by using a Chaotic remnant, which costs 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens, on a Saradomin's hiss, murmur or whisper.

Weapons and Staves

Item Group Item Token Cost Dungeoneering Level Required Other Requirements F2P/P2P Item Description
Gravite weapons
Gravite 2h sword
40,000 45 55 Two handed slash weapon, damage: 1229, accuracy: 983

Gravite longsword
40,000 45 55 One handed slash weapon, damage: 673, accuracy: 983

Gravite shortbow
40,000 45 55 Two handed ranged weapon, damage: 482, accuracy: 983,

Gravite staff
40,000 45 55 Two handed magic weapon, accuracy: 983

Gravite rapier
40,000 45 55 One handed stab weapon. damage: 673, accuracy: 983
Chaotic mainhand weapons
Chaotic longsword
200,000 80 80 One handed slash weapon, damage: 980, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic rapier
200,000 80 80 One handed stab weapon, damage: 980, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic crossbow
200,000 80 80 One handed ranged weapon, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic staff
200,000 80 80 Two handed magic weapon, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic maul
200,000 80 80 Two handed crush weapon, damage: 1788, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic spear*
200,000 80 80 Two handed stab weapon, damage: 1788, accuracy: 1924

Chaotic claw*
100,000 80 80 One handed slash weapon, damage: 768, accuracy: 1924, melee crit: 0.9%
Off-hand weapons
Off-hand chaotic longsword
100,000 80 80 One handed slash weapon, damage: 490, accuracy: 1924

Off-hand chaotic rapier
100,000 80 80 One handed stab weapon, damage: 490, accuracy: 1924

Off-hand chaotic crossbow
100,000 80 80 One handed ranged weapon, accuracy: 1924

Off-hand chaotic claw*
100,000 80 80 One handed slash weapon, damage: 384, accuracy: 1924, melee crit: 0,9%

Tome of frost
43,000 48 48 Supplies infinite water runes, accuracy: 801
Rune staves
Law staff
10,000 45 45 Stores up to 1000 law runes, 1/10 chance of not using a law rune when wielded, accuracy: 732

Nature staff
12,500 53 53 Stores up to 1000 nature runes, 1/10 chance of not using a nature rune when wielded, accuracy: 928

*Chaotic claws and the chaotic spear are created by using Chaotic spikes on either a Mainhand dragon claw, an Off-hand dragon claw or a Zamorakian spear. The player will need 5 spikes per claw or 10 spikes for the spear.

Skilling Scrolls

These scrolls can be read to unlock a permanent ability, the scroll will then disappear.

Item Token Cost Dungeoneering Level Required Other Requirements F2P/P2P Item Description

Scroll of life
10,000 25 25 When harvesting or clearing a non-tree farming patch the player has a 10% chance of obtaining the seeds they planted in there. When harvesting or clearing a tree or fruit tree patch they have a 5% chance of obtaining the seed they planted in the patch. If the player clears a dead herb patch they have a chance of obtaining a random herb seed, this is not necessarily the same type as they planted in that patch.

Scroll of cleansing
20,000 55 49 A 1/8 chance of creating a potion faster, as well as a 1/10 chance of saving a secondary ingredient when creating potions.

Scroll of efficiency
20,000 55 55 Chance of not using a bar when smithing an item which uses 3 or more bars, the chance depends on the type of bar.

Scroll of proficiency
20,000 60 60 Chance of not using a plank if they create an item which uses 3 or more planks, the chance depends on the type of plank.

Scroll of dexterity
20,000 60 60 Chance of not using a piece of material if they create an item which uses 3 or more of the same piece of material, the chance depends on the type of material.

Scroll of Daemonheim
30,000 70 None If the player receives any experience in a non combat skill, they have a 50% chance of obtaining 5% more Dungeoneering experience upon completion of the dungeon.

Scroll of renewal
38,000 65 65 Unlocks the Rapid renewal prayer

Scroll of rigour
140,000 74 74 Unlocks the Rigour prayer

Scroll of augury
153,000 77 77 Unlocks the Augury prayer

Storage and Collecting Items

Item Token Cost Dungeoneering Level Required Other Requirements F2P/P2P Item Description

Gem bag
2000 25 25 Can store 100 uncut gems up to and including diamonds.

Coal bag
4000 35 35 Can store up to 27 pieces of coal.

Gold accumulator
20,000-60,000* 60 None Picks up all coin drops the player gets, lasts for 1 million coins.

34,000 21 21 Automatically buries bone drops.

34,000 21 21 Can destroy herb drops in exchange for twice the experience normally gained from cleaning the herbs.

Charming imp
100,000 21 21 Will pick up charms while it's in the player's inventory.


Pet Token Cost Dungeoneering Level Required Other Requirements F2P/P2P

85,000 80 80

250,000 85 99
Must be able to enter the Asgarnian Ice Resource Dungeon

Mini blink
500,000 95 Must have defeated Blink

Hope nibbler
1,000,000 101 Must have defeated the Hope Devourer

Miscellaneous Rewards

  • Shieldbow sights: These can be attached to maple, magic and elder shieldbows to increase their stats. Each shieldbow sight costs 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Gem bag upgrade: This upgrade will allow the gem bag to also hold uncut dragonstones, however it lowers the overall amount of gems the bag can hold. This costs 20,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Hoardstalker ring recharge: This reward will recharge one completely depleted Hoardstalker ring. This costs 10,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Ring of kinship reset: This option will reset your Ring of kinship, refuding any tokens invested in any of the available classes. This costs 50,000 Dungeoneering tokens.
  • Wildcard ability: This permanent ability will grant you a random card whenever you enter a sinkhole. This ability costs 20,000 tokens.
  • Experience: The player can buy experience with their tokens. Using this option will grant the player 1 experience point per token.

Skipping Floors

It is possible to spend tokens to skip certain floors, this can be useful for skipping floors which you don't want to do or at higher levels it can save the player time by skipping all lower floors. The cost for skipping floors depends on the floor being skipped as well as the player's Dungeoneering level, the formula for this is: Floor number x Dungeoneering level x (Dungeoneering level / 20), however the minimum cost for skipping floors is always 500 tokens. The player is also only able to skip floors which they have actually completed during a previous reset.

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Extra Features

Resource Dungeons

Resource dungeons are bonus areas that require a minimum Dungeoneering level to enter. Upon the first entry into these dungeons, a one-time experience reward is received for discovering the dungeon as well as other resources inside. These resources include new monster spawns, like the infamous frost dragons, extra spawns of the monsters that the dungeon is found near, mining rocks, trees, and item spawns that are used in the Herblore skill. The experience given for finding a dungeon is similar to using experience lamps or penguin points for the skill as Dungeoneering tokens are not awarded with the experience. The total experience given for discovering all sixteen currently released dungeons is 100,000 xp, or 12,000 xp for non members.

