West Ardougne


After completion of the Plague City quest the player is allowed to pass through the gates of West Ardougne and into the city. Although it was believed the city was heavily affected by the plague, the player has discovered that this is not actually the case.

Yet the citizens of West Ardougne still consider King Tyras's name a bad omen, because of this they are quite content with his voyage through the underground pass to the strange lands to the west.

West Ardougne is west of East Ardougne and provides one path to the elven lands to the West.

Area Map

Map of West Ardouge

Points Of Interest


In the middle of West Ardougne the player can find a church altar; here they are able to recharge their prayer points by praying on the altar. However, due to its isolated location and the distance from the nearest bank in East Ardougne this church is rarely used.


Not far from the church the player can head north-west and see two anvils to practice their Smithing skill. They are rarely used due to their isolated location and the long distance from the nearest bank in East Ardougne.

West Ardougne General Store

In the South-West corner of West Ardougne is the General Store which sells some useful items if you need them. You can also sell your items to the store if you need some more coins for your money pouch.


Item Price Quantity Examine

Empty Pot
1gp 10 This pot is empty.

18gp 10 A coil of rope.

Bronze Pickaxe
1gp 10 Used for mining.

2gp 30 It's a wooden bucket.

1gp 10 Useful for lighting a fire.

13gp 10 Good for hitting things!

Leather Boots
6gp 10 Comfortable leather boots.

80gp 10 A nice sturdy bow.

Bronze Arrow
7gp 100 Arrows with bronze heads.

88gp 10 Some nicely cooked salmon.

Meat Pie
160gp 10 Not for vegetarians.

24gp 10 Nice crispy bread.

Cooked Meat
30gp 10 Mmm this looks tasty.

Mourner House

North-West is the Mourner house also known as the Mourner hide out, there is a stove and a sink in side the house, you need the mourner outfit to get into the house. Due to its isolated location, distance from the nearest bank in East Ardougne and the outfit requirement this area is rarely used. This building and the mourners do have their secrets that can be revealed in the Plague/Elf quest series.


There are a few quests which are encountered in this location:

Songs Unlocked

The following are songs that can be unlocked whilst wondering in this area.

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