Other than being members only, there are no requirements to enter sinkholes, however, higher levels will be more advantageous.


Scattered around the world of Gielinor are several hidden dungeons, created by Bilrach, which he used as treasure rooms - secret areas where he stored his wealth and any goods which in turn contributed to his power and, in the past, were used to pay the wages of the unfortunate souls that assisted him.

Inside these dungeons Bilrach had forced Gorajo hoardstalkers to guard the treasures he left there. Due to Bilrach's long absence, the gorajo are more than happy for you to raid and steal from these dungeons in hopes to diminish Bilrach's power and wealth. These dungeons have now been known as "Sinkholes" by the gorajo, as they remind them of a monster from their home world that carries the same name.


Sinkholes may appear in a number of different locations around Gielinor. By talking to Talsar, he will tell you when a sinkhole is about to surface and will also give you a hint on its location. Talsar may teleport you straight to the entrance of the sinkhole up to three times each day.

Location Map Hint
Al Kharid, west of the Duel arena North of a desert town.
South of Ardougne, next to the Battlefield In the midst of a battle between humans and gnomes.
Barbarian Outpost Where barbarians train for agility
Barrows Place where several famous brothers lie.
West of Brimhaven house portal Near a dungeon entrance in the jungle.
Canifis Near a town east of the River Salve.
Catherby North of a fishing town.
East of Falador lodestone North of the White Knight city.
South-east of the Fight Arena Near an arena, beside a port town.
Next to the entrance of the Fremennik Slayer dungeon Near a slayer cave east of my home.
East of the Lighthouse Close to a lighthouse.
Lumbridge Swamp In the swamps south of a town.
Between Ice mountain and the Edgeville Monastery Between a mountain and a place of peace.
Mudskipper Point Besides a dungeon entrance, south of a port town.
North of Oo'glog A good vacation spot.
South of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony South of a fishing colony, where hunters prey.
North of Port Phasmatys, next to the Ectofuntus Near an altar besides a ghostly town.
Ranging Guild Beside a guild for archers.
South of Seer's Village, west of Catherby Near a flax field where the future is seen.

How to play

Readying up

Once you have entered the sinkhole you will be in a waiting room where with a Gorajo hoardstalker in the centre of the room. For a game to start, 5 players must ready up at the Gorajo. You cannot take any items in your inventory or equppied except for the Ring of kinship and any level of the Daemonheim aura from the Daemonheim task set. There are bank chests available inside this room if you need to deposit any items. Once 5 players have readied up, the game will begin.

Note: If you are struggling to enter a game due to lack of players then hop to the official Sinkhole world, world 134.

Getting started

Once inside the dungeon you will notice it is quite different than an average dungeon in Daemonheim. If this is your first time playing, click on an armour set that you feel most comfortable with; Range and Magic have the advantage to the range of their attacks. Lower level players may wish to take a few seconds of time to take some food with them, however, most players will find the enemies in the dungeon relatively easy to kill and will not need the food Now that you're set up, pick a door to go through, the less people with you the less competition on your path; don't accidentally try to go through the locked treasure door as this only opens once the dungeon is complete and you will only waste time. The treasure door looks noticeably different to the other doors, so it is not easily mistaken. The final thing to remember is that when you cast the home teleport spell, you will be brought back to this room where you can get more food and deposit your resources/totems.


There are three objectives to fulfil in a sinkhole and although these objectives are not required to gain prizes, they significantly increase the amount of experience and tokens awarded in the end, thus it is more than recommended to try and accomplish all three. Every sinkhole will require you to deposit a set amount of combat totems, exploratory totems and resources - which will vary between sinkholes. There will only be one type of resources that must be acquired each sinkhole, however, the type changes with each one. For example, one sinkhole will require you to collect ore, while the next one will require fish and the one after will require logs.

You will not gain points on retrieving any of these items in your inventory. You must deposit them at specified deposit areas to achieve points. Each item is worth a different amount of points, however, do take note that any resource, no matter the tier, all give the same amount of points. For example, Promethium ore is no different than Novite ore in sinkholes other than the level required to mine them.