Location Level Map Information Image Members Only? Experience
Edgeville Dungeon chaos druids dungeon 10 Level 46 Chaos Druids and grimy ranarr, marrentil, irit and harralander spawns 1,100
Dwarven Mine hidden mine 15 Level 14 Dwarves, coal, silver and mithril rocks, a deposit box and an extended area with mithril and adamant rocks (daemonheim aura requried) 1,500
Edgeville Dungeon hill giant dungeon 20 Level 64 Hill giants and 4 limpwurt root spawns 1,600
Karamja Volcano lesser demon dungeon 25 Level 8 Imps and level 100 Lesser demons 2,100
Daemonheim woodcutting island dungeon 30 Maple and willow trees as well as an extended area with yew trees and a deposit box (daemonheim aura required) 2,400
Waterfall fire giant dungeon 35 Level 122 Fire giants 3,000
Mining Guild hidden mine 45 Mithril, adamant and runite rocks 4,400
Braindeath Island submerged dungeon 50 Level 120 'Rum'™-pumped crabs and level 120 General malpractitioners 0
Taverly hellhound dungeon 55 Level 132 Hellhounds 6,150
Taverly blue dragon dungeon 60 Level 106 Blue dragons and 12 blue dragon scale spawns 7,000
Varrock moss giant dungeon 65 Level 74 Moss giants, magic trees and 4 limpwurt root spawns 8,500
Dragontooth Island celestial dragon dungeon 67 Level 182 Celestial dragons 0
Chaos Tunnels black demon dungeon 70 Level 140 Black demons 9,600
Al Kharid hidden dungeon 75 Impling spawns, gem, silver and gold rocks 11,400
Brimhaven metal dragon dungeon 80 Level 144 Steel dragons, Level 140 Iron dragons, anvils and an extended area containing Level 160 Mithril dragons 12,800
Polypore Dungeon 82 Level 38 Fungal rodents, level 154 Grifolaroos, level 116 Fungal mages, level 150 Infested axe, level 148 Grifolapine, level 160 Ganodermic runt and level 160 Ganodermic beasts 13,500
Ice Dungeon frost dragon dungeon 85 Level 160 Frost dragons 15,000
Daemonheim Kal'gerion Demon dungeon 90 Level 180 Kal'gerion demons and Kal'gerion gem rocks 17,500

Fremennik Sagas

A man named Skaldrun came to Daemonheim ages ago, only to find himself cursed. While encased in ice in the Dungeons of Daemonheim, his mind became filled with an untold multitude of stories throughout the ages.

Once you discover Skaldrun and free him from his icy prison, he will return to the surface. Meet up with him here and he will tell you the stories of Daemonheim and allow you to witness the events that took place first hand.

Completing each of the sagas will earn you Dungeoneering XP and tokens.


A sinkhole is a Dungeoneering based Distraction and Diversion where teams of 5 go head to head to clear out dungeons to gain Dungeoneering tokens and experience. For more details, check out our Sinkhole guide to learn when and where they occur as well as what the rewards are and how to reap them.

Unreadable Pages

If you have at least 75 Dungeoneering you can find Unreadable pages which unlock combination potions but you still need to purchase the ability to make them from Lady Meilyr in the Meilyr section of Prifddinas. Alternatively you can spend 500,000 Dungeoneering tokens to buy a page but you still need to purchase the ability to make them from Lady Meilyr. There is a total of nine pages and the chances of finding one varies on your Dungeoneering level. When you open a door you have a 1 in 1280 chace of one spawning and it increases to a maximum of 1 in 320 per door at 120 Dungeoneering. In Hard Mode you get a 1 in 107 chance per door. If you found or bought all nine pages (or found some and bought the others) no more pages spawn.

Daemonheim Task Set

We have a dedicated guide for the Daemonheim Task Set, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Hard-mode Dungeoneering

Hard-mode Dungeoneering can be unlocked after completing all easy, medium, hard & elite Daemonheim tasks and a minimum Dungeoneering level of 95. Hard-mode is essentially killing every monster in every room but to be a little bit quicker, kill all monsters except those in dead ends. If you try and enter another room while there are still monsters in the current room, you will receive the following message in your chatbox: "The door won't unlock until all of the guardians in the room have been slain.". If you also enter another room and there are monsters in there, you cannot go back out of the room unless you teleport out. When entering a Hard Mode, you won't be given the option to choose which floor you do as it automatically sets it to the highest depending on your team size. 1 or 2 people gives a Medium floor and 3+ has the full Large floor of 65 rooms.

The following message will show up on your screen when you are eligible for Hard-mode:

You may also check your floor progress of hard mode by going to Thok, right-clicking on him and selecting 'Check Hard Mode Floors'. From here, you will be presented with this interface which shows which floors in Hard mode you have completed:

If you complete all 60 floors on Hard-mode, then you will earn yourself a prestige title: This requires level 119 Dungeoneering to access.

Other Features in Hard-mode

Inside of the dungeon, with Hard Mode active of course, there will be a lot less features available with more stronger monsters. This follows in the list below:

  • There is considerably less food available in the dungeon.
  • You are unable to teleport out of boss rooms when inside.
  • All monsters are maximum level.
  • Slayer monsters are more common than a normal dungeon.
  • Usually you will receive Tier 10 or 11 rewards from killing the boss.
  • Some bosses are made more difficult such as the World-gorger Shukarhazh heals back to full HP if a player dies in the room.
  • The Daemonheim aura 4 of bringing a player back to life will not work at all.

The Lore of Daemonheim

Daemonheim is an old place with lots of events which happened and characters with stories which took place there. These stories can be discovered while raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim and collected, some of these can be obtained as drops from regular monsters, others can only be obtained as drops from bosses. This section may contain spoilers for players who have not yet collected all journals.

Bilrach's Chronicles

The Chronicles of Bilrach describe the story of Bilrach, the Zamorakian Mahjarrat who built the dungeons of Daemonheim. There are 30 chronicles in this set, they can be obtained every second floor.

Chronicle 1

Year 1225 of the Fourth Age:
Finally! After four long years of bringing in weak-minded fools to follow my cause unknowingly, today is the day - the day I begin the great descent. Today, my research pays off and the journey begins; today, I journey down towards ultimate victory. My power is as true as the whispers calling. Today, I begin.
Praise be to Zamorak!

Chronicle 2

Year 1241 of the Fourth Age:
After years of evading detection, my research finally led me to the castle above. It seems similar to that of the Dragonkin of old: protectors of the artifact, enders of the Great Wars. Of course, I should have suspected It to be hidden in a manner as straightforward as this! fools to abandon such a place; why would they move on? It must all be linked in somehow, but time does not allow for further investigation. My power now is to be used on one thing: forging through the very earth that separated me from my goal.
Praise be to Zamorak!

Chronicle 3

Year 1266 of the Fourth age:
Many of the weak minded servants and slaves are moving with me as I go deeper. What curiosity or purpose drives them? I didn't even have to force many of them. I cannot dwell; as much as I hate to admit it, I need them for now. I must have the rearguards and the servants to dig the early sections out. I won't be wasting any of my power doing this; I'll save myself for a challenge worthy of me taking a more frontal role. For now, I'll have to settle for the role of slavedriver.
Praise be to Zamorak!

Chronicle 4

Year 1285 of the Fourth Age:
There has been acceptable progress since my last entry, but still I crave for more. I will have to work on re-awakening my lost power. While my mighty slumber restored a large amount of power, it was once again lost in my great search for this place. Evading detection required some interesting methods and many disguises, which has again left me drained. I have faith. In time, my full power will return once more and, when it does, I shall break through the world with such a fury as to make Him proud.
Praise be to Zamorak!

