Cooking is a very large skill, allowing you to cook everything from the fish you catch in the rivers, to brewing with the barley you grew in your farming patch. You can use the food you prepare to heal yourself during battle, increase your stats to do something you were unable to do before, or even deliver it to people for money.


Some methods are not very reliable and could easily result in the food you are cooking being burnt to a crisp. If this happens then the food you have prepared will be ruined, and there is no way of getting it back. You will also recieve no experience. The higher your cooking level the less likely you will be to burn something.

Cooking Methods

There are several methods of cooking your food, that allow you, through their diversity, to cook food almost everywhere you go.

This table shows the main methods of cooking:

Method Can be used to cook Chance of burning/ruining

All foods (with the exception of some specialised ones) Low

Basic foods (fish, meat, ect.) High

Ogre Spit
Hunting meats

Iron Spit
Hunting meats

Dairy Churn

Brewing Vat
All ales and beers Medium
Low if you add 'the stuff' (Trouble Brewing)

Cocktail Shaker
All gnome cocktails None

Gnome Range
All gnome foods None


You can cook the fish that you catch with the fishing skill. The harder the fish is to catch, the higher cooking level you need to cook it. All fish can be cooked on a range or a fire.

This table shows the levels and experience for required respectively gained by cooking fish as well as the Constitution level required to get the full amount of healing from each respective fish.

Fish Level Required Stops Burning at Level XP Gained Other Requirements Lifepoints gained** F2P/P2P

1 32 30 None 200

1 34 30 None 200

1 Unknown 10 Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 750

1 38 40 None 200

1 34 30 None 200

5 41 50 None 200

10 45 60 None 250

15 50 70 None 370

18 52 75 None 450

Poison Karambwan
1 20 80 Can only be made before completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. -500

20 53 80 None 500

25 58 90 None 620

Slimy Eel
28 58 95 None 100

30 65 100 None 750

30 Never 190 Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 750

Rainbow Fish
35 60 110 None 870

Cave Eel
38 40 115 None 950

40 74 (68*) 120 None 1200

43 80 130 None 1070

45 86 (81*) 140 None 1400

Lava Eel
53 53 30 Heroe's Quest 1060

62 92 (90*) 150 None 1600

80 Never (94*) 210 None 2000

Sea Turtle
82 Never 212 None 2050

88 Never (94*) 214 None 2200

Manta Ray
91 Never 216 None 2270

93 Never (94*) 225 None 2300

* The Cooking level required to stop burning the fish when wearing Cooking Gauntlets.

** Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.


Lots of monsters around RuneScape drop meat when you kill them. You can cook this meat and eat it to regain health like other foods. Most meat can be cooked on a range, but some pieces need to be spit roasted.

This table shows the levels and experience for required respectively gained by cooking meat.

Meat Level Required XP Gained Other Requirements Lifepoints gained** F2P/P2P

1 30 None 200

1 30 None 200

Cooked Rabbit
1 30 None 200

Thin Snail
12 70 None 70

14 18 Bringing Home the Bacon 300

Roasted Rabbit*
16 72 20 400

Spider on stick
16 80 None 400

Lean Snail
17 80 None 80

Crab Meat
21 100 Recipe for Disaster - Saving Pirate Pete 100

Roasted Beast Meat*
21 82 20 520

Fat Snail
22 95 None 90

Bacon Stack
24 88 Bringing Home the Bacon 500

30 100 20
Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Bacon Pile
34 108 Bringing Home the Bacon 700

41 160 20
Recipe for Disaster - Saving Skrach Uglogwee

Bacon Heap
44 135 Bringing Home the Bacon 900

Oomlie Wrap
50 1110 Legend's Quest 1120

Bacon Mound
54 158 Bringing Home the Bacon 1100

* Can only be cooked on a spit roast.

** Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.


You can cook some of the vegetables that you either grow with the farming skill, or pick from a field. With these you can make a whole range of different dishes. All dishes require a bowl, and most require a knife.

