Barbarian Outpost


The Barbarian Outpost is located to the north-west of Baxtorian Falls and to the north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. The outpost contains the Barbarian Assault activity, the Barbarian Agility Course, and various other places to train different skills and start quests.

Getting There

There are five main ways of getting to the Barbarian Outpost.

  • Teleport to Barbarian Assault using a Games Necklace.
  • Use a Necklace of Skills and teleport to the Fishing Guild, then walk to the Outpost.
  • Teleport to Ardougne, and walk north to the Outpost.
  • Walk there from Seers' Village.
  • Use the shortcut to the north-east of the Grand Tree in the Gnome Stronghold.


1. Barbarian Assault Activity

The Barbarian Assault activity is located in the northern section of the outpost. Barbarian Assault is a cooperative, team-based combat activity that is safe to play. There is a bank deposit box here to drop your items off into before entering. A wide variety of rewards can be obtained from this activity including armour and a horn that provides bonus exp to certain skills. For more information about the Barbarian Assault activity please check the guide.

2. Willow Trees

Just to the east of the Barbarian Assault activity is a small forest of Willow Trees. With level 30 Woodcutting, you can cut these down for some decent Woodcutting experience. You can also use the nearby bank deposit box to quickly bank the willow logs for future use.

3. Agility Course

The Outpost also holds an Agility Course for those above level 32 Agility. Players must first unlock access to the course by completing a "pub crawl" and visiting a series of pubs and buying a drink from each before the barbarians allow you to use the course. One lap of the Barbarian Agility Course rewards 139.5 experience. At level 90 Agility the Agility course becomes extended, offering a new set of obstacles to defeat. This is the highest level Agility course in RuneScape, and gives some of the best experience at 740.7 experience per lap!

4. Otto Godblessed

Otto Godblessed is a Barbarian Warrior who will teach eligible players about Barbarian Skills. He will teach players the skills of training Barbarian Herblore, Fishing, Smithing, and Firemaking. Barbarian fishing is one of the fastest ways to gain Fishing XP in the game. Search Otto's bed to obtain the Barbarian fishing rod.

5. Almera's House

Almera's House is located on the east side of the river from Otto. She will allow eligible players to start the Waterfall Quest.

6. Waterfall Dungeon

The Waterfall Dungeon is a set of caverns located under the Baxtorian Falls. You must have completed the Waterfall Quest and be wearing Glarial's amulet to enter the dungeon. The Waterfall Dungeon contains various creatures, including Fire Giants, Shadow Spiders and Skeletal Mages.

7. Agility Shortcut

Barbarian Outpost to Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility shortcut. Use this to get to your items in and out of your bank faster, than walking all the way around to the entrance of the Stronghold. Level 37 Agility is required to use this shortcut.

8. Ancient Cavern Entrance

The Ancient Cavern is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of RuneScape. The Ancient Cavern can be accessed by jumping into the Whirlpool just to the south of the Barbarian Assault activity. This cavern contains many high level monsters, including Mithril Dragons! Barbarian Training must be partially completed to be able to jump into the whirlpool, otherwise you'll be washed up to the bottom of the waterfall.

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