Pyramid Plunder

This is not a safe game; you can be poisoned and be dealt damage, so food and antipoison is advised.


Pyramid Plunder is a Thieving based activity in which players plunder through a pyramid in search of riches. The pyramid is made up of eight chambers, each with increasingly valuable treasures to be found. The pyramid is however covered with hidden traps, so plays should watch out!


To start training Thieving at Pyramid Plunder, you must have a Thieving level of at least 21. Each chamber in the pyramid requires a successively greater Thieving level, so to enter the second treasure chamber you will need 31 Thieving, and the eighth chamber requires a Thieving level of 91 to enter.

You will also need to have started the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper to enter Sophanem to get to the pyramid.


The Pyramid of Jalsavrah is found in the desert city Sophanem. There are various different ways to get to Sophanem.

Players who own a charged Pharaoh's Sceptre or a Sceptre of the Gods can directly teleport to the pyramid starting chamber by selecting the teleport option to Jalsavrah, which is the first teleport option on both sceptres. The Pharaoh's Sceptre has 3 teleport charges, where as the Sceptre of the Gods has 10 teleport charges. Each sceptre can be charged by giving the Guardian Mummy a selection of the different pyramid rewards. Recharging is covered more below.

For players who do not have a Sceptre, Ali Morrisane offers a flying carpet ride for a small free of 200 coins per ride to take you across the desert. Players will want to travel from the Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach, and then onto Sophanem. Another alternative is to walk all the way through the desert from the Shantay Pass.

Recommended Items

Littered throughout the pyramids are a series of traps, some of which are poisoned. For this reason, it is recommended to bring along both food and an antipoison potion with you.

The need for food can be avoided if you have 68 Summoning, as you can use a Bunyip summoning familiar. Every 15 seconds of game time, the Bumyip familiar will heal you for 30 life points, reducing the need for food. The use of the Enhanced Excalibur special attack is also very useful, as it can heal your character 200 Lifepoints when used.

An antipoison totem obtained from Dungeoneering is also very useful for avoiding poison damage. When wearing the antipoison totem, your character will be immune to poison.

Other useful equipment includes the weight reducing Agile armour, as it reduces the player's weight, allowing them to run for longer. Items that have a good defensive bonus are also recommended, as when searching the sarcophagus', a level 100 mummy may appear and attack you, dealing damage.

A ring of wealth is also very helpful when plundering, as it increases your chances of looting a gold sceptre and increases the loot potential from urns.

Players may also use the Five finger discount aura. It increases chances of successful thieving by +5% for the Tier 2 aura and +3% for the Tier 1 aura. Both last for 1 hour and have a recharge time of 3 hours.

The Rooms

The Rooms

Thieving Level

Room Unlocked

Level 21 Room 1
Level 31 Room 2
Level 41 Room 3
Level 51 Room 4
Level 61 Room 5
Level 71 Room 6
Level 81 Room 7
Level 91 Room 8

Playing The Game



Upon arrival at the pyramid in Sophanem, you will find it has four entrances. Through one of these will reside the Guardian Mummy, who will allow you to start a game of pyramid plunder. Search each of these doors until you find the mummy. Every so often the doors will reset, and you will have to search another one to find the mummy.

If using the Gold Sceptre or the Sceptre of the Gods to teleport to the pyramid, you will be placed directly into the room with the Guardian Mummy. This is a very efficient way of training, and some people will use the teleport rather than searching the rooms.

Upon finding the correct door, you will be placed into the starting chamber. In this chamber will be the Guardian Mummy. He will explain to you how the game of Pyramid Plunder works and what you can do with the items you will loot. The Guardian Mummy will also recharge your sceptre for you if it has run out of charges for a small cost of pyramid rewards.

One round of Pyramid Plunder lasts for 5 minutes. At any time, you may leave the pyramid early by clicking on one of the exit doors. During these five minutes, you may loot any of the urns, sarcophagus' and chests that you have the Thieving level to access. In the early rooms, you will find various pottery items, followed by stone items. In the higher rooms, you will find gold items. Once ready, choose the option I know what I'm doing, Let's get on with it. The mummy will then teleport you to the first room chamber.

Once in the first room chamber, you will first need to disable a speartrap located on the wall of the pyramid. This requires you to click on the closest section of 'trapped' wall. If you forget to do this, or fail to deactivate it, you will take a small amount of damage and be pushed back to the start of the trapped section.

After successfully getting past the spear trap, players will be able to loot a great range of objects in the room, including urns, a sarcophagus, and a great gold chest.

The success rate for each urn, chest and sarcophagus increases as your Thieving level increases. The lower your Thieving level, the more likely you are to trigger a trap or release a creature. You may fail on the same object multiple times in a row before being rewarded with your loot. Your chance of getting better loot is increased by wearing a ring of wealth.

Sometimes you will wake a mummy resting in a sarcophagus. These are high level monsters and can do a great deal of damage to lower-level players. It's a good idea to avoid opening sarcophagi if your combat level is not up to dealing with them.