As well as the main vegetables, there are also some other ingredients that you must add, which require a bit of preparation in themselves.

Minced Meat

Made by using meat on a bowl with a knife in your inventory.

Uncooked Scrambled Egg

Made by using an egg on a bowl.

Chopped Tomato

Made by using a tomato on a bowl with a knife in your inventory.

Chopped Tuna

Made by using tuna on a bowl with a knife in your inventory.

Chopped Garlic

Made by using garlic on a bowl with a knife in your inventory.

Sliced Mushroom

Made by using a bittercape mushroom on a bowl with a knife in your inventory.

Here are the main vegetables and dishes you can cook.

Vegetable/Dish Level Ingredients Experience Gained Heals*

Baked Potato
7 n/a 15 200

Spicy Sauce
9 Chopped Garlic
Gnome Spice
25 220

Chilli Con Carne
11 Minced Meat
Spicy Sauce
15 270

Scrambled Egg
13 Uncooked Egg 50 320

Egg and Tomato
23 Scrambled Egg
Chopped Tomato
50 570

25 Bowl of Water
Cooked Meat
11 620

Potato with Butter
39 Baked Potato
Pat of Butter
95.5 970

Chilli Potato
41 Potato with Butter
Chilli con Carne
165.5 1250

Fried Onions
42 Onion 60 1050

Fried Mushrooms
46 Sliced Mushrooms 60 1150

Potato with Cheese
47 Potato with Butter
199.5 1170

Egg Potato
51 Potato with Butter
Egg and Tomato
199.5 1370

Mushroom and Onion
57 Fried Onions
Fried Mushrooms
15 1420

60 Uncooked Stew
3 Curry leaves or Spices
280 1500

Mushroom Potato
64 Potato with Butter
Mushroom and Onion
270.5 2000

Tuna and Corn
67 Chopped Tuna
Cooked Sweetcorn
309.5 1670

Tuna Potato
68 Potato with Butter
Tuna and Sweetcorn
25 2120

* Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.

Pastry and Dough

One of the simplest types of cooking is that of pastry and dough, which you can use to create a wide range of foods from basic bread to a complex summer pie.

To create pastry or dough, use a bucket of water on a pot of flour. An user interface will pop up, allowing you to choose what you want to create. Click on the option you wish to create.


Bread is an incredibly simple food to create, one that you will be shown how to create shortly after you begin the game.

To make bread, use the information above to create bread dough. Then simply use the dough on a range. Bread requires level 1 to create and gives you 40 experience. It heals 20 hp.


Pies come in a variety of fillings. To create one, you must first use the instructions above to create pastry dough. Then you must use the pastry with a pie dish to create a pie shell. After that all you need to do is add a filling of your choice and bake it on a range. Each pie must be eaten in 2 bites.

This table shows you the fillings available.

Pie Level Ingredients Experience Gained Heals**

Redberry Pie
10 Redberries 78 2x 120

Meat Pie
20 Cooked Meat 110 2x 250

Mud Pie*
29 Compost
Bucket of Water
128 -50% run energy

Apple Pie
30 Cooking apple 130 2x 370

Garden Pie
34 Tomato
138 2x 420

Fish Pie
47 Cooked Trout
Cooked Cod
164 2x 580

Admiral Pie
70 Cooked Salmon
Cooked Tuna
210 2x 870

Pork Pie
74 Pastry Dough
3 x Bacon
210 1350

Wild Pie
85 Raw Bear Meat
Raw Chompy
Raw Rabbit
240 2x 1060

Summer Pie
95 Strawberry
Cooking Apple
260 2x 1180

* Mud pies cannot be eaten. Instead, they can be wielded and thrown at people running away from you in any PvP area. It will massively reduce their run energy.

** Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.


Pizzas have many different toppings you can add to them. To make pizzas, you must first follow the above instructions to make pizza dough. You can then use the dough with some cheese and some tomato to make an uncooked plain pizza. Then add the topping of your choice and cook it over a range. Pizzas must be eaten in 2 bites.