Chronicle 5

Year 1313 of the Fourth Age:
Those fools! I pity the imbeciles of my kind. To think they looked down on me and doubted the extent of my power! Pathetic. Zemouregal, if he could only see me now, he would not be so quick to judge my abilities. I have no doubt that he'll be wasting his time on some lost cause for power that he'll never obtain. They'll see my true strength in due time; they'll see who will be sacrificed, they'll tremble at the mention of my name!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 6

Year 1324 of the Fourth Age:
The area I've broken into below is beginning to exude more heat. It might even be suitable for my minions to dwell here, to more efficiently serve my cause. Those who refuse to move here out of fear of my power, I will just force or kill. They dare not to question my rule. They dare not stand up to a Mahjarrat. They dare not question me, Bilrach, their master.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 7

Year 1337 of the Fourth Age:
The soil I tunnel through is like no other. Someone or something has created this place as some sort of safeguard. Sometimes, when I use my magic to carve through, the areas behind collapse and reappear elsewhere. There is some magical force at play here that is hard to comprehend. Recently, many of my servants were cut off - they said the dungeon I'd forged had a different layout from when they left. On the topic of servants, they are more frail than I feared. The giants last longer, but they can no longer fit into the small tunnels their human counterparts dig. I'll just slay them all and use their meat to feed the other slaves. Hah! How I do amuse myself so!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 8

Year 1403 of the Fourth Age:
It turns out that I was right: the area above has begun to cool to freezing. My servants are moving deeper with me; it was pleasant to see them do it voluntarily for a change. Perhaps they believe themselves to be with me in this great descent? Ha! They'll last as long as their use permits, and they'll follow me deeper if they want to survive. As if I'd stop to maintain an area for them to live in!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 9

Year 1424 of the Fourth Age:
If memory serves, I've passed the two-century mark of tunneling into this place. I feel the pull of the power below. If I reach the bottom, great rewards will be mine and the world will burst open as I dominate the kingdoms of this frail world. Enough, I must return to my work. I cannot guarantee that I am the only one seeking this, and must beat any who also seek it, as if they could stand up to me.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 10

Year 1446 of the Fourth Age:
Yet more meatsacks have perished under these conditions. Why they insist on sleeping and eating once or twice a week irritates me to no end. They leave me no choice but to mate them up and breed new offspring to continue my journey. The depth I have reached is of a different potency to the above. The rock and heat are suitable for simple beings to survive. Obviously a powerful being such as myself has no problem moving on, but this would probably be the best depth for my slaves to settle so they can serve me more effectively. For my purposes only, I will slow my progress to extend a hand in helping them set up. They'll make up for this later.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 11

Year 1464 of the Fourth Age:
I'm as clear of mind as the day I started this descent. My methods and the nature of this place may seem random, but I've yet to use the more dangerous and unstable side of my power. My sanity is unwavering; hearing whispers from the earth below is not a sign of my mind breaking, it merely confirms I am getting closer and should continue down. Should I be concerned that the whispers try to guide me?
Zamorak guide me!

Chronicle 12

Year 1505 of the Fourth Age:
Progress is frustratingly slow, as of late, but it is progress at least. I'm nearing the end with every day and I must retain my focus, my drive. I know what dwells at the bottom - there is only one thing powerful enough that can emanate power across planes of existence. I must be right.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 13

Year 1533 of the Fourth Age:
Finally, those fools near the surface who refused to follow were forced by their need to survive! To think I didn't have to lift a hand in the end. Today, I hear of a mass exodus, all moving down to this depth. I know this is a higher power's doing, bending the will of the world to my cause. I continue.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 14

Year 1573 of the Fourth Age:
Forty years have passed since my last entry and finally, this area is completely self-sustaining. A working chain of production has been created amongst my slaves. The digging should be far more efficient and, more importantly, I have a solid rearguard if any choose to come after me. As if anyone would try to follow in my footsteps now! On the subject of slaves, I've had great success in my breeding program. I've taken the strength of the giants, the skin of the goblin and the size and basic intelligence of a human, and created a barely adequate but much-improved slave. Conditioning has sped up progress also. I've even bred them to believe pain is good for them! They'll literally work until they drop dead where they are!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 15

Year 1641 of the Fourth age:
Is it fate that significant progress is made on the anniversary of my start date? Four-hundred years of careful destruction and here I am, nearing the half-way mark! If I can make it half-way, I can make it all the way. I swear my power increases the deeper I go. It will not be long before I unleash on this earth. I will be closer to the end than the start. Soon, I will be at the Rift!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 16

Year 1645 of the Fourth age:
Centuries have passed since I awoke, but, still, there has been no sign or word of the others. Pathetic. I see now why He chose me as his second in command. If the creation and summoning of the mighty Tsutsaroth demon for Him wasn't a sign that I am worthy of that title, what I am doing now will be. None of the others dare to do this; none of the others have the power to do this; none of the others have the focus to do this. They settle for scrabbling around with what is left and they will be punished for their lack of faith. Curious, I still feel the presence of K'ril in this realm...
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 17

Year 1693 of the Fourth Age:
It turns out that I have been rewarded for my time creating the area above for my workers to inhabit, as it will serve as a powerful hub to the surface and help speed my progress. Even so, the fact that they fear the depth below is a concern. Thankfully, I can force a lot of the cowards, but I fear it won't be enough to make quick progress. The time may be coming for me to use some unstable methods.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 18

Year 1724 of the Fourth Age:
A disgrace! I thought losing servants out of fear to the depth was bad, but now rebellion? I quashed this before it had a chance. Two treacherous fools dared attack me? History will mark this day: the day Astea Frostweb and Lexicus Runewright were enslaved by the mighty Bilrach and split for all eternity. They thought their combined magical ability could stand up to me? Small-minded fools! They will never be together again and will serve my purpose as guards of my great dungeon forever. There will be no further uprisings after that demonstration.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 19

Year 1730 of the Fourth Age:
A new depth has been reached and it is weak to my magic. Using portal magic should be safe enough here. If the portal network is successful, I can not only dump our waste and effluence into another realm, but I can search for powerful creatures to enslave and defend my great work here.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 20

Year 1824 of the Fourth Age:
Nearly a century passes and I have been rewarded. Portal magic was the best move I could have made, and it has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for this project. Not only am I able to draw power from the portals as I once did, but I've managed to enslave ever-more powerful and destructive beasts. The Stalkers, the lumbering Behemoths and the curiously noble Kal'Gerions are all creatures of my will now, defending my great work as if it were their own. Those who search for me and follow my footsteps will have brutal obstacles to overcome. Now to find something even more powerful!
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 21

Year 1890 of the Fourth Age:
I hazard to call it a disaster, but something grossly unwanted has happened. One of my portals malfunctioned and a race of troublesome creatures crept through without me noticing. They refer to themselves as the Gorajo and they maneuvered against me from the very start; their culture despises the reanimation of the dead and the summoning of demons, it seems. The backward fools. While my powers are great, they have a habit of keeping out of sight, so I fear this will be a long fight.
Zamorak guide me!

Chronicle 22

Year 1911 of the Fourth Age:
Curse the gorajo! The air here is turgid with magic, and no matter how many times I close the portal to their realm, another reopens. I've decided to forge on; those pathetic creatures will pay later. I will reach the Rift soon and come back to destroy them once and for all.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 23

Year 0 of the 5th Age:
I've heard that some are calling this the beginning of the Fifth Age; it would seem suitable if they weren't calling it The Age of Man. Bah! I rename it The Age of Reckoning! I will allow the humans three hours to celebrate, and then we work again. I will not allow them any longer than that: revelry leads to rebellion, and I cannot afford to massacre them as we get so close.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 24

Year 5 of the 5th Age:
This is it. The area below is weaker than the bedrock I have been forging through, and my magic carves through it like saw through flesh. This must be fate's reward for seeking the interplanar portal below, the portal that separates me from my Masters realm of banishment. To think He could have been banished and contained! Vile trickery...
I, Bilrach, will find this Rift, where the barrier between realms thins.
I, Bilrach, will re-open it and release my Master upon this world once more.
I, Bilrach, will release Zamorak!

Chronicle 25

Year 24 of the Fifth Age:
Curse the blasted gorajo! They've wasted more time and progress than I care to expend. Their elders and children will pay for their misdeeds. I vow, here and now, that I will sunder their world with the power I acquire at the bottom of this place. Blast them and their cowardly raids, their burning of the beams and struts, and their plundering of our resources.
Zamorak be praised,
Gorajo be damned!

