Ship Yard


The ship yard is an enclosed area located in the eastern part of Brimhaven. To gain access to this area, you need to have started the Grand Tree quest. This area primarily serves as a quest area and is thus rarely visited by people.

Getting There

The fastest, recommended way to get to the ship yard is to take the glider from the Grand Tree to Karamja, then run north from there. An alternate method is to teleport to the Brimhaven lodestone and then running south-east. This does however consume far more time.

Map of Area

NPCs Of Interest

G.L.O. Carnock

G.L.O. Carnock resides in a hut just south of the Ship Yard's gate. He serves primarily as a quest NPC, having a role in Monkey Madness, but is also one of the Gnome Delivery minigame customers.


The Foreman is another quest NPC, located around the southern part of the Ship Yard docks just east of the gate. He has a role in the Grand Tree quest.


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