Mort Myre Swamp


Before the evil of Lord Drakan descended upon Hallowvale, there was a beautiful forest in the eastern part called Humblethorn. However Hallowvale fell and there is not much left of the forest, slowly but surely it started turning into a swamp. Nowadays Mort Myre Swamp covers a major part of Morytania, a deadly swamp where the spirits of the dead roam free. Only few dare venture through it, and most will only do so out of necessity, however the swamps offer more then meets the eye for those who dare to explore them.


Mort Myre is located in the eastern part of Morytania, and covers most of the area. To the south of the swamp the player can find the winding path and the Haunted Mine, to the north the player can find Canifis and the slayer tower. There are several ways to gain entry to Mort Myre swamp.

  • Entering through the gate near Canifis
  • Entering from the Winding path in the southern part of Morytania
  • Using the Fairy Rings, code B K R
  • Entering through the tunnels behind the Hair of the Dog Inn, this requires completion of In Search of the Myreque

Places of Interest

Despite the large area Mort Myre covers it's rather empty compared to other areas, however there are still several interesting places. Most of the Swamp area is affected by an effect known as swamp decay, this effect can be countered by having a Silver sickle(b), Rod of Ivandis or Flail of Ivandis

Winding Path

The Winding Path can be found in the most southern part of Mort Myre. The player will no longer be affected by the Swamp decay effect, there are also no ghasts present in this area anymore. The player can still find several snails here, as well as a fishing spot. From this area the player can either go east to enter Mort'ton or south where they will find the Haunted Mine. Near the bridge between the Winding Path and the actual swamp area the player can find a ghostly musician, here they can rest to restore their run energy faster.

Nature Spirit's Grotto

The Nature Spirit's Grotto can be found in the southern area of the swamp, near the entrance to the winding path. The Grotto has a Prayer Altar, Summoning Obelisk and a Summoning shop. The altar allows the player to boost their prayer points above their maximum, they can also bless silver sickles at this altar. The summoning obelisk can be used to both restore the player's summoning points as well as being used for making pouches.

Haunted Graveyard

In the eastern part of the swamp the player can find a haunted graveyard. This graveyard is the location where the player fights the vampire Dessous during the quest Desert Treasure. The graveyard serves no other purpose.


There are various skills the player can train in Mort Myre or other activities the player can engage in. Due to the nature and the location of the area some of these are best done in another location, however some activities are unique to the swamp.

  • Ghasts: Mort Myre is the only location where the player can find Ghasts. These ghasts are not vulnerable to attacks unless made vulnerable by the effects of a Druid Pouch or an Ouroboros pouch.
  • Snails: This is also the only location where the player can find giant snails. These drop snail meat and snail shells. The shells can be crafted into snelms, which are equipable helms.
  • Fishing: There are fishing spots in the swamp, however due to the long distance to a bank and the constant trouble from the Ghasts it is not advised to use these.
  • Bloom: Using a blessed silver sickle or an Ivandis Flail the player is able to cast bloom. If the player casts bloom on dead logs, bushes or branches this will cause Mort Myre fungi, branches or pears to grow. These can be used to fill the druid pouch. The fungi are also a good way to earn money for lower levels as these are used to create Super Energy potions.
  • Summoning: The player can use the Nature Spirit's Grotto to train their summoning. However this is once again not advised due to the long distance to a bank.

Guide Made by: Sytze