This table shows the toppings available.

Pizza Level Topping Experience Gained Heals*

Plain Pizza
35 n/a 143 2x 430

Meat Pizza
45 Meat 169 2x 560

Anchovy Pizza
55 Anchovies 182 2x 680

Pineapple Pizza
65 Pinapple Rings/Chunks 188 2x 810

* Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.

Pitta Bread

This item requires level 58 to make, but once made, can be sold and used at level 1. It is used for making Kebabs.

Drinks and Beverages

There are a number of different drinks you can make throughout Runescape. Most of these dont only heal you, but also have an effect on your stats.


To make wine, level 35 cooking is required. To make it, take an empty jug, and fill it with water. Then simply add some grapes to it and wait for it to ferment. It will only take a few moments. If it ferments properly, then you will recieve a jug of wine, if not, you will recieve a jug of wine that no longer heals you, and doesnt yeild any experience.


There are two different types of tea that can be made. One is nettle tea, and the other is tea made in your Player Owned House. Both teas are made similarly, but there are a few differences in equipment used.

Nettle Tea

Take a bowl and fill it with water. Gather some nettles from a nettle patch. These can be found near Canifis, Draynor Jail, and near the yew trees in Edgeville. Make sure you are wearing gloves otherwise you cannot pick them. Then put the nettles in the bowl of water and heat it over a range. If you wish, you can use the bowl of nettle tea with an empty cup, or you could add a bucket of milk to it.

Builders Tea

From the shelves and larder of your player owned house, take: a kettle, a cup, a teapot and some tea leaves. Fill the kettle with water and leave it over a range to heat up. Place the tea leaves in the teapot, and add the boiling water from the kettle into it. Then decant the tea into a cup. You may add milk if you wish. This tea will boost your construction skill temporarially, depending on the type of cup and teapot you made your tea in.

Chocolate Milk

To make chocolate milk, take a bar of chocolate, and use it with either a pestle and mortar or a knife to get chocolate dust. Then simply add the dust to a bucket of milk.


For information on how to make cocktails, please see the Gnome Cooking section.

Here are all the basic drinks you can make.

Drink Level Stat Change Experience Gained Heals*

35 Lowers attack 200 870

Half Wine
This item has been discontinued. For more information, see the Discontinued Items guide. 870

Nettle Tea
20 None 52 400

Builders Tea
20 +1, 2 or 3 Construction
Depends on cup quality
52 500

Chocolate Milk
1 None 0 200

* Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.


There are many different types of ale that effect all different skills when drunk. Despite this variety, they are all prepared in much the same way.

To brew ales, you must first locate a fermenting vat. There are only 2, one in Keldagrim, and one in Port Phasmatys.

When you have found one, you must:

  1. Add 2 buckets of water into the vat.
  2. Add 2 barley malt (made by using barley on a range).
  3. Add the main ingredient unique to each ale.
  4. Add a pot of ale yeast (can be bought from the vat tender).

Once you have done this, you will need to wait a few days. This will take different amounts of time depending on the drink you are brewing.

The beer can either not ferment, in which case it is useless, mature, or extra mature. Extra mature ales give better stat bonuses. Once your ale has matured, return and use a beer glass on the vat. Each vat holds 8 beer-glass fulls.


Cider is brewed slightly differently from the other ales. You do not need the barley malt or the buckets of water, you simply add the main ingredient in straight away.