Chronicle 26

Year 45 of the Fifth age:
As promised, I'm recovering whatever time and depth we have lost to the gorajo. I have found methods to push faster and farther; my portals rip through floors like never before, and anything anything I leave behind is dumped as waste in the Gorajo realm. Let their families pay the price for their warriors slowing me down! I grin to think of the welcome they'll be given by their families when they return home.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 27

Year 79 of the Fifth Age:
I pulse with it now: the power that seeps from the interplaner rift. I cannot be far, and we progress with exhilarating speed. I question whether my proximity to my Master has meant that He lends His power to mine. Wait - if He has such influence on this world, could He not break through Himself? I must not sully my purpose with doubts: the end is too close.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 28

Year 118 of the Fifth Age:
While I destroy and carve through the land with a satisfying ease, the areas behind me are becoming alarmingly unstable. Just today, one collapsed and the interplanar shockwaves caused the earth about it to warp and corrupt. While this corruption is concerning, I refuse to be stopped. I move on and force the slaves who remain strong enough to come with me. I will not look back now, I leave my problems in my wake.
Zamorak be praised!

Chronicle 29

Year 137 of the Fifth Age:
His whispers have turned to voices, and I am close to Him now. I am but a few years from the end; yet, I fear the progress will be slow. So much of my power is spent defensively, propping up the floors that threaten to crash down upon me. The floors above are warped, out of control and dangerously unstable. I have trouble containing them, so, instead, I have chose to protect just myself. That being said, what followers I left behind are now lost to corruption, and I fear that a foe will rise that even I could not deal with. Still, I move on alone; if I make it a little deeper, this area will serve as a challenge for anyone who tries to reach me.
Zamorak guide me!

Chronicle 30

Year 165 of the Fifth Age:
The end cannot be far now, I feel the dark energy around me, draining me: shouldn't it be empowering me? The voice tells me to stop writing. Have I used up all my power getting this far, or is it ebbing through other means? The voice tells me to push onwards. I know my master will have the answers. I'm still myself. I must listen to the voices and push on.
Zamorak be free!

Marmaros and Thok Letters

These letters were written by Marmaros and Thok to their sister, Marmaros and Thok are 2 Fremennik warriors who ventured further in Daemonheim then anyone else. It tells their sister of their encounters in the dungeons, as well as explaining several things about Daemonheim. There are 10 of these letters, which can be obtained from regular monsters in Daemonheim.

Letter 1

Little sister,
Cheating, blasted, cheap magic! I've said it before, but I mean it more then ever. Our paranoid seers have waved their magic wands across the dungeon entrance and made every item that crosses it, save our undercrackers and overclothes, too heavy to bear. Thok lasted a few steps, of course, but even he had to make his excuses and ditch the battleaxe. Still, it's not only our seers who think we're at the source of the wave of power: Thok's shackles have raised too. Strike me if I don't believe 'em all: we're a few floors beneath an ancient castle in a dungeon that's soaked in magic and lively with beasts. Got me thinking: if something is here, you can be sure that Thok'll find it first. I'm going to find a moment to break from the clan and go it alone with just Thok. Where there's power there's money, and I plan to carry away armfuls of the stuff.
Your older brothers,
M. and Thok

Letter 2

Little sister,
Hell, I miss you. I know that doesn't sound much like me, but I have good reason. Since we split from the rest of the clan we've been getting by with our plain clothes and fists, but there's been one close call too many. Time has come to arm us, dress us and feed us, and you do that better than any I know. So I'm scribbling this on an anvil, having made a battleaxe, sword and a couple of platebodies. The workmanship is about the shoddiest I've ever seen, but I get a buzz from looking at them! It's the materials, though, Bryll; there's stuff here that you've never seen: metals strong and completely alien, and strange plants that can be spun to make boots. Since you're what keeps us moving, we've named the boot material after you. I ain't told Thok yet, but he's wearing Marmaros armour; couldn't resist giving my name to the metal.
Your older brothers,
M. and Thok

Letter 3

Little sister,
Thok has gone berserk. The lughole won't wait for me now, and I'm following a trail of ash and creature bones. Only yesterday, I'd been slipping out of Thok's shadow to carve into the bats, shades and warriors that would try to flank him, and he'd been spraying the walls with their innards. But today, we came upon something out of a hellish fairy tale. Hanging from the ceiling was an eyeball swaying from its stalk and dripping goo to the floor. Thok was on it from the start but the eye secreted some terrible spittle that kept me rooted. I would have retched if I could move any muscle in my body; instead, I could only watch as Thok wrested it from its stalk. Problem is, Thok reckons I'm in over my head, so he's blitzing a clear path for me to follow. Only thing that stops the sentimental thuggish fool is the keys, puzzles and locked doors; if they didn't slow him down, I swear he'd be at the bottom of this dungeon by now.
Your older brothers,
M. and Thok

Letter 4

Little sister,
We met someone today. That's 'met' in the talking sense, rather then the stabbing, crushing and gouging way that we've gotten used to over the the past week. (Has it really been a week? Damn, what a place this is.) That someone was a she, and, in her own way, she was pretty. Said she was a gorajo, and she wasn't new to seeing humans like us. We parted on good terms and she handed Thok some 'primal gloves', given to any gorajo who braves the 'warped pits'. Looks like fancy-pants gauntlets, but Thok's wearing them with a gormless smile on his face. The hairy fool is in love. The good news is that I held my own. Thok had to rein in his huge swing, for fear of hitting 'his lass' with the battleaxe, so I was able to nip in and do most of the work. Who knows, perhaps Thok is happier about fighting by my side now?
Your oldest Brothers,
M. and Thok

Letter 5

Little sister,
Honestly who would be crazy enough to use a book as a weapon? Mad Melzar maybe, but there's no telling if he's even alive anymore. Just our luck, then, that we stumble on a crazy libraromancer, or whatever you want to call him, who pelts us with books rather than, I don't know, rocks, weapons, or bones of the dead. This place must have a hell of a grip on the mind. The books got me thinking about why I write these letters. There's the obvious reason: it takes my mind off this endless dungeon, but I think that's missing the point. Even with Thok, the human shield, I can't help but feel that we won't make it. These letters are little scraps of our story, and I naively hold onto a hope that you'll get them, or someone else will find them useful. With the rest of my illiterate clan above us (hell, they make a lot of noise) that hope seems misplaced, but you never can tell,
M. and Thok

Letter 6

Littul sister,
Marm got stomped, but not so bad that he dead. I protected him best as I could, so please don't get mad at me. The big stomp creature so strong and fast, faster then Thok, but not as strong. I mashed up eels for Marm as they made me upchuk anyway. I hope Marm will leave and will write to you again. That always makes him feel better. I can't hear the noisy feet of my friends above us anymore. Whoever at bottom of the dungeon is Thok's now.
Your older brother,

Letter 7

Little Sister,
Guthix bless Thok! He's looked after me in the most random and unexpected way! I came back to consciousness with the body of a dead icefiend tethered to my leg. An icefiend! Which side of the line does that fall on: madness or genius? So, thanks to the wayward logic of my brother, my pain has numbed and I am up and about again. From Thok's broad smile, he has missed me. He looks thinner, having had no one to cook for him, and there is a deep gouge in his side from a fight that must have come close to besting him. I try not to think about how far upwards he must have traveled to get the icefiend for me. Thok may not have a brain, but his heart could beat for both of us.
M. and Thok

Letter 8

Little sister,
Thok's wound is festering, be damned! I could have...should have... noticed and cleaned it earlier, but I got distracted by my own wounds: and so here we are, in dungeons that are fetid and rank with corruption; sores have welted on the side of the wound, and it's in a bad temper, giving off a rotten aroma. It gets worse, little sister. The wound is like catnip to the undead on this occultish floor, and they stagger after us in their hundreds. With Thok flagging and more enemies than ever coming for us - even as we sleep - I worry that we have reached our limit, as I've certainly reached mine. My concern is that Thok will not turn back until he has reached the end of this place, like a pebble striking the bottom of a well. Is there glory to be found in that?
M. and Thok

Letter 9

Little sister,
I can't think or sleep for worries. When'd I get like this, Bryll? Terrible visions of the future plague me: you, begging for gold in the alleys of Varrock; Thok's wound, cankerous and rotten, opening to reveal a giant eye; and me, tongue rolled to the back of my throat, as I am prepared to be eaten by the warped creatures of this place. I... I can barely walk forward anymore now Bryll, and Thok will not look at me any more. He says that I am not myself and won't talk to me until 'his Marm' comes back. Bless the brute - imagine being so empty of any concerns or doubts. We are down one floor shy of sixty (I have notches on my primal sword hilt), and a huge hulking beast awaits us in the next room. That's nothing remarkable, but the thought of another battle seems to ebb all energy from me. It's like my hope and will-to-survive has been devoured. I...I think I just want to say goodbye, Bryll.

