Broken Home
North of the digsite, a wealthy merchant lives in an old mansion on top of the hill. The house had always had a reputation for being haunted, but now something even stranger has happened. All the doors and windows are sealed with magical energy and terrible noises can be heard from within.


Skill Requirements: None.Quest Requirements:
Other Requirements:
Items Needed: None.

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal


Note: Before going through a door, check if there is a mist underneath the door. If there is, then peek through to see Ormond's ghost and enter as he will be gone upon entry. Entering a door with mist will start to drain your lifepoints as Ormond's ghost starts to consume you.


To start the quest, you will need to go to the mansion which is located North-East of Varrock; across from the Odd Old Man and talk to Maria. Offer your assistance to help her remove the ghost, which is killing everyone, inside of Ingrel's mansion, where she used to work. You can't take any items into the mansion with you, so you will need to bank everything before you go inside; there is a deposit box just behind Maria. Once your worn equipment and inventory is free, head up the stairs to the mansion and go inside.

Ground Floor

When entering Ingrel's mansion, a small cut seen will show of the Ghostly waif walking through the first east door. When the cut seen has finished, follow the Ghostly waif to enter a safe room (All safe rooms will save your progress). Search the chest over the other side of the room, next to the grandfather clock to receive some Mystery meat. Don't eat the meat until you really need to, which should be when you are low on lifepoints as they will restore all of your lifepoints.

Go north to the corridor and directly west to find a frightened servant. Upon entering, you will see that she is consumed by a monster which leaves her items behind. Pick up the Clock hands and the Raven key; go back to the first room and use the Clock hands on the grandfather clock to receive an Eye gem. Go back to the corridor and this time, unbolt the east door and go through the east door in the grand hall to use your Raven key.


An Emaciated spirit will show and walk through the wall. Enter the south door and search the desk to find out a Note from Ingram about Ormond's son and then pass through the east door to the library to find a pile of unsorted books on the floor. The order is different for each player so use the hints to work out which colour book goes where. Also, note that the bottom book refers to the first book. When you have all of the books in the correct order, 2 Eye gem's will fall, but you catch them before they break. Go back to the corridor and this time, enter the east door which leads to another corridor. Go through the north door and enter the middle door to enter a puzzle room.

After you have taken the 3rd Eye gem, leave the room and ascend the stairs to go to the first floor.

First Floor

Once on the first floor, make your way through the east door to watch the Ghostly waif playing with the Emaciated spirit. Carry on through the next east door and then the west door down the corridor. You will be in a small room with a lot of books and paper all over the floor. Look around the mess to search Ingram's research notes on Ormod, his madness and an attempt to cure it. After searching through his notes, you will find a Spider key and a Scroll fragment. Leave the room and make your way back to the stairs and unbolt the south door which leads to the grand hall.

Move along the balcony and unlock the west door with your Spider key and enter the room to the south where you will find a dead servant. Search his body and pry free another Eye gem. Enter the bathroom in the other room and draw back the curtain to find a faceless servant. If you try to talk to her, she won't be aware so search her for a Statue key. Return to the corridor and enter the north door, then the east door and talk to the Emaciated spirit who will then dissapear, so enter the room south of you to use your Statue key.

Note: At this point you should have 5 Eye gem's.

Investigate the statue twice to add two Eye gem's to the eye sockets; pick up the Eye gem on the floor and proceed to the next room. Do the same as you did in the first room two more times and pick up the Scythe key next to the statue. Return to the grand hall and move over to the east side to unlock the door with your Scythe key.

Enter the south-east corner door to be in a safe room. Open the chest to get another piece of Mystery meat and investigate the shrine to find a Grand piano key and a Skull key. Leave the room and you will hear a scream come from the grand hall. Peek through the west door to find a blockage (dead servant) which you will have to go around and move. Unbolt the north-east door and pass along the corridor to enter the north-west door and again through the west door and down the stairs. Go through the last door and then the south-west door. When you get half way to the south-west door, the windows will start to smash and the energy from outside will begin to damage you so move quickly!