Here are all the ales available:

Ale Level Ingredient Stat Change Experience Gained Heals*

14 4x Apple Mush +1 Farming
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
182 140

Dwarven Stout
19 4x Hammerstone Hop +1 Mining
+1 Smithing
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
-2 Defence
215 190

Asgarnian Ale
24 4x Asgarnian Hops +2 Strength
-2 Attack
248 240

Greenman's Ale
29 4x Harralander +1 Herblore
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
-2 Defence
281 290

Wizard's Mind Bomb
34 4x Yanillian Hops +2-3 Magic
-1 Attack
-2 Strength
-2 Defence
314 340

Dragon Bitter
39 4x Krandorian Hops +2 Strength
-1 Attack
347 390

Moonlight Mead
44 4x Bittercap Mushrooms None 380 440

Axeman's Folly
49 1x Oak Root +1 Woodcutting
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
413 490

Chef's Delight
54 4x Chocolate Dust +1-5 Cooking
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
446 540

Slayer's Respite
59 4x Wildblood Hops +1 Slayer
-2 Attack
-2 Strength
479 590

64 4 x Raw Bacon +3 Farming
+3 Summoning
-3 Attack
-3 Strength
Unknown 1100


To make a cake, you must first obtain a pot of flour, an egg and a bucket of milk. You must then use any one of these ingredients on a cake tin, to get a cake mix. You can then place this over a range to cook it. If the cake burns, you can simply empty the cake tin out and start again. If you wish, you can add a bar of chocolate to the cake to get a chocolate cake.

Cake is not a good choice of food for fighting battles, as it takes a while to eat (3 bites), but it is perfect for agility, where you require food that heals a lot, but can be eaten slowly.

Cake Level Experience Gained Heals

40 180 333*

Chocolate Cake
50 210 416**

* Heals 33 in Legacy mode.

Heals 41 in Legacy mode.

Gnome Cooking

The Gnomes have developed their own methods of cooking, using the food that is available to them, and that is to their liking. These ingredients may be rare or unheard of in the rest of RuneScape, but all can be bought from the shops in the Grand Tree.


The meals are all prepared in a similar way, but have plenty of variation depending on the ingredients added, and the type of tray they were prepared in.

There are 3 different types of meal you can make: Crunchies, which are small biscuit-like snacks, Battas, which are large dish meals, and Bowls, which are large circular filling meals.

To make any of these, first, you must aquire some Giani dough, which you must place in either a crunchie tray, batta tin, or gnomebowl mould, depending on whichever meal you are planning on making. You then have to cook the dough over a gnome range (can be found in the kitchens of the Grand Tree). Once lightly baked, click the 'Prepare' option. You will be presented by this user interface, allowing you to choose what you want to create.

Provided you have the ingredients required, it will show you the available meals. You must then select the one you want, and the ingredients will be added to the meal. You must then bake it once more and finally add the final ingredients to finish it off.

Here are all the meals you can make, along with their ingredients:

Meal Level Ingredients Final Ingredient Experience Gained Heals*

Toad Crunchies
10 2x Toad Legs
1x Gnome Spice
Equa Leaves 100 500

Spice Crunchies
12 2x Equa Leaves
1x Gnome Spice
Gnome Spice 100 370

Worm Crunchies
14 1x Equa Leaves
1x Gnome Spice
2x King Worm
Gnome Spice 100 500

Choc Chip Crunchies
16 2x Chocolate Bar
1x Gnome Spice
Chocolate Dust 100 370

Fruit Batta
25 1x Orange Chunks
4x Equa Leaves
1x Lime Chunks
1x Pineapple Chunks
Gnome Spice 150 870

Toad Batta
26 1x Gnome Spice
1x Equa Leaves
1x Cheese
1x Toad Legs
None 152 870

Worm Batta
27 1x Gnome Spice
1x King Worm
1x Cheese
Equa Leaves 154 870

Vegetable Batta
28 2x Tomato
1x Onion
1x Cheese
1x Dwellberries
1x Cabbage
Equa Leaves 156 870

Cheese and Tomato Batta
29 1x Tomato
1x Cheese
Equa Leaves 158 870

Worm Hole
30 4x King Worm
2x Onion
1x Gnome Spice
Equa Leaves 170 1000

Vegetable Ball
35 2x Onion
2x Potato
1x Gnome Spice
Equa Leaves 175 1000

Tangled Toads' Legs
40 1x Toad Legs
2x Cheese
2x Equa Leaves
1x Gnome Spice
1x Dwellberries
Equa Leaves 185 1500

Chocolate Bomb
42 4x Chocolate Bar
1x Equa Leaves
2x Cream
Chocolate Dust
154 1500

Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.