Letter 10

Littul sister, Thok never been as angry as I am now. I will explain to you, Bryll, but it will take more words than Thok ever written before. Every floor that Thok and Marm go down in the dungeon, Thok wanted to break skulls, break the walls that hold up the dungeon, break leg off that holding Thok back. Then Thok get to bottom of dungeon, there was no evil wizard to kill, no big boss to tear in half, no dagger-moth throat to slit. Nothing. Nothing but a body, dead and wriggling with maggots. So, Thok and Marm sat. Silent. We come so far and nothing wait for us, no death nor gold nor women. It was at that point that words started speaking in Thok's head, saying horrible things and filling head with hate. Same must have happen in Marm's head. Marm began to cry, tried to slit own throat with sword, but Thok broke Marm's arms and draped him over shoulder. Marm passed out, which for the best. Thok sat some more, try to think of what to do in the darkness. Then a man comes. Man looks Fremennik but smells clean. Man has white beard and say words that hurts Thok: 'You not chosen for this'. 'You die if you see what really is down there'. Bah! Man makes Thok so angry! Bright man is more powerful than Thok - Thok can smell that much. Man heal Thok's leg and unbreak Marm's arms, but he say that Marm cannot continue, that Marm is close to going mad. He wants to take us to the surface, to take us away from this place, and will not take no as answer. Thok so angry, Bryll, but knows that man is right. Thok could not let Marm go mad. Marm is strong mind to Thok's strong blade. So, we return to surface after so long here. Will anyone believe Thok? I leave letter in hope that someone can make it here. That mean someone must show strength of Thok. Thok fear that no-one will see this in Thok's lifetime. It sad thought.
M. and Thok

Kal'Gerion Notes

The Kal'Gerion Notes were written by one of Bilrach's servants, they describe each demon and provide background info about them. There 5 of these in total, one for each demon lord, they can be obtained when defeating the respective demon.

Note 1

Fourth Age, year 1827. Date unknown.
The Kal'gerion demons that our Master has brought to us through his experimentation with portals are powerful allies indeed. These demons were already an army when they were contacted by our Master. After a brief demonstration of his power, their leader, Kal'Ger the Warmonger, pledged alliance to our Master, and began ordering his armies as he instructed. The rank and file Kal'Gerion demons are essentially lesser and greater demons as the rest of the world knows them. The significant Kal'Gerions are the generals in the army. The one known as To'Kash has great magical powers, and can manipulate moisture and temperature levels in his environment. He has been stationed in the cold upper levels of the dungeons, where he can make most use of his powers - with the amount of cold moisture already in the air, he can encase anything in a large block of ice with a mere snap of his demonic fingers. His favourite party trick is to freeze something alive, and shatter it with a mighty blow of his fist, leaving a pile of fragmented ice, bone and blood in his wake.

Note 2

Fourth Age, year 1837. Date unknown.
The Kal'Gerion army has a very simple military structure: Kal'Ger is the leader, his five generals are immediately below him, and the lesser and greater demons make up the rank-and-file fodder. These order themselves by strength, constantly battling for supremacy, competing to rank the highest amongst the lowest. One general in the Kal'Gerion army is Har'Lakk, known as the Riftsplitter. This demon uses portals to other planes in a very interesting and unorthodox way. The one time I witnessed him fight, he opened a portal in the ground of this plane to the point above an erupting volcano in another, and the explosion of flames, ash and magma, incinerated his opponent effortlessly. This ingenious and unpredictable use of portal magic makes him a highly effective combatant. He can control his combat environment and create deadly hazards for his opponents at will, making the ground beneath them as much their enemy as Har'Lakk himself.

Note 3

Fourth Age, year 1837. Date unknown.
The Kal'Gerion demons hold power of all forms in high esteem. The generals brought before me, up to this point, have been users of various kinds of magic, and it is good to know that raw brute strength is recognised and held in high regard among the Kal'Gerion. Bal'Lak the Pumeller, the latest of the Kal'Gerion generals to be placed in my charge, is everything that epitomises a raging demon. He smashes things with his two huge hammers, as hard and as fast as he can. His blows are so powerful and the rage running through him so fierce, that his hammer blows carve cracks in the ground, out of which bubbling magma and noxious fumes rise. For this reason, I have decided to post him in the abandoned area of the dungeons just above our current habitation and ritual area. The potential for collateral damage should he get into a fight is large, and I would like to keep our current habitat, well, habitable.

Note 4

Fourth Age, year 1837. Date unknown.
Bilrach was presented with the face of a dead Kal'gerion at banquet today, which intrigued me. It seems that, when in the presence of a superior, a Kal'Gerion will offer a gift from the body of a demon they bested in combat. The more powerful demons, meanwhile, know that they cannot be bested in one-on-one battle, so taunt and belittle the smaller demons, goading them into fighting each other. I think of one Kal'Gerion as I write this, Yk'Lagor the Thunderous, who thinned his ranks by forcing them to kill each other, and then demanded new troops be brought in from the Kal'Gerion realm. Mages report to me that Yk'Lagor is still in the occult floors of this dungeon, being bled of his power as a lesson to those greater demons who would question Bilrach. The display of power should mean that Bilrach receives more Kal'Gerion body parts in the future.

Note 5

Fourth Age, year 1837. Date unknown
There is a volatile respect between Bilrach and Kal'Ger, and it is easy to see how the unlikely alliance has persisted. Kal'Ger, for all of his petulant rage and sulky retreats to the demon forge - has gained the utter respect of a nation. His demons have installed him as their leader and taken his name as their own. Bilrach, I suspect, dreams of that depth of respect; his charges meekly die or serve him out of fear or lack of choice. In Bilrach, Kal'ger sees an unfettered power and raw power is the currency of the demon nation. In Kal'Ger, Bilrach sees the respect he expects to gain from finding our master. They are a dysfunctional family, but a potent and powerful one.

Stalker Notes

These notes were written by a mage in the service of Bilrach named Grondaban. They describe the various stalkers and show the fascination Grondaban had for these creatures. There are once again 5 in total, one for each stalker, and they can be obtained from defeating the respective stalker boss.