Item Points awarded

Combat totem

Exploratory totem


As you venture through the rooms you will find that some of the resources will have a glowing particle emitting from them, for example, blue particles emitting from fishing locations, grey particles from rocks and green particles from plants. These will give you x2 resources from these spots so keep your eyes peeled for them! Something else you will often find in your travels are chests. It is always wise to open these chests as they award cards, the same kind of cards that you will most likely come across when gaining resources or claiming totems. You may only carry a total of five cards, including duplicates, thus it may be a good idea if you destroy any duplicate cards you accidentally acquire in your inventory. More on cards later.

Treasure room

Once all three of the objectives are completed or the time limit runs out, all players in the sinkhole will be teleported into the treasure room and put in order from least amount of points acquired to the highest. 5th place to 2nd place will all have their rewards randomized meaning that even if you were last, you may still get a large lamp; 1st place will always get the huge lamp.

Now, the cards you found earlier will come in handy as each player gets to play one of their cards that they found starting with the player in last and finishing with the player in first. Being in first awards you an extra card unless you have the maximum number of cards already. Here is a list of what they do and any hints that apply to them.

Card Effect Tips

Whimsical Bunyip
The bunyip will randomly generate a card for you which will be played immediately. This is a card that should only really be used if you have no other cards to use that are useful due to it's randomness.

Preening Ibis
The preening ibis will find and add a piece of gorajo clothing to your chest which can be worn outside of these dungeons. If you're after to Gorajo armour, this is a must use. If you have all of the pieces of the clothing then this card will instead give you a Hoardstalker ring.

Trading Leech
The trading leech will allow you to trade your chest with the previous ranked player. Useful for stealing your card back if the previous player used a Trading Mantis card. Don't use this when you're last.

Thieving Locust
The thieving locust trades your chest with the player ranked last. A nice card to use if last place has managed to keep hold of a nice reward that you want.

Trading Mantis
The trading mantis will allow you to trade your chest with the next ranked player. Great for stealing that precious huge lamp from first place if you got stuck in second. If you're first and you use this then you will steal from last place.

Scavenging Meerkats
The scavenger meerkats will find a medium lamp that will be added to your chest but every player still to play will receive an extra card. Quite possibly the greatest card in sinkholes especially if you are first. If you feel safe you won't be stolen from, this is a must use for even more rewards.

Cloning Mosquito
The cloning mosquito will allow you to obtain the same contents as the previous ranked player. This is a rather friendly card that many people appreciate as it benefits two players. Great for using if the player before you has a large reward. Don't use this when you're last.

Reversing Phoenix
The reversal phoenix allows you to rise from the ashes by cancelling the effects of the previous card. If someone has stolen from you the turn before and you have no way of getting a better reward, use this.

Beguiling Smoke Devil
The confusion smoke devil will cause confusion and randomise all player's chests in the process. Great fun if you're not bothered about what reward you get and you might even get lucky. This is truly a gamble card.

Protecting Titan
The protection titan protects your chest from being moved once per game. This card should be used if you are not first and have a reward you want to leave with on your turn.

Consistent Yak
The pack yak ensures that whatever is in your chest at the end of the game, you will receive a medium lamp as your reward. Useful for situations where you are more likely to, or certain you will get stuck with a small lamp or tokens.


Depending on how you play your cards, you can leave the sinkhole with varying rewards like, Dungeoneering tokens, Experience lamps or even the much sought-after hoardstalker armour. Each treasure chest has the capacity to hold 2 slots. You must use the Scavenging Meerkats or the Preening Ibis to bring items into slot 2. They can be stolen after they have been brought into the game.

Note: A Small lamp and a Medium lamp combined gives you more experience than one Huge lamp.

Slot 1

  • Huge lamp
  • Large lamp
  • Medium lamp
  • Small lamp
  • Dungeoneering tokens

Slot 2

  • Medium lamp
  • Armour piece
    • Hoardstalker helm
    • Hoardstalker body
    • Hoardstalker legs
    • Hoardstalker gloves
    • Hoardstalker boots
    • Hoardstalker ring
    • The Naabe Title

Guide Made by: Umbra
Corrections submitted by: Sytze, Umbra, Amor