Another thing the gnomes are famous for are their cocktails. These cocktails come in a variety of flavours, and often contain a lot of ingredients.

To make a cocktail, you must first have a cocktail shaker, an empty cocktail glass and a knife. All these can be bought or found in the Grand Tree. You must then get the correct ingredients for the cocktail you wish to make. You have to click on the cocktail shaker and a menu will pop up. Select the cocktail you wish to make and provided you have the right ingredients then you will shake up the first stage of it. You must then add the last few ingredients to complete it.

Here are all the cocktails you can make:

Cocktail Level Ingredients Final Ingredients Experience Gained Heals*

Fruit Blast
6 1x Pineapple
1x Lemon
1x Orange
Sliced Lemon 50 200

Pineappple Punch
8 2x Pineapple
1x Lemon
1x Orange
Sliced Orange
Lime Chunks
Pineapple Chunks
70 200

Wizard Blizzard
18 2x Vodka
1x Gin
1x Orange
1x Lime
1x Lemon
Sliced Lime
Pineapple Chunks
110 450

Short Green Guy
20 3x Lime
1x Vodka
Sliced Lime
Equa Leaves
120 500

Drunk Dragon
32 1x Vodka
1x Gin
1x Dwellberries
Pineapple Chunks
Heat over range
160 800

Chocolate Saturday
33 1x Whisky
1x Equa Leaves
1x Chocolate Bar
1x Milk
Chocolate Dust
Heat over range
170 820

Blurberry Special
37 1x Vodka
1x Brandy
1x Orange
1x Gin
2x Lemon
Orange Chunks
Lemon Chunks
Equa Leaves
Sliced Lime
170 920

Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.

Cooking Guild

For those who have cooking level 32 or above, there is a cooking guild situated near Varrock. You must be wearing either a chef's hat and white apron or a cooking skillcape to enter this guild.

It has all the things needed to get good experience. There is a wheat field on the back back for making flour, apples on the tables for making pie and grapes and jugs for making wine.

For those who have done the Varrock Acheivment Diary on Hard, there will be a bank available for use.

Other Details


In most farms, you will find a milk churn. This is for turning milk into other dairy products. With it, you can make cream, butter and cheese.

Cooking Gauntlets

If you have done the Family Crest Quest, then you can obtain Cooking gauntlets as a reward. While wearing these, your chance of burning fish will be reduced greatly.

Dwarven Army Axe

During the sub-quest Machinery of War (Burthorpe), you will be awarded with the Dwarven army axe by Linza. This axe, when wielded or in your inventory, will grant an additional 3xp per cooking action done.

Cooking Urns

Cooking Urns are used to gain extra experience in the Cooking skill and can be created using the Crafting skill. As you are gaining cooking experience, you will gradually build up a percentage rate on the urn which once full (100%) can be teleported away to Ernie in return for extra Cooking experience. There are five tiers in total of Cooking urn; Cracked, Fragile, (normal), Strong & Decorated. As the tier increases, so does the level-range of food you can cook in conjunction with the urn and the reward experience for completing the urn. Below is a table displaying urn details:

Urn Tier Cooking Level Range Reward Experience

Up to 10 87.5

Up to 25 550

Up to 40 950

Up to 55 1050

Up to 95 1547.5

Cooking in Daemonheim

There are several items the player can create in Daemonheim using the cooking skill. These are created by either cooking raw fish, or combining cooked fish with other ingredients.

Cooking Fish

Several fish can be cooked in Daemonheim. The higher tier the fire used is the smaller the chance is of burning the fish.