Note 1

Fourth Age, year 1832. Date unknown.
Of all the creatures our master has brought through from other realms, the stalkers are by far the greatest triumph. Their very form is weapon in itself, floating grotesqueries that are essentially giant eyeballs, or clusters of eyeballs with vicious maws in places none would expect. They also command great control over magic; even the rank and file stalkers and the smaller seekers have great resistance to the magicks of our world. The dark, twisted energies that are so rife in their home plane, coupled with the inherent magical nature of the beasts themselves, have allowed several unique and powerful stalkers to develop from chaotic evolution. One such unique example calls itself 'Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz' in our tongue. I regret asking it to state its name in its own tongue, as the resultant combination of both audible and inaudible sound from its many lipless mouths gave me a huge headache and caused blood to cascade from my nose, which Lakhrahnaz then froze. This one has great power over temperature, and I believe the best place for it is to near the surface, where the environment is cold, barren, and most importantly - far away from me.

Note 2

Fourth Age, year 1832. Date unknown.
The stalkers build nests formed of a combination of debris and biological matter that they produce and spit from their gaping maws. They mainly use their nests for resting and growing, but also to spawn in them. The creatures reproduce asexually, from what I have witnessed; a single eye with a snake-like optic nerve slid out of one of the creature's eye sockets, burrowing into the nest and out of sight, presumably to grow. I have such knowledge of stalker nests because a particularly powerful one calling itself 'Night-gazer Khighorahk' has set one up in what used to be my private chamber. I came back to find my enchanted torches extinguished, and an unnatural darkness. When I lit one of the torches, the creature shrieked and recoiled, lashing at me with its tentacles. I extinguished my light source, and the creature regained composure. It seems this creature is at home in darkness, and uses the cloak of shadows to its advantage. I have decided it is in my best interests to requisition new private quarters and leave the beast to its doings; we will soon be moving further down to rejoin the Master anyway, and this creature will act as a powerful guardian against any daring to follow us.

Note 3

Fourth Age, year 1832. Date unknown.
The stalkers are intelligent creatures, and are capable of startlingly intellectual conversation in our tongue. The varying magicks that the different types of stalker use also shows that they are each capable of independent thought. The creatures also seem to react to others far away from them, indicating some kind of shared consciousness. The stalkers are a strange and powerful race, and I am glad they chose to ally with us, instead of rallying against us. Such powerful, intelligent creatures could have caused our Master serious hindrance. The stalker I saw today was, as usual, different from the rest by some degree. For a start, this creature cannot, or does not, fly. It drags its mass along the ground when it is forced to move; however it tends to suspend itself from whatever is available using long tentacles. The creature has positioned itself above the ladder shaft that leads from this floor of the dungeon to the next; a perfect position to guard the only point of access to the next floor from interlopers. This stalker calls itself 'Shadow Forger Ihlakhizan' and wields both light and darkness to attack its foes. I witnessed it disposing of a slave who tried to flee the dungeons. While the slave was fighting it, Ihlakhizan let out a brilliant flash of light, disorienting the fool. In a panic, he fled and took refuge in the shadows, which engulfed and devoured him, leaving no trace that he was ever there. This creature is by far the most unnerving and grotesque of the stalkers I have witnessed thus far. I will be glad when we abandon this floor tomorrow, and move on to the next one.

Note 4

Fourth Age, year 1832. Date unknown.
My studies into the stalkers have given me a reputation among the other mages, as if my findings are less worthwhile than their empty parlor tricks. They cannot see the magnificence of the stalker, the repugnant wonder that fills you whenever you stare into their eyes. Just yesterday, I stumbled upon another reason to admire them. While I sat and sketched in a stalker nesting pool, a bovimastyx wandered in. Before I could shepherd it back out, a large single-eyed stalker rose from the pools and began circling it, its single pupil flashing with some form of luminescence. I sat back down and took notes, while the bovimastyx whinnied and looked understandably uncomfortable. Halting suddenly, the stalker flashed a red pupil and exploded with a thunderous crack, knocking the mastyx to the floor, bloody and stunned. I could only watch in fascination as smaller stalkers slipped from the larger stalker's carcass and began to devour both the body of the mastyx and what must have been their mother. A wondrous sight.

Note 5

Fourth age, year 1845:
My journals are missing, I have horrible, terrible images of Bilrach pacing through the upper floors of Daemonheim, poring over any disrespectful entry and tearing it out - littering the floors with my prose. Indeed, everything written has gone missing from my offices: the requisition forms, the environmental notes, the written pieces I have collected on my travels. Nothing good can come of this. I fear a terrible cloud hangs over my in these weatherless depths. There is nothing left to do: I must continue as if all is well, and merely hope. My next task is to research a creature recently come to this plane; Bilrach has asked me to write notes on Shukarhazh, a stalker that is remarkable because it is so unremarkable. It is neither aggressive of communicative. It shall be a curious case, and it could yield useful results in taming of the stalkers - but my dark cloud also has a voice, and that voice tells me that this stalker is by no means benign.
Bilrach, be merciful; let this not be a trap.

Behemoth Notes

Similar to the Stalker and Kal'Gerion notes, these notes are once again written by one of Bilrach's followers. They describe the various Behemoths and provide information about them, there are once again 5, obtainable from the respective Behemoths.

Note 1

4th Age, year 1824. Date unknown.
Our master's experimentation with portals to other realms has brought us many interesting creatures. One of the most significant races discovered are the ones we call the behemoths. These vast creatures are physically powerful, and some even possess some latent magical powers. Unfortunately, they are not evolved to the point of communication, and are capable only of following natural instinct, not instruction. A pity, but they still have their uses. We shall place them throughout the dungeons as guard dogs. There is a particular strain of behemoth that is well-suited to the frozen-over areas near the surface. It has a thick hide, and is entirely driven by a natural desire to feed. In these barren, frozen areas, food will be more scarce, and I believe this creature will fight all the fiercer for it.

Note 2

4th Age, year 1824. Date unknown.
The more I see of the behemoths, the more impressed I am with the diversity of the sub-strains within the same race. The analogy I gave of dogs is more appropiate than I had imagined; numerous creatures or various sizes and psychological characteristics are all part of the same genome and share only a basic shape. The latest strain brought to my attention is one I have affectionately dubbed the 'bulwark beast' on account of its hard, rock-like outer shell, and the adorable shield-like mandibles it employs to protect itself from incoming attacks. These creatures are essentially invulnerable, so long as their shield remains intact, with only magic having even a modicum of effect on them before the shield is removed. These creatures make excellent guardians, so, I shall place them in areas of the dungeon that we no longer concern ourselves with inhabiting, in order to ensure that even the areas we have long forgotten pose a challenge to interlopers.

Note 3

Fourth Age, Year 1824. Date Unknown.
The plane the behemoths come from is a vast, open wasteland. It streches as far as the eye can see in every direction, and different areas have wildly differing climates- permanent blizzards to scorching deserts to salt marshes devoid of almost all life. This has allowed for the astronomical difference in the physical attributes the creatures display. Their skeletal structure remains similar throughout strains, but the hardness of their hides, shape of their claws, the bulk upon their bones and their size vary greatly. The specimen that I was brought before today is one extreme example of these creatures' diversity. I was brought before it and not the other way around, because only part of it could fit through the portal to our relm. What I stood before was a huge face wil claw-like mandibles, angrily thrashing about and trying to force the rest of its ample frame through the portal. I decided to leave it as it was; the portal it had come through was directly in front of a door we needed guarding, and, as long as we bait the portal daily, it will spend most of its time guarding it. I have instructed my underling mages to set up similar 'arrangements' with other specimens of similar size, all over the area we now inhabit. They will keep us well-protected from interlopers and cannot get deep enough into our relm to devour anyone of an intelligence level that renders them worth keeping. In the event we need to get through any of the doors, all we need to do is close the portal to be rid of the beast, in admittedly horryfing, albeit amusing, manner.