Skull Key

Move west to go into the grand hall where the windows are smashes as well and go through the north west door to the corridor. If you want to save your progress, enter the south room, if not unlock the north door with your Skull key. Go through the east door and search through Omrod's scriblings on his madness to find a second Scroll fragment. Leave the room and enter the north door, then go through the west door to find the Grand piano. Play the piano to add the missing piece to it which will unlock a secret door in the corner of the room. Behind the door is a room with the energy and a load of skeletons. In the south-east corner is a skeleton with an Eye gem lodged in it's ribcage, take it out and leave both the rooms to go back to the corridor. Go through the door at the end of the corridor and head down the stairs to the basement.

The Basement

Enter the north-west door and search the butler to find a Cleaver key. Leave the room and enter the next door on the north wall which is a safe room, so open the chest to get more Mystery meat. Once your progress is saved, leave the room and enter the next north door to use your Cleaver key. This room is another puzzle. You have to get to the other side to enter the kitchen and take as little damage as possible. There is glass on the floor, so if you run over them you will be damaged and at the same time, there are knives going passed you which will also damage you. The best thing to do, to get to the other side, is to walk. You can cut across diagonally which can help skipping broken glass but walking when timing it right, will not take any damage from you.


Once through the door, enter the middle north door and search the drawers to find a Large pipette and return back outside. Enter the larder which is the last door on the north side, and use the Large pipette on the pig to receive a Large pipette of pig bile. Leave the larder and go through the east door to search the furnace. You will find some Human ashes. Go back into the kitchen and use both the Large pipette of pig bile and the Human ashes on the couldron to create an Alkanline concoction. Use your pipette on the couldron to take some of that Alkaline concoction and use it on the southern door to remove the dried ectoplasm. Enter the door to find that it has been bolted behind you. Go into the west room to find a frozen, but screaming servant. Search her to pull a Doll key out of her mouth and as you pull the key, she is at rest. Leave the room to enter the directly opposite room and take the Snake key from the key hook near the ladder. When you have that, climb the ladder to go to the grand hall.

Tusks Key

Once in the grand hall, the energy will still be there and damage you, so quickly run up the stairs and move into the west corridor. Unlock the west door with your Doll key and ascend the stairs. Take the Tusks key on the floor and talk to the Emaciated spirit who tells you about his Mother's hairbrush. Make your way back down the stairs; leave the room and enter the north door and then the east door. Go all the way to the end of the corridor and open the last door with your Tusks key. Investigate the bust to reveal a trapdoor. Go down the trapdoor and search the dead thief to find an Eye gem and go back to the corridor. Enter the other south door and go all the way through the rooms to place the final 2 Eye gem's in the eye sockets of the statues. This will allow access to the secret door; enter the door to be in a shrine which is also a safe room. Investigate the shrine to find the Mother's hairbrush and make your way back to the Emaciate spirit behind the Doll door.

The Monster

Speak to the emaciated spirit and give him the Mother's hairbrush. He will explain what is going on in the mansion but will be interrupted by the Ghostly waif who devours him and transforms into a monster, knocking you down the stairs and breaking them in the process. As you are knocked down the stairs, you pick up a Noose key. As you leave the room, the monster will begin to chase you and if it catches you, you will die instantly so you have to be quick. Run directly east through the corridor and over the grand hall balcony, move the dead servants body out of the way and go through the door. Keep going east and through the north door to the next corridor and go through the last west door and then the south door to use your Noose key. Open up the cupboard and climb down the ladders to the basement. Run along the winding corridor until you find shafts of light poking through holes in the wall. Peek through these peepholes and you'll memorise the symbols that you see on the wall. Unbolt and go through the door at the end of the corridor, take the last door in this room and then descend the stairs into the sub basement.

If you are having issues with getting to the doors without the Monster killing you, there are a couple of things you can attempt;

  1. If you are dieing before the corridor has a chance to fully load, try spam clicking the direction you need to run it - it will hopefully buy you the seconds you need to open the door.
  2. The monster will only chase you through corridors, not into small rooms or the main lobby. Try breaking the journey by stepping into the save points and small rooms along the way (the Altar Room save point is highly recommended)
  3. Use your world map to plan your route in advance, so you know which doors you need to take to avoid getting lost.