When searching the sarcophagus, you will sometimes wake a mummy resting inside. These mummies are level 100 and can do a great deal of damage to lower leveled players. You can also find a swarm hiding in the Grand Gold chests, and these will poison you and deal small amounts of melee damage at a fast rate.

Both of these distractions can be avoided by either not opening these features or putting a protection prayer on to stop the melee damage.

Once you have finished looting a chamber, or if you feel like you want some even better loot in higher rooms, you can move on. To move onto the next room, you must pick the lock on the tomb doors located in the corners of the rooms. There are four doors in each room that are locked, but only one of them will let you through to the next room. The other three will lead to dead ends.

If at any time you wish to leave, each room has an exit door on each floor, allowing for fast exit from the pyramid to the outside world. Attempting to escape the pyramids using these doors can be interrupted by the attacks from the mummy's and scarabs.

At the top left of your screen is a timer that counts down the 5 minutes you have within the pyramid. You can also see here what level you are currently in within the pyramid. After your 5 minutes of time is up, the mummy will take you out of the pyramid.

In the final 8th room of Pyramid Plunder requiring level 91 Thieving to enter, is the Engraved Gold Sarcophagus. Opening this requires both level 91 Thieving and 75 Runecrafting and boosts are not possible. Opening this sarcophagus results in 275 Runecrafting experience and gives the rare chance to receive the Sceptre of the Gods.


Pyramid Plunder gives some of the fastest Thieving experience rates at levels 91 and higher, making it one of the most common ways to train Thieving to level 99. Experience rates range from around 150k experience per hour at level 71, all the way up to 220k experience per hour at level 91.

Note: If you search a chest and you release a scarab, you will not get any experience.
If you charm a snake before searching the urn, or use lockpicks on a door, you will not get all of the experience available.
If you open a sarcophagus, you receive Strength experience instead of Thieving from pushing the heavy lid off.

Thieving Experience Gained

Room Number Speartrap Search Urn Only Charm Snake Urn Golden Chest Door Without Lockpick Door With Lockpick
Room 1106040404020
Room 2109060606030
Room 31015010010010050
Room 41021514014014070
Room 510300200200200100
Room 610450300300300150
Room 710675450450450225
Room 810825550550--

Strength Experience Gained

Room Number Experience From Sarcophagus Lid
Room 120
Room 230
Room 350
Room 470
Room 5100
Room 6150
Room 7225
Room 8275


There are several rewards from Pyramid Plunder. These range from various seals, scarabs, and statuettes. Some rewards however, are much more exclusive and sought after by the people plundering the tombs.

Treasure Worth

Ivory Comb
50 coins at Simon Templeton

Pottery Scarab
75 coins at Simon Templeton

Pottery Statuette
100 coins at Simon Templeton

Stone Seal
150 coins at Simon Templeton

Stone Scarab
175 coins at Simon Templeton

Stone Statuette
200 coins at Simon Templeton

Gold Seal
750 coins at Simon Templeton

Gold Scarab
1000 coins at Simon Templeton

Gold Statuette
1250 coins at Simon Templeton

Jewelled Gold Statuette
7500 coins at Simon Templeton

Diamond Statuette
12500 coins at Simon Templeton

Pharoah Sceptre

One of the most valuable items is the Pharaoh Sceptre which can teleport to the three main pyramids in the desert. It can be found when searching the Grand Gold Chest and the Sarcophagus' within Pyramid Plunder.

It has three charges for teleports before needing to be recharged. You will need 24 pottery or ivory artefacts, 12 stone artefacts, 6 gold artefacts or one jewelled golden statuette to recharge the sceptre. This can be done by speaking with the Guardian Mummy and asking for a recharge.

Sceptre of the Gods

The Sceptre of the Gods can be found when searching the Engraved Sarcophagus in the final chamber of pyramid plunder. It requires 91 Thieving and 75 Runecrafting to wear. It offers 10 teleports as opposed to the 3 offered by the pharoah sceptre. Also, when wielding this sceptre in Pyramid Plunder, you get the following benefits:

  • 2 new urns will become visible in each of the last two rooms which provide a better chance of getting good loot.
  • You have a hugely increased chance of obtaining the black ibis armour pieces.

You can recharge the Sceptre of the Gods in the same way as the pharoah sceptre, but you will need 20 stone artefacts, 10 gold artefacts, 1 jewelled + 4 gold artefacts or 1 diamond statuette instead.

Black Ibis Outfit





Black Ibis Mask 0.8%
Black Ibis Body 1.6%
Black Ibis Legs 1.2%
Black Ibis Boots 0.4%
Set Bonus: 1%
Full Set: 5%

While searching Urns and Sarcophagus' in Pyramid Plunder, you have a very small chance of getting a piece of the Black Ibis outfit. Wearing the full set gives a 5.0% bonus to Thieving experience up to 700XP. This boost does stack with other Thieving boosts, but will not work within Pyramid Plunder.

The chances are so small of getting a piece that many players train all the way to 99 without receiving a single piece. This can be drastically improved if wearing the Sceptre of the Gods however.

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