Note 4

4th Age, year 1824. Date unknown.
The behemoths have never been a stable race, or particularly predictable. They may be useful, but their influences and actions have meant losing two years of digging through cave-ins and countless resources being spent on taming them, often with no luck. Our problems stem from them being near-impossible to kill or herd back through their portals should they become unruly. Once they are here, they are here permanently, it seems. Runebinding is the elegant but expensive solution, whereby a behemoth is infused with rune magic and then controlled by magical pulses from a series of pillars. Lexicus came up with the system, and we haven't been able to improve on it since.

Note 5

Fourth Age, year 1824. Date unknown.
I try to spend as little time with the hope devourers as possible; indeed, the rooms about their pens are often empty and few handlers dare to venture close. This should make feeding them difficult, but the truth is far more interesting: when bovinmastyx are herded into a devourer pen, they file quietly towards the devourers and drop to the floor, accepting their fate. Some even nuzzle the devourer's maw, as if willing themselves into its mouth, and, naturally, the hope devourers oblige. This hopelessness is fascinating, and that fascination is obviously shared by Bilrach. He spends many hours with them, feeding off their energies as they feed off his. He returns invigorated, and they seem stronger for it.

Miscellaneous Journals

These Journals don't belong in a particular set of notes or journals, most of them are journals written by bosses in the dungeons or journals written about the dungeons. There are 20 in total, which can be obtained from defeating certain bosses or as a drop from regular monsters.

Astea Frostweb's Journal

4th Age, year 1724. Date unknown.
Entry 1
It has been five years since Lexicus and I first signed up with Bill to assist in his work. It pains me to be away from my Lex. He is deeper beneath the ground, but I prefer the temperature up here as I am used to the cold climate. I shall visit my Lex later in his library; I have gone starved of his embrace for too long. Bill claims we are digging toward the biggest magical discovery in the history of RuneScape, and, with what I have witnessed here, deep beneath the surface of the world my love and I left behind, I become more convinced every day it is true. I can only postulate to what awaits us at the culmination of all our efforts.

Entry 2
I have been asked to perform some peculiar tasks today - troubling, almost. Bill has asked Lexicus and I to create various magical traps and obstacles on the floors of the dungeons above us. The reasoning he has given is to ensure progress continues unhindered from uninvited guests, but the traps and mechanisms he is asking us to build seem just as capable of keeping people trapped inside the dungeons as they are keeping unwanted visitors at bay. I am beginning to grow suspicious of Bill's motives. I will take my concerns to my beloved; perhaps, together, we can make sense of this.

Entry 3
Lexicus has uncovered a truth too horrible to comprehend. We must kill Bill. We go now to confront him, and put an end to his madness. May the gods protect us.

Troll Scrawlings: Icy Bones's Journal

Fings wot I've eaten' in dis place:
Day wun: Icy bones. Good name. Me called dat now.
Day too: Ice spider. Crunchy. Taste good.
Day free: Rocks. Taste same as uvver rocks, but 'arder. Teef 'urt.
Day foor: Nuffink. Teef still 'urt.
Day five: Noisy human wearin' fur.
Day sicks: Fur. Taste okay. Froat itchy now.

Environemental Effects (Part 1): Luminescent Icefiend

5th Age, year 46. Date unknown.
As we get ever-closer to whatever it is our Master seeks at the bottom of this place, the effect it is having on our world becomes more apparent. The very materials around us have warped under its influence, with previously unknown materials emerging constantly. At first, we began discovering small deposits in the deepest areas of the dungeons only; however, shortly after, similar discoveries were made further up the dungeons, until even the frozen-over areas built nearly 1,000 years ago were populated by these strange deposits: metals, new types of tree, new plants. All of these have emerged since we started the dig. I can only postulate that whatever lies at our destination, deeper still beneath the ground, is something of such great power that it can change, alter, and dare I say, taint the physical properties of matter in our world.

Divine Skinweaver's Journal

Each day my shame gets harder to bear, like an ox dragging a mountain to which a pebble is added every day. Of the skinweavers, I alone was chosen to accompany the party that my brethren sent through to the Dark One's realm. My task was to keep them alive. I am all that remains. The failure of my task is as clear as a mountain spring. I cannot return to the gorajo. I will not inflict my shame upon my people. I will remain in this world, and do what I can to aid those strong or foolhardy enough to challenge the Dark One. This area is full of unstable passages to other worlds that bring unspeakable beings into this one. I seek to stem the flow of evil, to protect the ones from this world from the fate that befell my brethren. Perhaps they can succeed where I could not, and I can take some semblance of comfort from knowing. I helped the ones who may one day avenge my fallen brethren, and lift even a little of this mountain of shame from my shoulders.

Hobgoblin Scrawlings

I wake up today and me have thought. I am hobgoblin, I have magic. Hobgoblin don't normally have magic. I special. I chosen by Big High War God to lead army! I lead big tribe, have big army, and conquer tall ones with keen blades world for Big High War God! I make rules of my army.
1 - Big High War God better than everything.
2 - Me better than everything (but not Big High War God)
That enough rules. Finish later. More smelly tall ones been spotted. Why they keep coming in my house? I make big house underground so I be left alone, but tall ones keep coming down in my house. I go teach them a lesson. For Big High War God!

The Price of Betrayal: Unholy Cursebearer

To all who read: beware. This is the cost of defying our Master's will. Give yourself to the Master, or he will take everything that makes you human, and, in unliving servitude, you shall spend the rest of time taking the lives of others to slow your decay to nothingness. If you refuse to work in life, you will work forever in undeath. Hail Bilrach! Hail Zamorak!

Equipment Requisition Order: Rammernaut

Requisition Order #739
Name: Rammernaut Hoskins
Position: Captain of the Rammernaut Guard
Requested: Big Mace
Fulfilled: Yes
Notes: Reasonable Request. This man is hughe; our standard maces are like a child's toy to him.

Requisition Order #1025
Name: Rammernaut Hoskins
Position: Captain of the Rammernaut Guard
Requested: Bigger mace
Fulfilled: Yes
Notes: The last mace which I could not even lift was like a one handed hammer to him. This calls for drastic measures.

Requisition Order #1036
Name: Rammernaut Hoskins
Position: Captain of the Rammernaut Guard
Requested: Biggest Mace
Fulfilled: No
Notes: Any bigger and he'd have a balance problem. The last one is more than sufficient.

Lexicus Runewright's Journal

Fourth Age, Year 1724. Date unknown.
Entry 1
These past five years have elapsed so quickly that, were not for the calendar hanging on my wall -- each day marked off with a tally drawn by my own hand, or that of my beloved Astea, I would refuse to believe it had been five years at all. Silence and solitude have been available in ample amounts as i chronicle our descent towards what Bill believes will be the magical discovery of a thousand lifetimes, but their appeal wears thin. Later, I shall don my fur coat and brave the cold nearer the surface; I can bear the loneliness no longer, I must see my Astea.

Entry 2
I am growing suspicious of Bill's intent. I fear paranoia had addled his mind; he has tasked Astea and myself with sealing the way from the surface, to protect the discovery from those who would take it from him. He trusts me enough to task me with this- perhaps I can get him to confide in me further. I would feel much more at ease if I knew what it is we are digging towards, and why it is so important to prevent anyone else getting in, even at the cost of their lives. I will speak with him tomorrow, but for now, I go to Astea. She has been acting strangely since we were given this task. I think she shares my concern; perhaps we can find comfort in each other's words.

Entry 3
We stand at the precipice. Bill would cast us all over into the darkest of darkness, and bring ruin to us all. Astea and I must confront him; we must stop him. May the gods give us strength.

Ammunition Requisition Orders: Sagittare

Requisition Order #782
Name: Sagittare Bolton
Position: Captain of the Sagittare Archers
Requested: 1,000 Sagittarian Arrows
Fulfilled: Yes
Notes: This unit goes through arrows like we go through water, but they are necessary. Arrows delivered.