Fish Level Required XP Gained Lifepoints Gained* Level Required for Healing

Heim Crab
1 22 200 1

10 41 250 10

Dusk Eel
20 61 500 20

Giant Flatfish
30 82 750 30

Short-finned Eel
40 103 1000 40

Web Snipper
50 124 1250 50

60 146 1500 60

Salve Eel
70 168 1750 70

Blue Crab
80 191 2000 80

Cave Moray
90 215 2250 90

Divide the healing amounts by 10 for the healing amounts in the Legacy mode.

Fish Potatoes

In Daemonheim it is possible to combine cooked fish with potatoes. These potatoes will heal more lifepoints, but require a higher Cooking level to create and a higher Constitution level to heal their full amount. To create a fish potato simply use the fish of your choice on a cooked cave potato.

Potato Level Required XP Gained Lifepoints Gained* Level Required for Healing

Baked Cave Potato
1 9 20 1

Heim Crab Potato
3 0 70 3

Red-eye Potato
13 0 320 13

Dusk Eel Potato
23 0 570 23

Flatfish Potato
33 0 820 33

Short-fin Eel Potato
43 0 1070 43

Snipper Potato
53 0 1320 53

Bouldabass Potato
63 0 1570 63

Salve Eel Potato
73 0 1820 73

Blue Crab Potato
83 0 2070 83

Cave Moray Potato
93 0 2320 93

Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.

Gissel Potatoes

It doesn't just end at combining potatoes and fish together, but it is possible to combine even more items. Such as combining gissel mushrooms together with a potato and a cooked fish. These will heal even more, but require a higher Cooking and Constitution level once again.

Potato Level Required XP Gained Lifepoints Gained* Level Required for Healing

Gissel Potato
1 3.5 50 3

Heim Crab & Gissel Potato
6 6.6 150 6

Red-eye & Gissel Potato
16 12.3 400 16

Dusk Eel & Gissel Potato
26 18.3 650 26

Flatfish & Gissel Potato
36 24.6 900 36

Shortfin & Gissel Potato
46 30.9 1150 46

Snipper & Gissel Potato
56 37.2 1400 56

Bouldabass & Gissel Potato
66 43.8 1650 66

Salve Eel & Gissel Potato
76 50.4 1900 76

Blue Crab & Gissel Potato
86 57.3 2150 86

Moray & Gissel Potato
9v6 64.5 2400 96

Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode

Edicap Potatoes

The best healing food in Daemonheim are the Edicap Potatoes. These are created by using a Edicap mushroom, a potato and cooked fish together. This requires the highest Cooking level and Constitution level out of all food to create and use.

Potato Level Required XP Gained Lifepoints Gained* Level Required for Healing

Edicap Potato
4 7.7 200 4

Heim Crab & Edicap Potato
9 13.2 200 9

Red-eye & Edicap Potato
19 24.6 380 19

Dusk Eel & Edicap Potato
29 36.6 580 29

Flatfish & Edicap Potato
39 49.2 780 39

Shortfin & Edicap Potato
49 61.8 980 49

Snipper & Edicap Potato
59 74.4 1180 59

Bouldabass & Edicap Potato
69 87.6 1380 69

Salve Eel & Edicap Potato
79 100.8 1580 79

Blue Crab & Edicap Potato
89 114.6 1780 89

Moray & Edicap Potato
99 129 1980 99

Divide the healing amount by 10 for the healing amount in the Legacy mode.

Skill Mastery

Once you have finally reached level 99 in the skill, you can travel to the Cooking guild and purchase the Cooking Skillcape from the head chef for 99,000 coins. This will enable you to use a boost that raises your cooking level to 100 and also allows you to perform the Cooking Skillcape Emote. The cape itself is members only. However, free players can still perform the emote granted they are wearing the cape.

If Cooking is your first skill to reach level 99, you will be rewarded the Cooking cape. However, if you have other skills at level 99, you will be awarded the Cooking cape (t). If you have the untrimmed version of the cape and achieve level 99 in another skill, the cape will become trimmed automatically.

Cooking cape Cooking cape (t) Cooking master cape

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