Tiranwnn, also known as the Elf Lands, is a large area found to the west of Ardougne. To gain access to this area the player has to complete the Underground Pass Quest. Tiranwnn consists mostly of large forest areas covered with traps and winding paths, there are 3 small towns located in Tiranwnn as well however, as well as a large crystal city, currently the player can't gain access yet to the city however.


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Getting There

There are several ways to get to Tiranwnn, some of these take longer than others or require more complex routes to be taken.

  • Lodestone: Using the Tiranwnn lodestone is the easiest way by far to reach the Elf lands. The lodestone will take the player to the centre of the forest area.
  • Elf Teleport Crystal: These can be used once the player started Mournings End Part 2, they will teleport the player to the Elf Village of Lletya.
  • Charter Ship: The player can take a charter ship from several locations to Tyras Port.
  • Arandar Pass: The entrance to the Arandar pass can be found north-west of Ardougne. It consists of a long winding path which will take the player to the north-eastern part of Tiranwnn.
  • Underground Pass: This route is by far the longest, the Underground pass can be entered in West Ardougne, through various rooms and mazes it will finally take the player to the eastern part of Tiranwnn.

Places of Interest


Lletya is a small village found in the south-east of Tiranwnn, it has several useful qualities for players who are able to reach it. The player needs to start the quest Mournings End Part 2 to gain access to Lletya.

  • Bank: Lletya is the only place in the entire Elf lands with an actual bank. This makes it useful for things such as woodcutting or hunting in Tiranwnn.
  • Fruit Tree Patch: One of the fruit tree patches is located in Lletya, instead of having a leprechaun however, an elf is able to look after your tools and crops here.
  • Combat: Lletya and the Elf camp are the only location where the player can find elves, which can be killed for slayer tasks.
  • Thieving: Elves can be pickpocketed by high level thieves, the nearby bank offers quick healing if the players lifepoints become low.
  • Altar: The player can find an altar on the first floor of Lletya, here they can replenish their prayer points.

Elf Camp

The Elf camp can be found in the north-west of Tiranwnn.

  • Bank Box: After the player completes the quest Deadliest Catch there will be a bank box available just slightly south of the Elf camp. The player is unable to withdraw items from this box, they can however store items.
  • Fishing Spots: Just north-east of the Elf camp the player can find several fishing spots where the player can catch sharks.
  • Combat: This is the other location where players can fight elves for slayer, this is not recommended if the player is able to access Lletya as it's closer to a bank and altar.

Tyras Camp

Port Tyras and the Tyras camp can be found in the south-western part of Tiranwnn. The player can take a charter ship directly to the port. Aside from the charter ship the port doesn't have many mentionable qualities, this is mostly due to the long distance to a bank.


Prifddinas is a large city found in the north part of Tiranwnn, currently the city is empty as it has entirely been reversed to it's crystal form. The city can't be entered yet, however it has been confirmed that it will be a blooming city someday.


Arandar is the area found in the north-eastern part of Tiranwnn, the pass is one of the ways to access the elf lands as it leads to Kandarin through a long winding path. There are several red spider eggs spawns here as well as several attackable mourners.



There are several quests which take place in Tiranwnn, these are all part of the elf storyline.

  • Underground Pass: This quest is the first in the series, only a small part takes part in the Elf lands.
  • Regicide: This is the first quest which completely takes place in the Elf lands, this is also the quest where the player discover Port Tyras.
  • Roving Elves:This quest is a spin off from the waterfall quest, the start point is in Tiranwnn however most of it takes place in Kandarin.
  • Catapult Construction: This quest is not quite related to the Elf Quest Series, it takes mostly place in Tiranwnn and a small part in Port Sarim.
  • Mournings End Part I: During this quest the player really gets involved in the story of the quest Series, most of it takes place in Kandarin.
  • Mournings End Part II: This quest allows the player to unlock a new area, as well as finding out more about the storyline. The player will also be able to craft death runes once they complete this quest.
  • Within the Light: This quest the player finds out what happened to Prifddinas and is the penultimate quest in the series.
  • Plague's End: This is the final quest within the series, during this quest the player gathers the elders of the eight elf clans to come together so that they may regrow the grand city of Prifddinas.


The player can train several skills in the elf lands, this is however not always considered the best option by players as banks can be far away. Yet Tiranwnn has some unique training options found nowhere else, as well as rarely being crowded.

  • Hunter: Pawyas and Grenwalls are high level hunter creatures which can only be found in Tiranwnn. Pawyas can be caught with 66 Hunter, the player can catch them with a box trap using papayas as bait. There is no specific hunter gear which improves the player's chances, it however is advised to smoke traps to raise the chance of successfully catching a pawya. Grenwalls can be caught in the same way, however the player requires raw pawya meat as bait instead of papayas. They require a Hunter level of 77.
  • Fishing: There are several fishing spots in the elf lands, these are generally not used a lot due to the long distance to a bank and the high requirements.
  • Woodcutting: There's a spawn of Magic trees near Lletya, this is one of the least used magic tree spawns so it can be a good option to cut magic logs here, there is also an elder tree here, the bank at Lletya is not too far away. There's a spawn of yes trees in the southern part of Tiranwnn as well, this is however very distant from a bank so it's not advised to cut logs here.
  • White Berries: This is one of the 2 places where wild berries spawn, these are used in the Herblore skill. This is the easiest spot to gather them, since it's relatively close to a bank and the other spawn is in deep wilderness.

Music Tracks

There are several music tracks which can be unlocked only in the Elf lands. These are required for the completionist cape.

  • Breeze
  • Crystal Castle
  • Elven Mist
  • Everywhere
  • Far Away
  • Forest
  • Lost Soul
  • Meridian
  • Riverside
  • Woodland

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