Requisition Order #1012
Name: Sagittare Bolton
Position: Captain of the Sagittare Archers
Requested: 2,000 Sagittarian arrows
Fulfilled: Yes
Notes: Need to increase resources devoted to arrow production.

Requisition Order #1023
Name: Sagittare Bolton
Position: Captain of the Sagittare Archers
Requested: 3,000 Sagittarian Arrows
Fulfilled: Partially. 1,250 Sagittarian arrows delivered
Notes: Arrow reserves have run out. Did not have enough arrows to meet request. Put foward request for training saggitare unit to fletch their own arrows.

Bellefleur's Journal: Skeletal Trio

Journal, year 1845.
It's been two weeks since Griss, Radgund and I were moved from the furnished floors to stand guard in this place, and it ain't got better. Aside from messengers, the only humans here are are ill and old, shipped to the necrolords, who poke and crow over them as if they're buying up meats at market. Griss is hardly ever about. He's spending his evenings looking for Radgund, who's been lost for three days now. Griss don't subscribe to the notion that the necrolords have butchered Radgund for parts, so he's up and about when he can. Just wants the three friends back again, I guess. Perhaps I shouldn't be so down; there's every chance that we could be a trio again, surviving alone in this wasted place. Perhaps.

Tombstone Transcription: Gravecreeper

I have transcribed the words written on Grave Creeper's tombstone:
'Here lieth Atlus Creeper, grave digger. His riches were bones, and he stole liberally. We ask that you steal his riches with the same abandon. May his grave be toiled, his body spoiled and the worms grow tired of being turned.'
I believe that, by reading the gravestone, I have been gripped by a terrible curse, wasting my body. I can only hope that, by reading this transcription, the curse has been transferred to you. I apologise, reader, but my situation calls for desperate action. Please do not take it personally - Radgund.

Arch Necrolord Request: Necrolord

Dearest Father,
We bow to your power and understanding, but ask that healthier bodies are brought to us. The plague wastes the humans, and gnaws at the bones of the afflicted, making their reanimated bodies similarly weak; as skeletons, they topple and chatter their teeth in complaint. Although your purpose is great and the Ultimate Task is approaching, we ask, as one, that you send firmer flesh and sturdier bones for us to sculpt into an army for you. Praise be to Zamorak!
Arch Necrolord.

Blink's Scribblings

Where Blink? Foosh! No see Blink because Blink over here. Foosh! Foosh! Foosh! No see Blink anywhere, because Blink is everywhere! Foosh! Blink walk backwards through portal. hsoo F! Ha! Blink hit enemy both backwards and forwards Fooshoo F! Blink walk into a bar. Foosh! Blink now otherside of bar! Joke, yes? Foosh! Foosh! Blink no need friends as Blink sees other Blinks as Blink travels through portals. Foosh! Blink Blink Blink Blink. Hey Blink! Foooooooosh!

Gulega Missive: Warped Gulega

Good news, fellow sachem! Bilrach, like a cub playing with adders, has brought the gulega here! We, the gorajo, have adapted and evolved to fight the gulega for longer than our histories: we know where to stab and where to squeeze. Yet, Bilrach ambles into our world and brings in the gulega like a mother cat with rabid kittens in its mouth. His handlers will fail to tame them, and his stormbringers will fail to kill them; so, the gulega will run amok, hurting Bilrach more than helping him. For once, in the long back-and-forth between the gorajo and the gulega, we are on the same side working against a common enemy. Our ancestors would marvel that this was ever possible. Bilrach, you have overreached yourself, and we sing praises to you for it.
Sachem Bloodrager.

Resource Requisition Orders: Dreadnaut

Requisition Order #1445
Name: Rammernaut Hoskins
Position: Captain of the Rammernaut Guard (lower floors)
Requested: 20 Bovimastyx, 200 rotten bouldabass, 100 human carcasses, 10 salve sacks of bones
Fulfilled: No
Notes: Request was barely readable, the writing was childish, and requester failed to provide any reason for the request. No records exist for why these organic materials would be required in the lower floors. Sub-standard written skills are not accounted for in subject Hoskins' personal profile, nor is the strange jelly-like substance that covers the requisition form. Request forwarded to head of guard for further disciplinary action.

Portal Notes: Warped Floors

Fourth Age, year 1840. Date unknown.
Today I chanced upon a strange event, a singularity if you will within one of the many unstable portals of these floors. Such a spectacle I could scarcely believe, as I beheld the ruins on the distant surface above us...but in their former glory. No rubble, no icy peninsula, but a lush green plateau with a dark castle standing proud. After a time the vision shifted and returned to its familiar breeding glow, and I confess in my sadness I lowered my head. There at my feet I saw a lonely scrap of parchment, presumably swept through in the vortices of time. Its prophetic message fills me with unease, and I shall hide it within the folds of these pages and ponder on them when I can be sure of my solitude.

Scrap of Parchment: Warped Floors

I know for many mortals sleep doth exist only as periods of inactivity, but this is not true of myself. Mayhap the word slumber was an inexactitude of mine; as thou may know of me, I find the language of mortals problematic, just as understanding the message of the wind, or the songs of sand wouldst be difficult for you. My slumber was the slumber of the caterpillar as it becomes the butterfly, or the slumber of acorns as they dream of oaks. It consumed my attention wholly, for I was gathering and focusing mine power in preparation. Mine rest was not a case of lack of consciousness, rather it was a focus of concentration so great as to exclude all other activity by myself.

Letter to an Acolyte: Warped Floors

Dear Acolyte,
It is with great regret that I write this letter. You have been with us now for a number of years, and your service to our cause has been greatly appreciated, however your time with us must come to a close. We hope this decision will not sway your faith, or upset your memories of this place you called home. We wish you every success on the road ahead, for we know it will not be easy. Please know that we will be thinking of you and praying that you find purpose in this world and the next.
Your brothers and sisters.

Letter from Brundt: Warped Floors

To our most noble visitor,
Allow me to thank you for rescuing our brothers from the Demon Halls. We don't know what possessed you to venture underground, and our seers are unsure how you passed the protective barriers, but your help in our time of need shall not go unnoticed. After discussing your deeds with the council, it is with great honour that I welcome you the the Fremennik. I am proud to call you 'brother'. I witnessed your bravery and now understand that this place, which many now call Daemonheim, is more then we can handle. As I return to our home, word has been sent to adventurers all across Gielnor. We hope that with their help and yours, we can drive back the taint within. And so my brother, I must ask one more thing of you... that you might accompany these warriors into the dungeon. Be their guide. Then maybe they will survive the deeper floors and put an end to the source of this evil. Please accept these furs, helm and boots, and may the god that has protected you until now remain vigilant in the days to come.
Many thanks.
Brundt, Chieftain of the Fremennik.

Strange Token: Warped Floors

What is this doing here?
It doesn't look like it belongs to Daemonheim.

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to Daemonheim and purchase the Dungeoneering Skillcape from Thok the Master of Dungeoneering for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your Dungeoneering level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Dungeoneering Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are still wearing the cape.

If Dungeoneering is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Dungeoneering cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Dungeoneering cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Dungeoneering cape Dungeoneering cape (t)

True Skill Mastery

Unlike all other skills, Dungeoneering allows you to continue gaining levels past 99, all the way up to level 120 - true Dungeoneering mastery. Once you reach level 120 in the skill, return to Thok at Daemonheim and purchase your Dungeoneering master cape for 120,000 coins.

Also unlike regular skillcapes, you will not receive a hood item when you purchase this cape; it instead comes attached with the cape itself. The most noticeable feature of the cape is the black particle trail which comes off the tail of the cape in a similar fashion to that of the Completionist & Trimmed completionist capes.

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