The Sub-Basement

Go through the door and down the stairs to come to an ancient door. You have to make all of the colours on the east side purple, except the middle one which should be yellow. Once that is done, stand on the pressure plate in the middle and continue down the 3 sets of stairs.

The Asylum

Climb down the hole using the mountaineering gear left behind by Ingrel to enter a safe room. Open up the chest to find a piece of Mystery meat and enter the Asylum through the door. Search the reception desk to find Nabor's notes on insanity and a Chains key. Go through either of the north or east doors as they come out at the same area and open the east door to use your Chains key. Enter the next two east doors to find yourself in another cell block. Go south, into the first cell, and pick up the Dagger key. Make your way all the way back to the grand hall balcony. Be careful though as the monster is still lurking around the halls


When you arrive at the balcony, go through the east door and use your Dagger key on the first south door where Ingram is hiding. Search Ingram's rantings, which tell you about the Ghostly waif, the monster and Ormod's failed spell, to receive the third and final Scroll fragment. Combine the Scroll fragments to create the Break curse scroll and then investigate Ingram who has been killed. Return to the corridor and move yourself all the way to the east side so that you have time to use the Break curse scroll on the monster when it spawns. When used, the monster will no longer chase you and you can talk to it. You can find out about what the monster, Senacianus Aloysius Pamphilius, has done but tell the monster what you would like him to do about Ormod. After you have chosen, make your way to the grand hall through the west door. The energy will not damage you when you are in the grand hall as Senecianus will protect you from it. Speak to "Lenian" at the bottom of the stairs and watch the final cut seen.

When Ormod has been dealt with, exit the mansion and tell Maria.

If you are having issues using the Break Curse Scroll on Senecianus, there are a couple of things you can attempt to make it easier;

  1. As soon as you exit the door of Ingram's chamber, click on the Scroll so you are instantly ready to use it when he appears.
  2. As soon as you exit the door run to the end of the corridor so you have time to react to Senecianus appearing and use the scroll on him

This should make it easier to to use the scroll on Senecianus and mitigate the risk of repeated deaths.

There was an early bird bonus reward if you completed this quest within the first two weeks of release. The rewards were a Large prismatic lamp (replaced by the Small prismatic lamp), Prismatic large fallen star & Boosted damage in the Death's Door hallowe'en event.

This quest is the first repeatable RuneScape quest and there are additional rewards for completing the quest weekly. Completing the quest weekly will give you a Large prismatic lamp or a Huge prismatic lamp if you do the quest weekly and complete all the challenges. If you speak to Maria, outside the mansion, you can view the challenges that she offers and each has a separate reward. There are 3 challenges for you to have a go at but the second and third challenges are locked, however, you can complete all 3 challenges in one go.

Challenge Reward
Complete the quest without dying.
Huge prismatic lamp
Complete the quest without dying and use one or mystery meat.
Complete the quest within 37 minutes.
Asylum surgeon's ring

* Rowena is not an in-game item, just a follower that can be called from the pets tab.

Whilst playing through the quests, you would have seen 9 chests with a magic temporal seal on them. They can be opened during a replay of the quest and each chest has a lamp inside. The lamps have tiers on them, from Tier 1 to Tier 9, and so you can only open each chest if you have all skills to be at the tier level * 10 (e.g: Tier 1 = All skills 10+). The chests can be found, in order of tier and xp given per lamp, below:

  1. 1,000 xp: Ground floor; In the library.
  2. 2,000 xp: Ground floor; Outside of Puzzle #2, next to the staircase.
  3. 4,000 xp: Basement; South-West corner door, then the East door In the store room.
  4. 8,000 xp: Basement; Wine Cellar, under a table on the south side of the room.
  5. 16,000 xp: Sub-Basement; Down the stairs after the ancient door puzzle.
  6. 32,000 xp: Sub-Basement; In the safe room, before you enter the Asylum.
  7. 48,000 xp: The Asylum; In the first cell block, the chest is in the northeastern cell.
  8. 64,000 xp: The Asylum; In the second cell block, the chest is in the northeastern cell.
  9. 96,000 xp: First floor; In the bathroom of Ingram's room.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
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