Creature Creation


After completing Tower of Life quest the player is able to use the magic of the tower to create various creatures. This can be done by using certain items at various altars, each altar allows you to create a different creature using a specific combination of 2 items. To actually create a creature the player will have to use both items on the correct altar, this will then cause the corresponding creature to appear. The player is then able to kill this creature. The creatures always drop one of the items used in creating them, these items are almost always expensive items used in herblore or other rare items. Due to the large quantities of these items that the creatures drop, this is a great way for players to gather herblore secondaries.

The map below depicts the locations of each altar as well as the corresponding creature.

In the table found below the player is able to view which items they will need to create certain creatures, and which items these creatures will drop. The satchels allow the player to store 1 Banana, 1 Cake and a Triangle sandwhich in them. They can also be equipped in the off-hand slot, having a satchel equipped will also cosmetically change the Beckon emote. Tea flasks allow the player to store 5 cups of tea.

Creature (level) Altar Colour Items Needed to Create Agreed (100%) Drop Possible Drop
Newtroost (80) Dark Blue 1 Eye of Newt and 1 Feather 4-12 Eye of Newt and Bones Rune satchel and Tea flask
Unicow (82) Light Green 1 Unicorn Horn and 1 Cowhide 2-4 Unicorn horn and Bones Green satchel and Tea flask
Spidine (90) Light Blue 1 Red spiders' eggs and 1 Raw Sardine 2-6 Red spiders' eggs and Bones Red satchel and Tea flask
Swordchick (90) Yellow 1 Raw Swordfish and 1 Raw Chicken 12-40 Feathers and Bones Black satchel, 2-12 Raw Chicken and Tea flask
Frogeel (98) Green 1 Raw Cave Eel and 1 Giant frog legs 5-12 Cave Eel and Bones Plain satchel and Tea flask
Jubster (98) Cyan 1 Raw jubbly and 1 Raw lobster 3-7 Raw jubbly and Bones Gold satchel and Tea flask

Ideal Inventory

Item Infomation
Ardougne cloak 1-4 Some drops in the Tower of Life will become noted. Unlimited teleports to the monastery south of Ardougne.
Ring of kinship Teleport to Daemonheim,
First ingredient One of the items that gets dropped (Eye of newt, Unicorn horns, Red spiders' eggs, Feather, Raw cave eel and Raw jubbly)
Magic notepaper Turn extra first ingredients into note bank notes.
Secondary ingredient Have 22 of the secondary ingredient.

An easy way to gather high amounts of the desired item is to teleport to the Ardougne Monastery using an Ardougne cloak, then run east towards the Tower of life and go into the basement. Equip the cloak whilst killing the player's desired creature, this will cause most of the creatures drops to be in noted form. Once the player runs out of secondary items they can use the Ring of kinship to teleport to Daemonheim where a bank is nearby, alternatively other items which allow quick banking can also be used. The player can choose to bring a Beast of burden familiar filled with more secondary items to allow for longer trips.

Guide Made by: Zammyskid
Corrections submitted by: Sytze, SkillrzUnite