Killerwatt Plane


The Killerwatt Plane is the only place that you can find and kill the monster, Killerwatt. Apart from that there is not much you can do there.

Getting There

To get to the Plane go to the top floor of Draynor Manor, where Professor Oddenstein is. The easiest way to reach the manor is to go to the Draynor Lodestone and then run directly north. Once you are at the top of the manor enter the portal to the Killerwatt Plane. NOTE: If you are epileptic you should turn off flickering effects in your graphics settings before you enter the plane. You should also wear Insulated boots if you don't want to be attacked by Killerwatt's.

Portal to the Killerwatt Plane
The Portal to the Killerwatt Plane

To leave the plane re-enter the portal on the east side of the realm.

The Plane

There is not much on the plane itself apart from a few level 88 Killerwatt's. If you want to kill one of them you need to wear some Insulated boots. Their weakness is crush so use a crush weapon to do the most damage.

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