Mountain Daughter
Years ago, a small tribe of people split off from the Fremennik in Rellekka and decided to inhabit the mountains to the east of town. There they lived as nomads for many years, but now the chieftain of the camp has lost his daughter and will not move on before she has been found. Has she run away, has she been eaten by trolls, or is there something more sinister going on? Only you can find out.


Skill Requirements:
17 20 Agility
Quest Requirements: None.Other Requirements:
Items Needed: Rope, Plank, Spade, Gloves, Pickaxe, Hatchet

Items Recommended: None.
Reward: Click to reveal

This guide is suitable for current RuneScape and Old School.


Head East of Rellekka until you see "The Swaying Tree". Head north-east of the tree and you will find two paths. Try Climbing over the Rockslide.

The Guard will stop you from climbing over however.

Climb north, and use your rope with a rock. You will then scale the rock and climb over the Guard.

The Chieftan

Follow the path around and you will arrive in the Mountain Camp. Go talk to Hamal the Chieftain, who is in his tent.

He will tell you that they left Rellekka, and are due to move on this camp but his daughter has gone missing.

Tell him that you will help look for her, and he will tell you to look by a large pool of water, and that her fiance Ragnar will be there.

Head south of the tent and dig some mud. Also, if you still need a plank, you are able to find one just north of Hamal's tent. Now head to Jokul's farm and pick up a Pole.

Follow the north path around, and you will find Ragnar.

Talk to Ragnar and he will tell you that Hamal's missing daughter is called Aslief. He will tell you that he hears her voice coming from the lake but can never see her.

Now use the mud that you picked up earlier with the tree, and then climb it.

Now use the Pole with the Rocks to vault over them.


Now use the Plank with the Flat Rocks to get across to the Island. Listen to the shining water, and Aslief will talk to you.

She will tell you that she is dead, and wants you to do some favours for her. First is to make peace with Rellekka, and the second is to find a food source. Head back to Hamal and talk to him.

After you have talked to Hamal, head next door and talk to Jokul. He will tell you about the "White Pearl" mountain fruit that can be found at the top of White Wolf Mountain.

Before getting the fruit however, make peace with Rellekka. Head west outside of the Camp until you reach the Black Unicorns. You will find Svidi, and he will tell you that he was too scared to go into Rellekka and is worried to go back to Hamal. Ask him if you can persuade him somehow, and you will suggest to be his bodyguard. He will agree if you get him a guarantee of safe passage.


Head to Rellekka and talk to Brudnt the chieftain. He will tell you that he wants his Ancient Rock back before giving you the guarantee, so head back to Hamal and ask him if you can have the Ancient Rock.

Hamal will refuse. Go to the southern most hut, and use your pickaxe with the Ancient Rock.

Take this back to Brundt, and he will be satisfied and give you the guarantee of safe passage. Give this to Svidi.

Now head to the top of White Wolf Mountain, and pick the Thorny Bush. Make sure to be wearing gloves and you will pick the fruit. Eat it to get the seeds.

Take this seed back to Hamal and also tell him that you got Brundt to speak to Svidi.

Now head back to the pool. Climb the Tall Tree, use the Pole on the Rocks and then walk across the Flat Rocks with the Plank. Listen to the shining water to speak to Aslief again.

Tell her that you have made peace with Rellekka and found a food source, and she will tell you that she had already sensed this and will give you her thanks. She will now ask you to convince her father that she is dead.

Walk over the flat stones without using the plank, and you will arrive on the northern side of the river. Follow the path to find some dead trees concealing a cave entrance.

The Kendal

Note: Fight ahead, level 70.

Cut a path through, and then enter the cave. You will now see The Kendal. Talk to him and tell him that it is only you, and then about a sacrifice, and then tell him that he looks like a man in a bear suit. He will then tell you that he killed a lady 10 years ago, but left her corpse because she was too beautiful. He will tell you that you cannot take the corpse back because you will expose him. You will now fight him.

After you have killed him, you will get a Bear Head. Pick up the corpse of the lady which is lying on the floor. Head back to Hamal and he will ask you to bury the corpse, but you will have to give it a proper burial.

Grab 5 rocks which are lying around in Jokul's farm, and then go and speak to Ragnar.

Jokul will give you Aslief's necklace. Head back to the centre of the island by climbing the Tall Tree, using the Pole with the Rocks and then using the Plank with the flat rocks.

Bury the corpse, and then use the 5 Rocks on the burial mound to make a cairn.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
Guide Made by: DaDa
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